[] Beronath's Death Herald: 4:30m Crucible 150-170, SR 90, Celestials Melee Death Knight (+bonus Warlord build) [c+][sr+]


This build has been done before many times, so just a short guide. Been playing with different concepts in GDstash and decided to make a simple dual-wield physical Tactician that crushes content without any green items while being extremely tanky and resilient, but it was too slow (~11 minute Crucible) in my book. So went with Death Knight instead.

**For Warlord spec scroll down to the end of the post

The Build Update

Decided to try out slightly different devotions and it allowed me to use better components/augments to squeeze out a bit more damage and tankiness. Update

Decided to update this classic. Some interesting off-meta gear choices and comeback of Peerless Eye of Beronath amulet make it a very solid melee all-arounder. Update

With the rework of Crimson Claws gloves this build becomes stronger than ever. About 30 seconds faster in Crucible on average. Update

Tried my best to make it work. It somewhat does. Physical damage and Cadence are still a bit sad though. Update

Decided to adapt this build to the current patch. Took quite a bit of reinventing to make it consistent in current Crucible. It is still slow because Crate refuses to take a proper look at Warborn Cadence meta, but at least it’s tanky. Good news: it can now farm 75-76 somewhat reliably. Update

Shattered Realm amulet is no more so I have tested few other options and new Bloodsurge amulet (blueprint is sold at Cult of Solael) is just amazing. Uploaded new stats screenshots and a new Crucible video. Forgotten Gods Update

Build got reworked and now is tailored to meet the new challenges new expansion throws at us. Build can do Shard 75 some % of the time but really shines at Shard 65-66 and Crucible Gladiator 150-170 farming. Also adding a Warlord spec of the build

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

*Craft all 3 items for Slow resist
**Similiar Kuba pants will also work. You can choose to have Oleron’s devotion proc isntead of Azrakaa’s proc for tiny bit more dot damage.


With all permanent buffs

Cadence Damage with all the procs

Defence (with three items crafted for Slow Resistance)

Videos Warborn Death Knight vs. SR 75-76 5:24 run Warborn Death Knight vs. Ravager 1:02 kill Warborn Death Knight vs. Ravager 1:19 kill (no pharma/no cluster) Warborn Death Knight vs. SR 90 3:55 run (no deaths) Warborn Death Knight vs. SR 75-76 6:50 run (no short rooms) Crucible Gladiator 150-170 5:26 run (by supertolik)

SR 95 boss room (by supertolik) Shards 75-76 13:25 run (1 death, "Armored mutator) Crucible Gladiator 150-170 5:53 run by supertolik Crucible Gladiator 150-170 extra-spawn “naked” run by supertolik Crucible Gladiator 150-170 6:56 run SR75-76 13:16 run spec 7:07 run Crucible 6:35 run 7:30 Crucible Run
9 Seconds Mad Queen Kill
Mercymaker’s 7 minute run (3blessings+1banner)

Crucible of Deeps under 9 minute run (really reckless playstyle)

Crucible of Death 9 minute run
Kra’vall facetanking

Why is this spec better?

First of all, it’s very tanky: it has ~3400 Armor and ~3020 DA with Ghoul, Mark of Torment and Prismatic Diamond. I chose devotion and items in a way that patches all important crowd control resists like Trap, Freeze and most importantly Slow, those are the ones that make melee builds most vulnerable in Crucible. Second of all, it’s very streamlined, very few buttons to press, Assassin’s Mark procs very fast because it’s bound to Cadence, it’s just very easy to set up and play and it’s super affordable. And thirdly, I tried to get as much flat damage as possible without making unnecessary sacrficies, so this build delivers when it comes to Crucible clear times. It can also go pretty deep in Shattered Realm with some skill and focus (I think 75 is possible but I haven’t tried it myself).
Craft at least two items for slow resistance crafting bonus to get Slow Resist above 55% mark.

How to

Build facetanks any combination of foes in Crucible, but you have to be extra careful when Grava’Thul is around. Ideally, you want to take him out first. If you happen to be in a big brawl with him and other nemeses, just stutter step to avoid his melee fumble debuff as much as possible. Use Mark of Torment generously during tough waves, it’s better to enter the next big fight with MoT on a cooldown then with both Ghoul and Prismatic Rage on a cooldown.

In Main Campaign just buy an extra Coven Storm Seal from Coven (get one with 4% DA and 5% attack speed), and use it with Ectoplasm and Hammerfall Powder augment from Malmouth’s Resistance. Craft everything at Angrim to get those juicy armor bonuses.

In Conclusion

I am rating this build 6,5 sacred strikes out of 10 and still not intending on leveling a soldier based character.

Bonus: Warlord Spec

Featuring the melee build @banana_peel himself (it’s his spec)



Warborn DW Cadence Warlord vs Ravager [9.6] - 1:21


Ewww. Soldier :eek:

I give it 7 of 10 sacred strikes.
You get +1 because it is almost exact what I run now (LOL)
You get -1 because GDstash was mentioned
You get +1 because you used legendary purple headline text
You get +3 because of three videos
You get +3 because of fun char name (same as Veretranga’s blademaster) and name of the Build

I know, right??

I am honoured to get so many sacred strikes for this no-brainer build :slight_smile:

It is in fact (or was) Veteragna’s Blademaster that he sent me to test when I was doing my version of Deathmarked BM.

What spec are you running?

Like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVL59vMZ

Have not come far in Gladiator yet

Almost exactly the same. I strongly recommend taking last point in Empyrion, proc is just massive. I with less conviction but still firmly recommend ditching Bladetwister Signet, it’s a shitty ring overall that’s only good for some pierce builds. Coven Storm Seal is very strong (and you can have two or more for different setups). Boot slot is just a personal preference, but I find Windshears very very solid choice for a lot of Soldier based specs (and you can craft them), proc is an additional layer of defense.

I still have not learned to appreciate Empyrion, what’s gut about it?

Yeah I do not feel I need the extra phys RR on the bladetwister

Coven Storm Seal cult, represent.

It’s a pretty strong proc. Especially in Crucible against dense crowds (it has 5 meter target area). It leeches quite a bit because of that. And unlike blind fury, you don’t have a problem with binding it to an active skill being a soldier.



Is there a soldier class combo that doesn’t have a Bero+Warborn build yet? :slight_smile:


I gotchu fam! https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwPxmnN

Enjoy killing everything at sloth speed though. There’s also the aetherwarped cleaver warder build in the Russian-speaking community compendium. They both work but they aren’t as strong as the beronath warborn+combo

Where’s the under 3min ravager kill?? You realize that’s the only way to truly measure how good a build is right??

You haven’t figured that out yet? Mad_lee is a BOT! :smiley:

Are you sure? What if he’s actually a THOT

Looks like a sturdy one, well done.
I’d recommend putting Spellscorched Plating into belt instead of pants, that extra armor will be added to every armor slot.
Also, isn’t it better to drop Rhowan’s Scepter and complete Ishtak instead? Rhowan’s Scepter imo has too low damage boost. Ishtak proc can be bound to Call of the Grave (1 pt) to ensure its activation only when you really need it. And that path automatically caps your poison res.
Edit: also you can try Malmouth’s Aegis augment for flat cold (->phys), aether resistance and extra armor, this may be even better than Coven augments, at least one of them.

Mad_lee is HOT

EDIT: now I know why Bladetwister sucks for me, it has ele > pierce conversion :confused: Back to Coven ring

What’s the meme with Sacred Strikes?

Enjoy http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79238

Skip the first part with build and things. Fun goes in discussion.