[] Musashi, the Vagabond of Cairn - Classless build for AoM content

A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job. A true Vagabond only follows the stars.

The Build

Grimtools link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28QD0pV

Video links:
6:43 Theodin Marcell kill [/SIZE]
Sentinel kill [/SIZE]
Moosilauke kill [/SIZE]
Benn’Jahr kill [/SIZE]

Gear and Gameplay

My original idea came from (grimtools link here) but the gear was hard to gather. As a challenge this obnoxius, it required a lot of effort to complete the puzzle known as: “Stats are necessary to wear stuff”. A few crafted relic? That’s a lot of money for some extra physique and spirit. A few crafted belt and pants to get extra physique? That’s a LOT of money. Most of the other parts were already there in my bank, the weapon needed few dozen runs and the medal is not that rare to get (the spirit part is important here, so many affix and prefix would work). As I started the actual character a week ago, after the farm was done, I feel like most of the min-max effort was wasted time. The content was not that hard after lvl 94, felt fluid without many hiccups and even the Big Bad Green Guy was almost facetank-able. It felt good to complete the story mode anyway :slight_smile:

Gameplay wise I started in the Crucible to get the first 10 devotion points. Kinda slow and obnoxious without any one-button aoe spell but worth it. In the long run, rushing Aetherfire, Bull Rush and Light of Empyrion is the fastest way to do any damage and kill enemies. Fireblast from Searing Ember was the go-to ability to reach lvl. 35 when Haunt kicked in and carried me through lvl. 70. The last few levels were really painful but my only available Heart of Theodin Marcell required that to be usable. My endgame gear was already acquired at that point so getting lvl 94 was the last hard time. Potion of Clarity helped tremendously with it and to max devotion procs. As Light of Empyron wrecks Ch’thonians, rifts are great places to get massive amount of exp. Resist reductions from the weapon, Ravager’s Dreathgaze, Aether Corruption and Cursed Tincture made kill times semi acceptable while the defensive devotions, the overcapped resists and the extra hp pool from spirit and cunning made most of the content facetankable. Chug elixirs and potions for maximum overkill.

To be honest, it went way better than my first poor little battlemage who cannot even kill Log back in the days. Now Musashi showed us that we are truly, 100% ready for the next expansion :slight_smile:
Until we meet again in the next troll build, sayonara.


This is for the people who thought solo mastery was too hard.
You truly 100%ed this game.

Wow congrats, cool to see that this is even possible!


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This is pretty damn impressive

I wonder how Zantai is going to nerf this one…

There! Who said all autoattack builds have to take Ghoul? :smiley:

Zantai can`t nerf masteries if you pick none. :eek:

Well, but devotions and gear can be nerfed instead. :wink:

This is like the most masochist challenge ever. Congrats!! Bloody good job!

I think his name should be changed to muzukashi seeing as how difficult this must’ve been to theorycraft. Well done!

Congratulations on the achievement. What was the playtime and death count?

Only masochistic challenge I did was speedrun from lvl 1 to Ultimate Theodin. I ended at lvl 65 with only green and yellow gear, Theodin fight took 7 minutes and final clear time was 8 hours and 1 minute.

Min-maxing does make a large difference when every boss fight is this lengthy. My first speedrun was just under 10 hours start to finish, my goal is around 7hr30min with good execution but I don’t find it as fun anymore :wink:

What the shit??


How many deaths?

There are some speedruns from level 1 to killing Theodin on youtube. About 2h20min (any%).

Naahhh, I want to do it again in hardcore mode after the FG progress.

ikr :smiley: I only wanted Arcane Bomb but it’s seriously messing up the T3 devotion layout.

He’ll find a way :smiley:

[/weeb on] Muzukashi janai! [/weeb off] I named him after a great manga’s protagonist btw.

Total playtime is close to 2 days, half of it was grinding devotions. Another 20-ish hours in Grimtools because I dumpstered a lot of versions before this. Most of the effort went into gear farming, I would guess it took around 4-5 days playtime with different other characters. Looking back at it, my third or fourth scepter was a Shroud Heart of Theodin Marcell of Insanity which would have done the job just as good as this double rare while reduce the farmtime about 2 days.
Death count is 6 but all of those were stupid mistakes when I was sleepy and undergeared. With a little concentration I’m pretty sure that hardcore is viable. 0 deaths happened after lvl 70.

That’s lowkey impressive. I’s nice to see people trying to test the limits of the mechanics and themselves in unique ways.

And of course thanks for the other positive comments too :slight_smile:

Lol. GG. Time to see what stuff you use to carry you. Then put it on normal build muhaha.

Mostly aether damage is “too good” to be true but it is. Yellow-Blue devotion route is easily stackable and the quad tier 3 constellations are very useful. Also elixirs are op, nerf pls!

Uploaded a few new videos about hitting bad guys. I’m seriously impressed how I could tackle these bosses without major problems but I’m sure some of the others would wreck me hard (AoM nemesis for example)