Simple/ly tanky - Octavius Warlord CR170/SR90/Ravager


Octavius Warlord was the ‘‘King’’ in early FG era. Then was nerfed pretty hard and was meh. Meanwhile Tacitcian and Paladin were on rise. Time to Octavius Warlord to shine again.

I’ve tried before of making and failed. To me going for many casts is hindered by awful cast speed and if you go to more offensive version, you lose your tankiness, without getting much in return. So my solution is to make it simple, only few active skills instead of full piano and to create real defensive juggernaut.

Also wanted to try myself in high SR and submit new build to @grey-maybe and @Stupid_Dragon thread. Credit to previous Octavius authors, mostly to @ya1 for his old Warlord builds.


  • pic with permanent buffs, Ascension and Overguard

  • damage breakdown for Forcewave

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyQzznZ

GEAR: :hammer_and_pick:

  • Key items are full Octavius set, Gladiator belt for vitality to physical conversion, Gloves and perhaps The Pummeler weapon, which boosts both offensive skills - FW and Aegis.

  • Relic is Serenity, +1 both classes and defensive proc.

  • Amulet is defensive version of Kaisan Eye, WL is skill point hungry mastery. Another good option is Spellscourge set amulet.

  • Medal is Bear King with FW skill modifier and some cast speed, also solid amount of DA.

  • Windshear boots are selected over armor boosting ones. I like higher % physical resistance and also proc with chance to avoid projectiles is useful.

  • Pants are Barbaros. Also cool are Arcane Harmony.

  • Rings, decided to use Black Mariarch+Sethris instead of Juggernaut rings set.

  • Crafts are 1x items with slow and 1x with Armor or Physique.


  • Scales for flat RR and some defense is decent here, also Targo, which is on block devotion and Obelisk of Menhir, which have almost 100% uptime with big CDR boost by the set. Also was able to fit LIght of Empyrion, Rhowan’s Scepter and Shieldmaiden.

SKILLS: :skier:

  • Forcewave and Aegis are both on low CD and only other active skills are for movement - Vire’s Might and Violent Delights. Ascension and Overguards are buffs, which are up ~2/3 of the time. Finding enough points is hard, have to cut some essential skills down. Also took Oleron for exclusive skill over Divine Mandate, usually Oleron is better for Warlords.


In Crucible build is unstoppable in buffs/bannered runs doing around 6-6:05 on average sitting in the middle. Only minor problem is Kaisan. Naked runs are slightly more difficult due to damage not being big enough to deal with dangerous foes quickly but I’ve completed few runs with times slightly over 8 minute. Video from Crucible run of 5:43!

In SR did few runs in big shards, 75-80 should be facetank all enemies without giving a damn. In higher shards you need to pick enemies more carefully but up to SR 90 you’re still a tank, after that (if you survive) a kiter. Video from SR 90 full shard, no deaths, also no consumables being used!

And Ravager of Minds video. That thing hits pretty hard, had to do little bit of kiting. With consumables or Flesh version might be easier. Time isn’t impressive though.


Good job Nery, make Warlord top 1 class!

Btw did you try Honor relic? Outside of loses from Serenity I wonder how good damage from it is outside of retaliations.

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These people saying WL is slightly above average class :smiling_imp:

But still your retal builds are stronger, they do the heavy lifting!

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So I had this idea of trying that build out with hybrid retal. You’ve got retal mods on your main skills and aegis supports retal naturally. Drop that trauma shit already. Maybe it’ll turn out better :rofl:

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Your words are causing me… trauma :smile:

But I get what you mean, get in the retal train.

Seriously back in early FG (so both octavius and retal were op) I recall @Ptirodaktill doing some experiments on that. Of course it worked cause it was two broken shit combined into one, but maybe now it’ll still work too.

send me save. Wanted to try the hybrid retal idea but I just can’t bring myself to get past the grimtools stage cause making a new char is too tedious.

classic FG build in new setup, nice work nery!



Corrected, thanks for noticing!

Finally a great use for those 50 or so pieces of Octavius pieces that are gathering dust in my GD Item Assistant! Thanks @Nery

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Yup, universe is sending you a message! :slightly_smiling_face:

Picked a great day to have Grimtools down though. :sob:


Maybe I’m missing something, but the Devotions on the GrimTools page don’t seem to add up. How do you get Hammer and Assasins Blade without 1 point in Ascendant and Order on Crossroads? I’m a new player and so far I love the build!

Devotions: A how-to on maximizing them - Grim Dawn / Guides and Tutorials - Crate Entertainment Forum

check the third point: CLICK THIS IF YOU’RE A BEGINNER - How to make devotions support themselves

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Mind.Blown. Thank you very much!

Took me a bit to figure out why the hell the vitality conversion is needed…

For Tip the Scales? I guess that converted to physical and proccing every second is quite a bit of healing? Pretty neat.

Lol. I been crafting my own build, similar to this… but pretty different at the same time. I definitely have a full piano of keys going right now, lol. I will try this out, thanks for pointing me to it @tqFan

Edit: I can’t seem to find The Pummeler in my stash though, damn it. I swear I have found a few of these…

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Yes, belt is there mostly for Scales. Actually with new patch changes and fact you will no longer bypass armor with converted damage, no longer will be BiS gear. I would probably go for Soldier belt, MI amulet for FW or Spellscourge and Bear devotion perhaps.

Yo,you tested this build in ptr?the buffs seem pretty good,could push this to be pretty decent im hoping

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I haven’t test it but probably will look better. Trauma damage isn’t affected by armor changes and there are few buffs, so will see.

@grey-maybe did pretty impressive Aegis build but I think he used partial set?


btw why not take the last point Obelisk instead of the first in Throne?just for the slow?