[] BurningHeart, Infernal Shieldbreaker, SR75 viable [g5][c+][vid]

Hello, guys. Let me join to FG party :cool:
As some knows, I usually play non-wd casters, what causes some difficulty in surviving. I wanted the first build to be strong, so only g5.


3333 OA with Ascension

About build
Main idea - to make maximal tanky build, which would be able to fight with very strong enemies and run, continuing to deal damage.
If you checked my builds, you saw it’s tricks before: Barbaros’ pants, bat, ghoul, 2 seals of might, still works very well.
Main weakness - pierce res, i have 83+10 in game, helm is crafted with 7% pierce res, and poison to up it doesn’t exist, so Fabius is pain-in-ass, not lethal, but requires a concentration to counterplay.

Strategy is simlple: fight with Ascension and blast shield and run, using Vire’s might. If you can’t facetank, just run, using spells, mines, coctail, Heart of Wrath and another procs have good radius, so it’s ease to deal dmg.
I have 500+% in-game burn duration, so enemies will burn from one blastshield to the next one :eek:

Gameplay also requires good microcontrol, it is not simple to facetank everything even on pre 75 shards. My best result for today is 82 shard cleared and stoped in 83. In these shards dmg becomes very low and it becomes impossible to facetank strong combos even with blast shield up.
Callagadra was killed too.



75-76 shards full gameplay
80 easy combo bosschunk
82 shard, 2 Gravas and Reaper, eeee boys :rolleyes:
Callagadra 11:20 easy kite

The end
Thanks for your attention and excuse me for mistakes.
Other my builds you can find in russian-speaking comunity compendium. Thanks to Safarel stream discord comunity for support.

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You beautiful bastard you. Well DONE.

Nice build as always dude and nice patience

I’m on the move right now, so i can’t look at GT, but where is the damage coming from?

Thank you, guys :smiley:

Coctail+Judgment16+Heart of wrath 22+Torch/Demon/Magi+items procs

Nice build as always!I saw last night the video from SR and wonder when we gonna see the build posted here:p

How are you using magi if you’re kiting? I tried making magi work on mine - no dice

Thank you. No reasons to hurry up :slight_smile:

Simple, I use Vire’s might and and volcanoes appear :wink:
I’m not kiting all the time, I trying to make “dangerous zone” with mines and cocktail, and facetank with blast shield for 5 seconds, volcanoes give burn and Mage devo improves burn duration and gives 200% burn dmg.

Watched vids. I have a feeling that maxing Volcanic stride would increases your performance . =)

Not for this build.

Did you tried it? I would drop flashbang completely for 1 pointer in judgment DA shread and max stride. It look like a decent source of guaranteed dmg.

The fumble on FB doe…

does nothing on his lvl 82 shard vid. It take extra time to cast this shit, and its unreliable unless you max it. And you can`t gamble on fumble at such level anyway.

Tried, not with droppng FB. 30% fumble and ~200OA vs 150 burn/s? Not worth it.

Check your lvl 82 run. Upkeep on Flashbang is less that 50% . Most of the time all big boyz run toward you w/o fumble. :eek:
On the other hand, blazing trail has 100% upkeep =) Big boyz run on it all the time.
And its one less thing to cast . Mean more effective dps on others casts.

Already told you this, great build, glad you posted it.

Here is a soundtrack for you.

Thanks, bro :smiley:

This run doesn’t show all SR, much time you have to face-to-face fight with enemies.

How do you use magi if you’re kiting so much?

Where is the fucking levelling guide you lazy fucking fuck John_Smith!!!

Jk, congrats on the great build! I am loving all the crazy res overcap you guys put now in one build… :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume:

@John is SR the new benchmarks for your builds?