[] KING OCTAVIUS (everything++)

It is gonna be nerfed to crumbles, just like they did with Spellbinders and Rune of haggarad (RIP)

It’s not the build or the set, it’s aegis. 445% WD on such a short CD is freaking absurd.

Even Markovian blitz does less than a 26/16 aegis with 0 skill modifiers.

And aegis is not part of the build? :rolleyes:

The extra crit dmg on Avenging Shield is also pretty nuts

Good questions.

  • Tower is really good now. But Shieldmaiden is kind of a must. 15% recovery is most important there.

  • Good point with Vire Might. VM gives less ticks but extra mobility. Extra mobility at the end of the “piano chord” might actually be good here.

  • I wasn’t exploring greens too much. Open/closed are definitely BiS purples here, though. But I doubt that even BiS impossible greens would be gamechanging here. Good oa affixes usually give bleed and ele res that we don’t need.

  • Ring augments I changed maybe 200 times for this. Survivor actually was at the bottom of my list. Ingenuity is BiS much less often than before. I used the one with %trauma and flat health and energy regen a lot (Steelbloom Powder) but this one with flat trauma and %health and block is imo better.

This build has a lot oa. GT doesn’t show it right. Ascension is in the yellow buffs and should be in blues as its uptime is always less than 100%. And Seal Fate which is almost always 100% up is shown in blue buffs. Inspiration is up very often too. With all temporary buffs that got over 50% uptime this build has over 3500 oa.

Aegis may be part of the problem or possibly a symptom.

2400+% Internal Trauma is quite potent, as well. Arguably the best damage type in game. Lots of little sources of IT in the devotions,etc.

Generally people level soldiers with transmuted Forcewave (2h). Once you’re bored with that you can maybe switch to Aegis. But Aegis needs much investment so I dunno. Honestly I can’t say because I leveled solo soldier for this back in AoM long ago.

It is indeed. The reason I wasn’t even looking (too long) at the Matriarch ring. Need high oa to make this fly. Actually your comment made me wanna test it at 18/12 again…

Will Warlords still be worth playing if this build gets nerfed? I saw everyone excited for Warborn Phys EoR but nobody seems to be talking about it any more, and I don’t know what other builds exist for them.

What do you mean by “worth”?

Check out all the builds we theorycrafted pre-FG

This is the first build I’m making in FG (came up with about the same thing on my own, it’s pretty obvious), at my speed it’ll be nerfed before I’m done. Crap.

Are you kidding me. Warlords will always be worth playing.

Look at the stoneguard set.

I suppose so, but it’s still annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Stoneguard warlord, it’s fine but not as flashy as aegis…

What I’m actually a little curious about is why people haven’t fiddled around with virtue’s set.

I can already imagine a CDR based templar. <3

Well, I would but playing self found and at my pace means it will be weeks at least before I complete it :wink:

What are you insinuating, mate? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a definite must-try-before-nerf build!

Great job ya :stuck_out_tongue:


I currently have Tower and Mark of Myrmidon as shield component to compensate. Every node in Tower is useful, while maiden requires 1 point more and some nodes are poor/capped already (e.g. stun resist). Maybe I should try still.

Btw, the new MI from Kaisen (crit one) is potentially a better version of the Priceless eye of beronath, if you’re lucky. Double-rare would be a monster…

The Warborn Set? Is it farmable? And if so where?

I got one piece (Chest) to drop but its lvl 75 :frowning: But yeah.

Are the Legendary’s farmable in certain areas or they drop anywhere? Same with this Set in this post is it farmable?

Yeah i was really wanting to build around the Warborn set but the more i play this build the more its looking like this in the OP. The Aegis of Mehnir is pretty insane all on its own. The build plays pretty smooth other than the fact it kinda feels like im playing WOW again with all the CDs but this also creates the ability to have tons of options to run out of in tough fights where running out of options can be a death sentence. Cant wait to 100 and finally start farming some of these sets to try some things out.

Thoughts from everything I’ve read on this thread:

-grats to ya_ for this build! This is indeed the current king till nerfs come/we find another that will dethrone this.

-there MIGHT be better builds that do better in cruci/realms/superbosses but I doubt there are others who can do all of them efficiently without even changing anything on the spec.

-just like how octavius adds a decilitre of horse hormones to untransmuted forcewave (credits to mad_lee), it injects the same hormones to an already strong skill in aegis and here we are.


this was me just playing with stuff on gdstashed twink, and where I left off messing with stuff and not meant to be “finished”. Meant for hardcore as well so keep that in mind.

Its good, handily killed moggy (only celestial I tried), ascension is at 14s duration with a 15s cd. Dunno that it really should use vire’s might but I was anyway for lulz and it hits around 100k + burns. 3700+ OA and DA though haha.

Didn’t go deep into SR as I keep crashing all the time with FG :/. But I’d say interest in Virtue’s Light is less because its not as sick nasty as Octavius haha.

The ruler of the land issued a new decree. From now on, the Balance shall not be about different builds’ strength. Balance shall be equality between PEOPLE. Therefore, it is decreed, that anyone must be equally able to do triple runs in Crucible and go down to shard 75.

Holy crap, I just read this. Lmao.

Random tangent: If history is anything to go by, equality of outcome has always led to genocide (look at communism).