[] Demonslayer WH revamped - 350k dps leech tank (SR 80, Naked crucible, 17s Dummy killtime)

The SkeletorOne inspired PB WH

DISCLAIMER: SR 80 was hit only after M.A.N.Y deaths, which started occuring from SR 78. No amount of skilled piloting is going to get you out of this. :stuck_out_tongue:


^How easy naked crucible feels with this guy

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p2539MyZ
YT (naked cruci): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKLpoutLN5s
HUGE thanks to: mad_lee, x1x1x1x2, korsar, ptir, ya_, malawiglenn
With a special shoutout to none other than: thejabrixone - mate. Your suggestions on the pants/shoes? <3


[spoiler]This is a build I’ve been working on since the release of FG, but have never been quite successful with it. I was just about to give up, when I saw SkeletorOne’s postin one of the threads pertaining to the balance of FG.


I’d just like to give my $0.02 worth on the age old debate - Reaper or WH?

The WH is arguably the best offensive class for PB, offering you everything you need from flat damage, to %damage.

Pox also offers immense utility and diversity (I will come back to this in my discussion on itemization) on top of providing the pilot one of the best devotion proccers in the game.

On the other hand, I believe the Reaper is the best defensive option for the Demonslayer PB spec. You’ve got MoT, damage reduction from RE, as well as better energy management.

It all boils down to player preference.


  1. 43438 sheet dps * 8 projectiles = ~350k dps
  2. -112% vit RR
  3. 4 Blade Spirits
    Need I go on?


  1. ‘Offense is the best defense’ - this is especially true with your phenomenal adcth
  2. 15% fumble from medal
  3. Demonslayer’s guard
  4. 38% phys res
  5. MASSIVE -335 OA shred on top of an acceptable 2.9k DA
  6. 22% chance for dodgey dodges
  7. ~13k hp pool


  1. Chaos crossroad, Jackal, viper, sailor’s guide, eel, solemn watcher, lotus
  2. Bat (bind to pox)
  3. Scholar’s light, lantern, manticore (bind to blade spirits)
  4. Spec out of Scholar’s light
  5. Dying God (bind to CoF)
  6. Rattosh (bind to P. blades)

You have 3 devotion points leftover. Again, these are your flex-points.

I opted for the first 3 nodes of wendigo for phys res, spirit, casting speed, and %vit damage.

However, other amazing nodes are:

  • Behemoth
  • Hawk
  • First node of throne
  • Spider
  • 1st 2 nodes of owl

I’ll leave this to the player to decide.

Problems with the build

  • Serious skill point starvation
  • Innate squishiness due to being a WH
  • Not a warlord

M. Mark of the Forbidden fixes energy issues/skill point starvation
After dozens of runs and trying out a whole array of different medals, I’m 100% convinced that this medal is BiS:

  • Fumble pool allows you to avoid taking RoS/CoS which saves you skill points and minimizes attack-flow interruption.

  • +3 energy is HUGE. In previous iterations of the build running m. mark of consumption, I had to use royal jelly essence for increased energy regeneration to clear naked crucible. M. Mark of the Forbidden fixes this.

  • %vit damage = mo’ dps

  • 2% increased max res to elemental damage = 10% less damage from it

Shoulder options
Blight lord’s is a VERY good choice here. However, I think the BiS shoulder piece would probably be Korvan Pauldrons as it’ll net you better conversion on both PB and BS.

Glove options

  • Riftwarpped gloves = BiS for DPS
  • Dark one’s = BiS for defense

This was arguably the hardest one to decide one - non-m. Contagion vs. m. grasp of the dead
On one hand, contagion is the best dps option (remember that the bulk of our damage comes from PB and -10% vit RR goes a long way in this regard). Furthermore, it also significantly helps the lack of skill points as well as allowing you to save on spirit investment for better DA.

On the other, m. grasp of the dead offers unparalleled utility. Being able to maintain damage while kiting or while barriered up is HUGE. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve managed to face tank a nem horde before barriering up with my priority target left with ~10% hp. BS WILL secure that kill for you.

Also, the additional BS summon serves 2 important functions:
i. Minimizes the DPS loss from not using contagion
ii. Procs manticore like a beast

Spellbreaker’s belt vs Girdle of stolen dreams
Girdle of stolen dreams all the way. Not only will this net you 26/16 PB, it gives you casting speed, fat amounts of OA, amazing %vit damage, and most importantly of all - ENERGY LEECH

If you are okay with supercharging bladespirits, you can just use 2x malmouth blade seals first to get 26/16 blade spirits, summon them, and then swap back to your original rings. This allows you to use whatever pair of pants you want.

However, I think that’s cheesy af so reaper pants are the ones I settled on (again, thanks for the tip jabby). You don’t NEED those fixed suffixes, you just need to fix resists. Again, you can mix-'n-match how you patch up your resists by also changing your helm component.

While I can see the argument for serenity or mogdrogen’s ardor, I stand firm by eldritch pact.

HUGE hp boost, amazing elemental resists, +130% vit damage, and with 50% chaos/vit conversion that proc is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

I do want to say one thing though, the projectiles from chaos surge are literally indistinguishable from grava’s nullfication of death.

So my advice on reliably dodging the latter is to watch out for his cast animation during which he’ll throw his arms up above his head. Run behind cover if you see this.

Most dangerous enemy
Honestly, I struggled with mad queen the most. If she’s in the middle of a horde (and she almost always is), hitting her with PB while her red aura thing is on will spell immediate death.

To counter MQ, you need to ALWAYS keep your distance. Micro BS to keep the damage on her as you kite.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Attachment: WH-1.JPG


I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

“I hope you can feel me rolling my eyes at you across the infinite expanse of cyberspace”

Is it weird that that turns me on?


Cool build, I like it! :slight_smile:

The challenge would be Melee WH, though. :rolleyes: And a Playtester posted in the thread that he did a 75 run with a Melee WH, too. I’d bet it requires an insane amount of piloting skills, though. I haven’t actually tried my PB Witch Hunter in SR yet but I’m pretty sure it does better than Melee with less need for insane piloting by default because leech, leech, leech, leech LEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH IT ALL!!

This build should really have your name on it. :smiley:

What do you think about m. Orb of the Black Flame? i think it’s also a contestant for the offhand. Unless you find its Proc not consistent enough.


Loss of casting speed is too big. You’ll gimp your DPS by 10%

EDIT: Also, contagion gives far more relevant skill points because you’d want to get as many points as you can into the PB skill line.

A possible/viable offhand would be the groble effigy, as ya_ pointed out, and as I’ve tested out.

Yes, please! :smiley:

Now do it with a NSR build!

you made it! Nice :smiley:

But no detailed leveling guide for n00bs. Stop hiding away information!

I give this build 9 rats out of 10


Yup! Thanks for your input on it mala. If only it was a warlord… :rolleyes:

Are you serious, Spank? If yes, please record! I wanna learn from you, Senpai

Oh! Not the NSR, I meant the title change.

I’m not sure if the NSR can hit SR75…that’s SO much harder than the title change :smiley:

I’ll give it a whirl sometime in the next week though.

EDIT: To be more specific, I’m not sure if the NSR WH can hit 75

Oh, a build that is officially inspired by me <3 <3 <3 Thank you! :smiley:

And about NSR: Yeah, it IS so much harder. When you say It is questionable to hit with WH, you imply it might be more realistic with Dervish, right? You can surely squeeze more damage out of it with Dervish, at least on paper. But I wonder how the survivability would be in general. You have Ascension and the increased Armor and Elemental Resist by Consecration but you have to always attack something to profit from that… on the other hand SR is kinda anti-kite anyway … :rolleyes: hmmmmm

No retaliation. No Oathkeeper. No Soldier. No shield. I give you 1 octavius out of 10.

Really? I think I deserve 1 barbaros pants out of 7 avatar of order’s.

Did you ever end up trying that Dervish? I suppose this build would demolish it after looking at what it has in comparison but still…

I’ve been looking forward to trying this offhand after discussing with you, it really does look pretty amazing.

Challenge: PB dervish !!! :rolleyes: (with shield )