[] Crit shield, Paladin Virtue's glad farmer/SR 50+

ill make it (very) short since its straight forward build, not so polished yet but giving the results, and fun i have playing it i felt like posting it




Build speaks for itself, just following virtue’s set basicly
nothing fancy on devotion either
It safely farms gladiator between 7 and 8 mins depending on my bad skills and map
(remember for those who know me that im not a crucible player at all and never build in such way)
and capable of SR till 60 from my experience with some kitting depending on bad combos you’d get

Since im not such good at making builds, and especialy for such content im sure there is lot of room for improvement

greens/MI arent needed and if you still want that medal, basicly any affixes can work depending on your resistances “set up”

Build can crit REALLY hard, when everything procs and aegis CDR procs several times in a row its very satisfying how it clears everything

also wondering if that would be worthy to take divine mandate to get obscene crit dmg but aura of censure is better choice imo

as usual feel free to comment, suggest and mostly improve this little char

i’ll update this post depending on time, testing, suggestions etc

What’s your sheet damage with Aegis?

93k without procs

That is good. I have 45k with my basic set-up for my guide.

On my Virtue SB is the same:D.With ascension is like 105 k with crit damage 89 global,plus skill and item modifiers.If SR stop crash on high waves:furious: maybe will do 75.My crucible times are way slower than yours,though.

Hey, Thrash, welcome back)
What about a bit love for Sentinel ?)

i meant with world of renewal; ON seal and ascension up to be clear, those arent procs to me

thanks ! i never left actually, wasnt just around forum for that crucible madness (my aether PB SB wasnt so welcomed) and i dont fit in those super uber builds…
a chaos 2h is on my plans actually, wanted to post a DW rah zin WH in first place but someone got faster ^^
that spin makes my brain spins !
but that paladin was my first theorycraft thingy when GT got up with gearing and skills

Interesting…Has anyone ever tried doing this with a templar? That starpact CDR looks so damn juicy. :stuck_out_tongue:

i was thinking of it actually, even with time dilatation in mind, but considering the barely above 1 sec CD on aegis, i stayed on that paladin,cause aura and seal; but im sure its viable if not more as templar

also was wondering, when aegis doesnt procs its CDR if it wouldnt be worthy to take righteous …
yeah that aint a guide, more a “help its good but i feel it can so much more better” post lol

I think you’re overlooking the global benefits offered by starpacts CDR. I.e. - permanent ascension, permanent phoenix fire, near-permanent chariot, etc. etc.

You know what would be boss? Spellscourge devastating aeigs tosser.

Aboslutely not lol

What,star pact over Divine mandate?Ascension got 1 sec cool down,phoenix 2.I think that require further testing but Paladin 1,SB 2,other combos behind.I guess it could work as Warlord,but meh.

na there is no point of doing that, unless you want perma absolution relic active, which i tested and its not even worth… all you need is abit of stun and freeze resist when ascension is down which is 1.2 or 1.8 sec i dont remember.

GZ THRASHEUR… pretty all around build! kinda also similar build i use in main content

if some1 looks for +75 sr push, ill link grimtools here so i dont need to write similar guide… beefy one with decent damage… can face tank 2 bosses same time in final chunkgrava+1 the only exception , can play kite game so well aswell ez pz np SR farmer


ima test more offensive one and will post about it aswell…

…I just really like CDR


If you are focused on big crits wouldn’t shield breaker make more sense? Let’s you get divine mandate without losing any RR.

I’m kind of torn between paladin and shield breaker myself right now. Shield breaker seems like it could have a really good burn and crit focused aegis, but paladin has more defensive options and easier passive RR.

Well you have +35% crit damage from Deadly Aim and Inq Seal so

Good point, forgot about those.

I finish SR 75 with Shieldbreaker version.Made a video and gonna write post about it in Monday.After that you can compare both version and decide:p.I like SB actually more with 180% or so crit damage on Aegis,but I invest only few points in mines,they are still clunky.

Paladin felt more easy to use to me with that “working” RR and the seal, but no doubt SB can be worthy, im gonna put that feelgodstoya’s set up in first post
as said, im sure that build can go 75+ SR with a better player, and more optimised set up