[] Captain America: Aegis Warlord, SR 75 and Gladiator farmer

maybe it’s me or i don’t have eyes in front of holes but i can’t find any link for grimtool ?
btw awesome build :)i’d like try it XD

Click on orange text named “->GRIMTOOLS<-”

LOL i’m not awake …XD

i am trying the fire build with Virtue’s set and alladrah dagger and it weak in dps and durability as well. maybe i did some devotion and other areas’s wrong?

> Mythical Reforged Chains of Oleron: reduced Physical damage to 15-21, added +2 to Divine Mandate. Removed +1 to Oathkeeper Skills.
> Ardor of Octavius Set: removed Cooldown modifier for Aegis of Menhir, reduced Internal Trauma damage bonus to 30 / 5s


Build still alive? It’s will be much weaker i think

I am also interested in. What this build can now…?
I choiced it, now 93 lvl, and it nerfed. That’s why I hate any changes. Ohh…
Beside all above:

+4 sec cooldown on Overguard (not so important)
-some % on shield recovery
-66% on stun duration

Others little things on “Field command” and “Shield Training”

-some armor

Aegis of Menhir:
-% damage

Avenging shield:
-% on crit. damage

Little cooldown nerf of Ascension (not so important)

But more important what told FENIX_145

i love this build… but now? Because this nerf?

As I observe, it mostly the same. Maybe 10% less powerfull in total, but still great. I had to switch panther devotion to full shieldmaiden only.
And I got down some military conditioning points (2) and direct them into the most needed skills of oathkeeper. (That is belt “-1 to all skills” compensation)
Now Divine Mandate has 17 points, Aegis still 26.

Thank you for your ideas. I also did some changes

And again. I set up a new and disgruntled warlord player with this exact spec. gave him almost all the gear and components. He’s loving it!

Thanks alot for your contribution :slight_smile:

Build is still working :)? Some Updates for neww patch?

If you notice, the build author isn’t active, so that particular build won’t be updated.

The concept is viable, although Aegis as skill is weak now. So it requires multiple changes to work. And btw Warlord as class never can fail you :wink:

Octavius is kinda trashy now. Greatly overnerfed. Only one res per item so it always struggled with overcaps (at least the warlord unless going for Empyrion). And now the set gives less phys res than many caster or dualwielding sets (seriously, Cyclone and Venomblade can easily have more phys res now!). Shoulders are absolute trash. The only thing that’s good is that they didn’t nerf the signature stuff - elemental to phys and cdr.

This is my latest incarnation of Two-Nuke Dead King Octavius: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p8qM62. Giving up on shield stats to minimum. Heals are more important, and after the Big Nerf and losing 50% of the damage build can hardly sustain itself against big threats (I’m talking SR 90). Stone Form is always a lottery so investing in Ascension is better for a more consistent anti-DoT solution. Can also revert some cunning dump for better da.

Is there any sense to push Avenging Shield to 18 in order it affects up to 5 targets?

IMO too expensive. 8 points for the difference between 5 and 6 targets and 11% crit damage. If it was like 20% crit damage difference then sure.

I’m not sure what exactly that radius does, though.

Thanks dude , but it seems still viable. Im saving your Build. Thank you very much… looks good !

The problems are not just with Octavius. All 3 sets for Aegis produce bad times, Octavius is still better than other two. But no incentive to max Aegis nodes. Forcewave is main damage+multiple sources of IT.

I know this is super old, but was just looking at the build and figured this is a good place to ask the question.

With the 100% fire to physical to Aegis on the Octavius set, the burn damage would all become internal trauma damage wouldnt it?

I just see that you don’t max forcewave, but max internal trauma on it, but on Aegis it’s the other way around. Can I ask why? Is it just because AoM hits so hard itself, prioritizing that over the internal trauma damage from reprisal?


Trauma gets converted too, yes.

Here are two newer builds