[] Beronath's Death Herald: 4:30m Crucible 150-170, SR 90, Celestials Melee Death Knight (+bonus Warlord build) [c+][sr+]

24 pages? Maybe later :rolleyes:

Just make sure to load up on popcorn and beer to get the most out of it!

@mad_lee I have done this with my version of the build. I got Empyrion (it is almost up to level now and yeah its good - I did completely forget about not having shield and thus can use Targo’s hammers for AoE dmg/leech thingy). I did pick up the Tip of scales proc, it helps a bit with energy regen especially in main campign. I really want to get Bards harp but since it only gives 2 yellow & 2 blue affinity, I am one blue short which means I have to ditch Crab…

What we now need is a dw sacred strike build for full sacred strike marks. Bonus points for <3mins ravager runs.

Seriously tho, I’m thinking of a dw sacred strike infiltrator with dual bargoll mace with phys>ele conversion, iskandra ammy, luminari medal, belgo relic but I’m so sleepy so i don’t open grimtools.

Ishtak without cdr and with a prospect of getting nerfed is not really a good fit for this build. I agree that Rhowan’s Scepter is not that great, but it’s still decent flat damage + %physical + hp. And this build facetanks everything, so I never felt the need to add another layer of defense.

Didn’t know about spellscorched plating adding armor to everything when in a belt slot, thanks, will change that!

Malmouth Aegis will be about the same damage (maybe slightly more) imo, but %hp is too juicy. For pure damage, like for campaign, you can go with those 10 phys 40% physical augments.

As for regen, tip of the scales are decent, but I found out that a ring with Ectoplasm and Hammerfal Powder augment is enough for Campaign.

Maybe Mage Hunter for moar flat ele then? But what’s gonna be your attack in-between Sacred Strikes? (not trying to diminish the greatness of Sacred Strike, no-no)
Or maybe Infiltrator with Beronath Fury + Sacred Strike + Mageslayer ammy + a lot of pierce to ele conversion (luminari helmet + medal) + Alkamos rings?

Hammerfall is/was a pretty good Swedish metalband. One day I will make Hammerfall build for sure. Hammerfall Girdle is mandatory item

My idea was double sacred strike + shadow strike + basic attacks for execution or maybe RoS. With 78% phys>ele conversion and 60 pierce>ele/cold, infiltrator looks great. Beronath’s fury is unacceptable. You saying 2 sacred strikes isn’t perfect? Also I’m willing to use 2 godly bargoll mace for this cause if you wanna show the glory of sacred strike you might as well select the best support it can ever have.

It might work, but from my experience using multiple melee nukes build is a bit awkward. Also, conversion is gonna be at 68% max. Seriously tho, I don’t have much to do in GD these days besides trying out different builds in GDstash, I might as well do that one.

You could do a beginner build with level up diary :slight_smile:

Style points for using Spectral strike of course

I just got the game and decided to go Solider/Necromancer.

What are the big differences between the different damage types in terms of gameplay?

No idea what you mean, you will find alot of useful information about how to make a Death Knight from scratch in Stupid Dragons build guide http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74487

Death Knight can do 3 things really well: physical, aether, vitality. There are dedicated sets Death Knight for each damage type, except physical, for physical there are quite a few sets that are based around soldier. Physical is the less resisted type of damage, while vitality is the most resisted type of damage. Aether damage does not have dot counterpart. I would say strongest Death Knight is a physical one with Aether being very close second. But for a beginner guy with no gear I would recommend going for Aether and farming Krieg’s Set, because it’s one set that can be farmed from certain bosses. Malawiglenn linked you to a very good beginner’s guide that can help you on your way to Krieg’s set.

Thanks for this build, i just start AOM with this death knight build, and so far it work very well. I don’t get how you finish with this devotion tree but i modified it a bit to compensate my lack of stuff so it doesn’t really an issue so far.
Hope this will be updated with all the change in the
Thanks again

I haven’t tried it in 1.0.7 but I am pretty sure it’s still very strong since relevant Soldier/Necromancer skills/gear/devotions haven’t been nerfed. And in general good melee builds are still good 1.0.7

Just took out this build for a spin. 7-7½mins average runs with 3blessings/banner

You are da man, man. Is build still tanky in I remember in Crucible was an auto-pilot facetank. Also, care to upload one of the runs, please? Will add this to op.

Yeah it’s mostly the same, that one death was due to valdaran teleporting me off position with reaper and grava both were still alive.
7min Vid:


I figured that something exactly like that is gotta happen in order for this build to die, like getting caught up with Grava and other Nemesis together, and Valdaran can just set this meeting for you :slight_smile:

Added your video to op

Picked up Grim Dawn pretty recently and decided to make a DK as starter. Apparently there are some parts of the wps mechanics i still dont understand - can one of the more seasoned players please enlighten me why Zolhans Technique is seemingly not worth picking up (atleast 1 hard point or so) for this build.

Wouldnt that basically overwrite another 18% of the autoattacks (attacks 1 and 2 from cadence) with “better attacks” (aoe/multitarget, higher damage multipler and slow)? The only reason i can think of would be the reduced proc rate of Assassins Mark.

E: Just trying to figure out the tradeoffs of stuff like binding Cadence with Assassins Mark like mad_lee is doing here vs binding Cadence with Blind Fury and having Assassins Mark on Zolhans Technique like Stupid Dragon does on his S&B variant.

E2: Also Ghoulish Hunger is not bound to anything in your grim tools link - im assuming its supposed to be bound to Spectral Binding?

The answer is simple - Zolhan doesn’t hit with both hands unlike wps I chose, it’s a bad choice for DW-melee.

I went for a tankier devotion setup so I don’t have Fury. I have tested Fury setup and clear times were more or less the same but quite a bit of tankiness and consistency was lost.

Ghoulish Hunger not being bound is just a a little mistake in a link, you can bind it to whatever permanent aura you have.

@ gZuppl: Hey man, as Mad_Lee said, this Devotion path is really similar in damage output and gives more survivability. In case you want to go for Oleron, it’s better to have Blind fury on your Cadence for more consistent DPS and you can put Assassin’s Mark on Bone Harvest, although I think the best way to proc it is trough 1 point in Ill Omen. Having it on a WPS skill means it may trigger less frequently.

@Lee: Thanks for the build, it’s awesome. Though i’m running a S&B version as i don’t have Warborn Gavel yet (still some way until I gather everything). So I went for Scales instead of Scepter. Seemed like the most consistent choice after trying full Obelisk, full Ishtak, 5 points in Targo. Just occurred to me that I didn’t go for Shieldmaiden, for some reason :rolleyes: