[] Physical Retal Stoneguard Warlord - SR 85++

~Phys Retal Warlord~

Edit: A small edit since initially posted this build a week ago. By now we all know what phys retal is about. It was very bad during testing and got bettter little by little until one patch all pierce retal was turned tp phys and put the build and a few others too far up. Naturally it will be tweaked. I had a video prepared but it’s made with all chunks from 75 to 76 and I notice that’s not the trend. I did it that way to show that the fights are not so hand picked. I might remake it

New Retal mechanic and OK WPS were two of my most favorite things to try this xpac so here it is.

GT:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqJBy8N - The rings are just too comfortable for stats

GT no green:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR0BJ42 - You can change whatever:)

The Devotion pattern is the best for me. You get the best of everything retal wise for SR (you need shield wall). Vire is far too expensive, get that in MC or crucible if you want. You can also defuff reliably now with decent OA and Assassin’s Mark (you can pump more cunning if you wish) and also Crushing Verdict is a must.

All buffs up…I think, hard to tell at times. However that DPS is with low AS so it hit hard. Shatter procs and Honor casts are the best

Video: I had a video prepared but it’s made with all chunks from 75 to 76 and I notice that’s not the trend around here. I did it that way to show that the fights are not so hand picked. I might remake it. Any feedback on how the video is preferred would be interesting to hear and what SR level. My preference is to stop at 75 or 80 max cause I ain’t got time for more without checkpoints

>>>GT Callagadra<<<: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKkxo9Y1afE 2:20 min - I used Reckoning relic for more RR ans I really like the fact that I finally got goood use for this vanilla relic. The Physique on it also allows us to have more cunning so more OA to proc Assassin mark on her. Overguard was not used in the first half of the fight to avoid transmuter penalty. Was kept for 2nd half of the fight where it is more needed.

Here is how it works with RF and WPS:

Shattering smash:

It works like upheval basicaly. Main target will receive full damage(in this case retal damage) from Main hand and Shield. MAin target also receives both Retribution damage and Shattering Smash retal mod from main hand an off hand. Mobs behind your main target will be hit by Off hand shield damage only as described in tool tip. As retal dmg varies a lot the 2 dmg sources can vary a lot too. Sometimes a crit from main hand can be lower than non crit from off hand for example


All 3 targets get hit by retribution if in range. Not only that but it applies to both main hand and off hand. If you use Final Stop shield for the Smite mod, it will also apply to all 3 targets, main hand and off hand

Zolhan Technique:

Same as smite. Retribution to all targets + Mod from Zolhan shield if you use it. Only difference is that there is no off hand. To compensate for that the mod is slightly stronger and also ZT hits in a much wider arc.

Have fun and…

Don’t forget to SMASH!


Some feedback about SR videos posting is appreciated before i upload tomorrow

Very nice build as always!

Well, i’m late to the retal pary but thanks.

Still need to post that video since people are not interested in chunks

When your immortal build has more dps than the duelwield physical eye of reckoning :rolleyes:

Real picture of Fluff playing GD/posting guides:

Balance they said. :rolleyes:

Great built as always. Might I ask, what is your sheet dps for the non-green build?

So how broken is it in terms of Crucible timers and Mad Queen/Gargabol/Grava kills? And how deep can it go in SR without breaking a sweat?

BTW, a lot of interesting builds on forums today:

Waiting for your collection of best hits, i.e. Belgo BM and Bleeding WH revisisted, Fluff. :wink:

I would say good build but it’s retaliation warlord in patch

This Warlord is a monster,but Warlords in general are.What we need is fire one or not.Still retaliation seems to be the flavor of the day.

Thank goodness retaliation builds arent a meme anymore nor painful vs stuff like Kuba or Valbury trio, only to be nerfed to the ground :rolleyes:

You don’t make fun of fluff like that anymore. Guy’s got a new pc :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus he’s good and on top of that is written Hello Kitty,that’s cruel!

as classic pretty good build fluff :slight_smile:

but in all honesty, no1 in crate didnt check your phys retal dmg can go over 200 to 400 k with some minor buffs and there are mods adds it to attack dmg LUL
i am surprised you posted build like this but anyway

for +75 85 sr , i really want to see full video of fights…

unlike most other people think,i have weird feeling about these kind of chars in sr

I was waiting for you to write this build guide. good job!

Although it is one question, but has been set Mythical Dawnguard In Epaulets without Dawnshard pauldrons, the reason for this is the purpose is Aether resistance?

Sigh…i wanted to post thus build form months, before it suddenly became strong

I explained from the get go in the build edit the history of retal.

It’s not quite understood how easy this build can just be OK at best and kinda reliable after nerfs. Or how it used to be so. After pierce was converted to phys…just take some of that off the top, no more busts of lifesteal and you are not so Godly any more. The build went from painful to play to the juggernaut you see right after that change.

I’m gonna referthis post from now one for reference :slight_smile:

And after the next patch there will be another video most likely

  • 5% phys res
  • % retal
    Flat retal
  • 40OA
  • 40 Aetehr resist
  • The proc that debuffs enemy damage to an extent so you don’t tneed Warcry or Empyrion. This item completed the build for me when it comes to pushing the shighest shards

how would you recommend leveling this char from 1 on elite? sorry if this has been asked in other threads :slight_smile:

There are many ways you can do this and enjoy it

  1. You want FG experience then Phys RF+shield WPS, Presence of virtue +guardians Debuff, Mandate and a bit of crushing Verdict debuff
  2. Classc way. Cadence+ Blitz or Forcewave
  3. Adding to point one you can mix in Vire, it’s pretty good. In fact Vire destroys Veteran difficulty

Cheers for the fast response :grin: option 1. Sounds like fun, i take it you just max oathkeeper and get all the skills needed etc then transition to soldier later on?

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thanks for all the help man, just a side note going to be leveling this on elite not vet :stuck_out_tongue: i take it its all the same though :slight_smile: