[1.009 -] Lightning God Rises - 4:20m Crucible, SR 75-76, Ravager, Lightning melee Druid [g3][c+][sr]

*where it all started


(you can skip this part, note that part of this guide was written in May 2017 :p)

(decided to leave the whole text intact while revising this one in 2023, for historical purposes)

I have a huge history with Diablo franchise. Since my uncle showed this game to me on his old Pentium Pro back in 1996 and since me and my classmate spent countless hours grinding it out in Diablo co-op on his old Playstation, I was always among the first players who played new iterations of the game at good old Battle.net.

We all know how Diablo 3 turned out to be. It’s a disappointment for all hardcore ARPG fans, a game that turned out to be just okay. After I stopped playing it I always had that ARPG itch. Well, guess what game fully satisfied it and then some more.

Grim Dawn is as close to being perfect ARPG as Diablo 2: LoD ever came to. It’s a good example of how things can be done right with relatively small team of developers without massive budget. It is a great game that got me hooked.

When I was choosing my first class (yes, it’s my first character), I happen to choose Druid combination. Partly because I wanted to play that melee guy with a huge 2hander, partly because I just stumbled on a guide I liked (shout out to Thunderaja’s old guide).

However, when I was near the end game, I realised, that my class is innately one of the weaker classes in the game and that another Shaman combos (elementalist or warder) can do what I do but more efficiently. Well, I wasn’t about to give up on my Druid, so I reworked some of the skills and gear and made it into a Lighting God, beastly character that facerolls everything in Ultimate, can clear about half of the Crucible Gladiator and is extremely fun to play.

Build Concept


It is a melee build. But it has all the power to fight as a ranged caster when things get hairy. In fact, while you are fighting bosses/heroes in melee range, your spells do the swift work of any spawns/mobs giving you necessary procs that are sometimes hard to get of some tougher bosses/heroes. We have a circuit breaker in form of Mirror of Erecreotes for desperate moments. We synergize greatly with a lot of different builds in multiplayer.

Crowd control and massive debuffs

We have 4 sources of Resists Reduction (Hand of Ultos/Arcane Mines/Raging Tempest/Elemental Storm). Wind Devil apply slow/impaired aim. Primal Strike applies massive stun. We have Nulification - an excellent skill that nullifies all harmful auras that bosses have as well as reduces their damage. We have Mirror of Erecreotes on a short cooldown. With this build, you feel like you are in a total control of the battlefield.

Massive AoE and procs devastation

It’s what really makes it so fun to play. Once our lighting machine is on, there is always stuff happening on screen. While you are fighting some big mean boss, you are spamming vines/wind devils that proc arcane mines/reckless tempest/Ultos Wrath. Whole screen gets covered with lighting. Everything melts. Most mobs can’t even reach us, they die at the side of our screen.

The Build Update

Lightning God is back! Revived this thread and min-maxed the build again due to nostalgic reasons. Update 2

Decided to reshuffle augments a bit to squeeze out 100 more OA with practically the same flat (just a tiny bit less). Build became faster and more consistent (due to higher ADTCH). Can farm 75-76 without much problem again it seems. Update

Crate swings its nerfhammer yet another time but build perseveres. With minor gear changes build is as strong as ever. Update

This is the first build that I have posted on this forums. Decided to revisit it and adjust it for current endgame. Changing to Thunderous Strike was inevitable, cooldown Primal Strike is still not nearly as good.

Version updates

Since I could never craft a perfect pair of stoneplates I decided to go for fully legendary setup. And surpisingly it worked really well. Build can now comfortably farm 150-170 with mininmal kiting (Grava’Thul is still an annoying bitch tho). Huge life pool, additional proc from Stormtitans for more damage reduction and juicy Beasts damage from Direwolf Crest make this build powerful and reliable.

Version updates

  • Tapped into the power of the Dying God. With maxed out CDR rolls we have constant 10% Total Speed boost and 40% of Critical Damage goodness. Coupled with constant ~3500 OA (~3700 with the proc of Badge of Mastery) we have ~156% Critical Damage and huge OA (not counting crit damage modifiers to Savagery and Primal Strike) our Lightning God is an embodiment of carnage. Unfortunately our beloved Reckless Tempest had to go.
  • Moved around some skill points. Found damage absorption from 12/12 Maiven rather underwhelming. Reduced Maiven Sphere to 3/12 and soft-capped Wendigo Totem. I found latter much more effective in current Crucible meta. Added Upheaval as 1 pointer (still not sure if it adds anything)
  • Moved around gear components for more racial damage.

Overall new iteration of the build is extremely competitive. I wish I had skills and patience to record a proper 150-170 run. Well, one day maybe.

Version Ashes of Malmouth updates

  • Changed some skills and augments/devotions
  • Build is now Crucible Gladiator 150-170 viable (around 12 minute clear time with some amount of skill)
  • Added a new video of Crucible 150-170 clear

Version Ashes of Malmouth updates

  • Updated GrimTools link
  • Optimized skill setup and celestial procs bindings

Version Ashes of Malmouth updates

  • Updated Grim Tools link
  • Added a new video of Crucible Gladiator wave 145-150

Quite a bit has changed in Ashes of Malmouth. Shaman mastery received a massive buff, but whole melee meta got a massive overhaul as well.

This build defeats all the regular bosses of AoM with ease (finished AoM on ultimate in old Ultos set), facetanks Alexander (Vanguard nemesis), conquers Crucible Gladiator (although it’s an average build for crucible). It can defeat both Kupacabra and Grava’Thul, it does require a lot of kiting, knowledge of new nemesis moves and a lot of focus.

New level cap granted us with new skill points so the build that I have envisioned when I first geared him in full Ultos back in vanilla Grim Dawn is complete. Mythical Ultos seems to cater to my vision somehow, buffing both Savagery and Primal Strike. One thing that is really hard to get is double-rare Green Boots. This build would benefit immensly from something like Thunderstorm Stoneplate Greaves of Kings, but alas, I still couldn’t craft such item.
Version updates:

  • Changed some devotions’ assigned skills
  • Updated Grim Tools link
  • Added a new video of Crucible Gladiator wave 120-130

Overall build got only stronger with the new update. Despite Reckless Tempest proc from Wind Devils being nerfed (we had it coming) we gained a considerable increase in damage (Primal Strike is now a huge nuke on a 2.4 seconds cooldown). And you can have Reckless Tempest almost 24/7 by assigning it to Grasping Vines. It’s still not exactly solo Gladiator viable, I made it to wave 140 this time, but Iron Maiden and (surprisingly) Herald of Flame got me (Herald of Flame seems to have some kind of lingering debuff attack or something that multiplies with time and gets you across the map, so you can’t really run away from him).

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

*Craft one item for %Physique and two items for Slow resistance. Rings are vendor farmable. You can get formidable either on gloves or on pants, but getting green gloves with attack speed is crucial.

Skills and Devotions

Just follow the grimtools link. :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep your Savagery charges up and avoid skill disruptors in Crucible. Drop a totem on hard waves, don’t be shy with your Nullification and Mirror. Build chews thru everything Crucible throws at it.
In Shattered Realm avoid Grava’s Nullification, aggro bosses one by one, facetank everyone, but don’t stand on volcanoes and dodge meteors. (maybe don’t facetank second faze Gargabol).

Leveling and attribute points distribution

You can level your Druid however you deem necessary. Look up leveling guides in Build Compendum.

EDIT: Thanks to Kralw here are some simple leveling tips:

  • Start as Shaman Max Devouring Swarm and get to level 20/25. At this point it start to get slower switch to a two handed build (Falcon Swoop and Kraken in Devotion) if you don’t have any good weapon there is a great Maul with Fire Damage in Homestead Reputation (level 30 or 35 not sure) that should get you to level 50. At that point move towards that end build.
  • Start as Arcanist Max out OFF and use Fireblast / Greater Fireblast (Skill from Component) it should bring you up to the end of normal and probly even part of Elite. At that point you could re-spec towards what this build should look like.

Put 20-30 points into Spirit and rest into Physique, depending on your gear DA rolls. Aim for ~2900 DA.




Primal Strike damage



Videos: Ultos Druid vs. SR 75-76 6:13 run Ultos Druid vs. Ravager 1:31 kill

SR 75-76 11:07 run

SR 75-76 11:02 run

SR 75-76 12:24 run, few deaths at difficult boss chunk at 76

Crucible Gladiator 150-170 5:30 run spec Crucible Gladiator 150-170 5:29 run

~7,5 seconds Mad Queen kill

Shards 75-76 faster 9:58 run Crucible 150-170 lucky 5:38 run 17 seconds Lokarr kill

1.0.7 150-170 test run (8:34, probably ~7:40 on a good PC) OLD

3x 150-170 Crucible Gladiator run with 3 blessings + Vanguard Banner by MercyMaker (7:30 per run) OLD

Reaper of the Lost OLD

Crucible Gladiator 150-170 9:20 run (4 blessings no banners) OLD

Chopping some wood: annihilation of Ancient Grove OLD

Grava’Thul, Master of Tedious Nullification OLD

Kubacabra OLD

Waves 145-150 Crucible Gladiator with just one Tribute and couple of potions/no shrines OLD

Example of how AoE works on this build (second half of the video is just a game on pause, sorry) OLD

Easy Cronley Kill OLD

Mad Queen OLD

The Sentinel - things got little hairy because I pressed wrong buttons quite a few times, usually it’s pretty smooth. OLD

Flames of Valbury Massacre OLD

Von Aldritch and Friends (with a suprise cameo) OLD

Version Gladiator solo wave 120-130, no shrines OLD


Build is extremely powerful and fun to play. All skills and gear you use synergize well with each other. This build can be improven tonns in upcoming expansion with all the extra skill points and new devotions it can use.

One of the shortcomings of this build is that it’s PC hungry since we cover all screen with lightings. Might be a problem in multiplayer when you are playing with friends with slower PCs (shouldn’t be in 2017 though). Another shortcoming is that build struggles in Gladiator as all 2-handed builds do. Sure, I can clear up to wave 100 with it, but without very specific upgrades it’s very hard to progress against some bosses/nemesis combinations.


Shout-out to user Mirenheart and his old [] Thundaja the Storm Bringer guide that I used to level my Druid.

Shout-out to Krawl and Seamann for making very favourable trades with me and explaining some of the gear value and game mechanics to me. As well as for some fun multiplayer Crucible/Vanilla games together.


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Heh. That was awesome. Lightning builds are so damn cool. Nicely done!

Ah, seeing this shiny name, I was hoping for something extraordinary … and i saw a very common full Ultos build. Really disappointed.

Name is as shiny as what is going on on the screen when you are playing this build. Sorry you got disappointed. It’s just last melee Druid build in build compendum is almost 1 year old and is really suboptimal and got some questionable skills/gear choices. Here you have a fully optimized build that ressurects a Druid class as a potent melee two-hander. Feel free to leave any comments about the build itself!

Yeah, because “melee” and “lightning” on a class involving Shaman wasn’t a dead giveaway already.

You should probly also add a part about leveling. A lot of people are asking those kind of question How should I level my char before going toward that build or what is the fastest way to leveling that char.
You have in your hand two of the best class for leveling so adding that kind of tips to your guide would make it more complete

  • Start as Shaman Max Devouring Swarm and get to level 20/25. At this point it start to get slower switch to a two handed build (Falcon Swoop and Kraken in Devotion) if you don’t have any good weapon there is a great Maul with Fire Damage in Homestead Reputation (level 30 or 35 not sure) that should get you to level 50. At that point move towards that end build.

  • Start as Arcanist Max out OFF and use Fireblast / Greater Fireblast (Skill from Component) it should bring you up to the end of normal and probly even part of Elite. At that point you could re-spec towards what this build should look like.

Also I’m no expert to Lightning but you could name a couple of the weapon that would make the road easier (Alvarick Rebuke come to mind if I’m not mistaken the Emp version is level 50 just around the point were the Homestead Maul will start to lose some of its value)

Nice build :slight_smile:

I still think that Elementalist (or even Warder/Conjurer) is better but at least it shows that Druids are viable !

Added two new videos:

Flames of Valbury Massacre

Von Aldritch and Friends (with a suprise cameo)

Enjoy :slight_smile:

I have a near-per badge of mastery + 5 Primal Strike 27% dmg 7% armor increase

Thanks for trade, mate, I can finally put BoM crafting to rest!

Added couple of minor but important changes to the build. First of all, we bind Arcane Mines from Widow devotion to Savagery for much bigger and more consistent single target damage (we have enough aoe already). Second of all, since Tsunami devotion does not add any meaningful utility or flat elemental damage, we can drop it (procs from vines were bit random too, after I bound it to Grasping Vines). Now we can complete Sailor’s guide for a lot of important defensive stats (precious 3% phys res, some cold res, some cc res). And we have 8% more movement speed, so running around maps at almost full speed now. Most importantly, we can put 1 remaining point into Throne devotion and get that elusive 15% stun resist.

It still struggles in high waves in gladiator though, but with upcoming patch it might have a shot, who knows. Enjoy playing Lighning God! :wink:

wouldn’t elementalist just be stronger for ultos builds?

Better damage output in most circumstances? Definitely.
More reliable at soloing crucible? I’ve heard things favoring both sides.

I think Elementalist would be better off as a caster/trapmaster in a Light Defender set. I am playing a demolitionist now and I don’t see skills that would support Ultos character in melee battle. It would be too squishy. Arcanist offers Maiven as well as a circuit breaker in a form of Mirror and super useful debuffing skill “Nulification”. It also supports our need to cast stuff by offering a lot of Spirit in form of Inner Focus and general mastery points.

Not sure if lighting elementalist can solo crucible. My build can’t, unfortunately, because it’s a 2H build. I can do up to wave 120 in Gladiator with some luck and Ulo’s/Amatok’s tributes, but it’s just not good for Gladiator as some other builds.

As for damage I feel like my build is faster in clearing speeds and more effective against bosses, just because I don’t have to wait for traps to set up and start doing damage and I rely more on immediate Lightning damage rather than delayed Electrocute damage, although in terms of pure damage potential Elementalist might be better, but there is no way to tell it because stuff in Vanilla melts quickly regardless.

Currently working on a Ultos gladiator druid and it is definitely (to my surprise) a reliable gladiator farmer. :wink:

What class did you choose? Did you go with Ultos axe? I am guessing warder with shield might cut it because of soldier’s amazing passives. Let me know how it goes.

And what does arcanist offer a melee character outside of mirror? Flashbang, high potency bwc, and blast shield are all best used by melees and we get speed buff, lightning % from flame touched, and a huge boost in dps from mines. Ele is #1 when it comes to lightning melee whether 2h or dw :slight_smile:

Drizzto said druid! It’s nothing too crazy except for a special tweak to devotions :wink:

He said Druid

I am curious though what Drizzto comes up with since I believed that besides Elementalist and maybe Conjurer no other class combo (not even Warder) is optimized for Ultos

Maiven with Conversion is one of the best defensive skills around. I don’t think blast shield can compete with that. I might be wrong, but I gotta see elementalist in full Ultos set doing better than my build first.

Umm you’re joking right?

Elementalist has more RR, it has got Blast Shield, it has for Flashbang for Fumble/Impaired Aim And it has attack speed

I don’t mean to dis-credit your build, it’s nice to see people putting efforts trying to make Ultos Druids. But Elementalist should be superior than a Druid. Druid lacks behind Conjurers as well.

Oh and if it means anything Full Ultos Elementalist beat Ultimate Mogdrogen while facetanking before nerfs to the entire set