[] Captain America: Aegis Warlord, SR 75 and Gladiator farmer

Hey guys, my first ever post here :slight_smile:

[UPDATED as of]
This is my very first build which I did from scratch by myself, I didn’t have too much experience with theorycrafting so I used Gladiator 150-170 and Shattered realm runs as my “benchmark” so to say. There are still options open to tweak it a bit.
Also thanks to sir spanksalot for insightful tips :slight_smile:

I was able to farm gladiator around 7 minutes consistently and finished SR 75 in time without shrine bonuses and without having too much trouble and pushed even more, so I guess it could be viable ;).

Nice Aegis crits tho :slight_smile:

Beat SR 90 withouth shrines, sorry for scuffed editing last seconds were cut from OBS + beating SR 86 with normal editing




I don’t think having green ring is mandatory, but it helps with OA.
You could go with this as an alternative setup, just make sure your resistances are capped.

Gameplay is relatively simple, your main dmg source is Aegis of Menhir and internal trauma mostly from Forcewave and Doomforce.
You have to spam it whenever it’s on cooldown, since it can be tiresome after a while I advise you to use AHK script for that :slight_smile:
Well if you don’t want to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome in a few days of playing.
Cadence is basically a filler ability that further increases your dmg and allows you to proc other abilities like Markovian’s Advantage.
Other than that you spam War Cry, Ascension and Overguard on cooldown and occasionally command your guardians to attack the right target,
it’s important as they lower enemy phys. resistance + Vire’s might can be a great utility for engaging or escaping and lastly,
don’t forget to use Doomforce from your relic on cooldown.
No advice for key mapping, it’s up to you how you prefer it.

You can find AHK script below in attachments along with instructions.

Attachment: Grim Dawn - Warlord.txt

Firstly - well. fucking. done.

Being able to hit those benchmarks with the first build you theorycrafted from scratch is nothing short of ‘omfg that’s impressive.’

So bear in mind that everything else I’m about to say is not meant to belittle this A+ craft.

It’s funny to me that you went for RF. I’m guessing it’s for consecration + retal damage?

Here are some tweaks I’d suggest making which might prove to be beneficial:

  1. Drop flat physical damage and focus on internal trauma.
  • Unlike its DoT counterpart, flat physical damage is negated by armor. Using a 1H weapon, and you terribad attackspeed means that you aren’t actually going to do much damage. As you yourself have already noticed, DPS comes from aegis, not RF.

In addition, the bonuses from the octavius set are really catered to IT damage.

  1. Stack as many sources of IT as possible
    Again, unlike flat physical damage, IT damage does not stack with %WD skills. It is only multiplied by the largest %WD skill you have. For example, RF currently does ~150% WD, whereas aegis does 445% WD.

This means that all sources of flat IT damage ONLY gets multiplied by 445%. In essence, you can assume that the only IT damage coming from RF stems primarily from retribution.

So if you wanted to take an attack replacer, use cadence + deadly momentum to stack even moar IT damage on aegis.

  1. WHY AREN’T YOU USING FORCEWAVE? :stuck_out_tongue:
    The octavius set has classically been associated with FW. I would take 1 point in both the first/second nodes of FW, and max out internal trauma as another source of stackable IT damage.

  2. For the love of god, take obelisk’s proc. It’s amazing. Move that node away from vire’s hand. :rolleyes:

Thank you for your feedback, really appreciated!

As I wrote RF is just a filler, I was thinking about Cadence but you really don’t have time to use it since your aegis is under 2 sec cd and often procs. I would say it does 70% of my dps and rest is trauma from retri. With RF you just refresh it every now and then to keep it charged and enjoy its benefits, it was meant to be a support ability.

Now when it comes to forcewave, if you want to use it, you have to fully replace it for aegis or start using autohotkey with infinite energy cheat :smiley: Not really viable to have them both.

Yea you are probably right, I was thinking about Stone Form from Obelisk, but went for Fist of Vire instead for that phys. dmg reduction from enemies and minor dps boost, don’t know why.

Would it be possible to to incorporate Harp into your devotions so you can use Forcewave (only needs 14 point investment) and get all those points out of Righteous Fervor and Judgement? Then switch out the Warborn Gavel for The Pummeler? Also, doesn’t Judgement cost more energy than Forcewave?

I’m not even going to pretend to be an expert, and your build is obviously very good, considering the content you have cleared with it. It’s just, Forcewave with Octavious and The Pummeler seems like the greatest thing ever on paper. I use it with Aegis now, and it feels like the two abilities are made to be used together. Basically instead of using Fervor and Judgement, you just obliterate things with the Internal Trauma node of Forcewave, then get back to throwing shields. That said, if you are using Judgement and Righteous Fervor because you want to use them, then by all means that’s fine by me and obviously using those skills isn’t holding you back.

My Warlord is only 85 atm, so my personal experience is worthless. However, I am using this build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAY53DV which I took from Dikkie’s builds page. Maybe you smart GD guys can compare and contrast.

I knew it. Somebody beat me to it…

But anyway I’ll be posting a similar concept tonight after over a week of work. Some vids on my public profile dating back days ago can confirm.

So I’m not gonna give you any feedback because it’s all gonna be in my write-up. And Spanks already gave you some insight into it (because he seen it the bastard and now he’s sharing…;)).

Anyways, build has many weaknesses but good job on getting down to 75 with it. No small feat. Your res, block, health and the fact you opted for not using Stone Form while being one point away from it (?) are questionable. So it must have taken some good maneuvering.

Congratulations on first build posted,IT and the set are really special!Cadence in some builds is used only to proc on cd Deadly momentum.It will boost damage of Aegis and you don’t have to charged it like Savagery.

Nice one

My Octavius Warlord have forcewave instead of RF

I have not tested SR that high yet though

It doesn’t matter at all. The only thing you need with cadence is deadly momentum, and that buff lasts a few seconds, as do cadence-charge-stacks.

Easy way to test would be to compare dummy kill times.

Regardless, keep RF as a one pointer, and invest those points elsewhere

It’s fine I’m not competing :slight_smile: You are more experienced than me, I just had fun creating something that is my own.

sir spanksalot, you were right with taking cadence instead of RF, had around 10 sec faster killing times on dummy.

Thank you all for your feedback, I did few tweaks and improve dmg output significantly, only energy usage is an issue for now.

It’s not a competition after all, it’s a collaboration :slight_smile: The more builds the marrier ^^ But make sure to include a real complete leveling guide (lol) :rolleyes:

sir spanksalot, you were right

Please…not too loudly now. You’re making me blush.

Curious, what was your dummy kill times before and after?

Time for a new signature? … :rolleyes: :eek:

Why not. I am knowledge unlimited. :stuck_out_tongue:

I strongly recommend you max out Presence of Virtue. Safeguard maxing is not the best investment for this build. PoV is DoTs and OA. Also pummeler weapon if you have it

By the way, I would even take 1 point into FW just for internal trauma. It’s too huge a DoT source to pass up on. I’d find a way to scrounge up the energy for it like with arcane spark &/or viper.

Because energy leech is multiplied by weapon damage, and because aegis bounces around, you should replenish your mana rather decently.

All in all, it’s becoming ya_'s build. :smiley:

I do want to add one thing: If you’re anything like the crafters of the community, then I know how personal builds are, and the amount of satisfaction which crafters get from them.

There may also be some reluctance when it comes to making changes per the suggestions of others.

Because it stops being about the gameplay. It’s not just about pretty DPS figures, and jaw-dropping OA/DA values. It’s really a process of creation.

And that’s intimate.

My advice here is to try out these suggestions, understand the mechanics underpinning their successes &/or failures (edited), and to apply these in new, unique ways yet unseen by the community.

Hopefully you’ll craft more builds, and make this place richer than it already is. :slight_smile:

That is why I level up my chars and just not make them in GD stash :frowning:

Also, based on the title of your build, i think you need to spend some time to transmog your characters outfit to look more like captain america.

I can understand, and respect that mate. I really do.