[] Beginner's vitality Ravenous Earth Oppressor with leveling guide

Wow, thank you for this guide! It’s been a huge help in finally luring me into this game. Was a kickstarter backer but never had time to immerse myself until now.

The guide is simple and too the point which is helping me to learn mechanics and skills. The devotions have me a bit confused though, is there any way to break that description out a little more?

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Which way?
You mean to write why I selected them?

Maybe just me, so no big deal, was just a tad confused on what to drop and what to keep… when you mention colors, is that from the center wheel? Very noob here so probably more user error haha

Oh and for gear while leveling, focus on vitality and acid damage? And resistances post level 60?

Ah,understand the issue.When I mentioned colors I mean the nodes,that grants affinity.For example green is eldritch point.So basically is center wheel,yes.

Gear is focused on vitality,but since most damage,especially in early-mid game is from the skill itself,focus on covering resistances.

Btw,you can click on GT link and select difficulty top left corner.If you click link for some of my levels you will see I maxed early almost all resistances.

Got it, thanks!

Having a blast with this build. Sailed to 43 in no time! Was fast, but enjoyable.

I am glad that you’re enjoying it:)

If you have more questions,ask!

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Hey, thanks for the guide!

I do have a question, however. In your endgame build, you have 4 additional skill points that are not allocated (and 2 attribute points). Ravenous earth is at 13/16, and the support skills for it are also not capped. Is this intentionally not capped, or are the 4 points supposed to be allocated there? If you intentionally left ravenous earth at 13/16, how come? Thanks!

Ravenous earth is 26/16 in my link,Idk where’s the mistake.

You received extra attribute point and 3 more doing shattered realm up to 25 shard.I have not done that,so I have not collected all possible points.

Eh… in the endgame build I see this in Grim Tools
(click on spoiler)

But you only need 13/16 Ravenous Earth to max it due to all +skills.

Just so you know, you can only overcap a skill with +10 levels.Thus, 26/16 Ravenous Earth is the highest you can get,

I think,that understand the problem.There is certain key combination,which removes plus skills from gear and shows you just the points invested in skill.Perhaps that’s the situation:)

I just wanted to say that this guide has been assimilated into Pets and I have no intention of giving it back :cool:

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I know you like petting but don’t you think this obsession of yours have gone out of control at this point? :wink:

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Hey… I still need to make stuff like Pet Defiler, Vindicator, Archon etc :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you done something about my challenge to you: only using pets from item skills? :smiley:

That was done ages ago…

and was updated for FG: https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=700999&postcount=9

HOW DID I MISS THAT! awesome :smiley:

This thread have been abducted by pets:D

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:p, As I said

I didn’t know that you could only overcap a skill by 10. That was the confusion, thanks!

Yes every skill can be put 10 points over the cap.

If your skill have 16 ranks is called softcap at level 16.At level 26 is hardcap.