[] S&B Lightning Procadin

[] S&B Lightning Procadin Update
Nothing changed in the build, nothing buffed, nothing nerfed. But, Oh boyz, the new FX changes … yummy! Fireworks are more beautiful, Lightning Doombolts everywhere :slight_smile:

<<<<<< GRIMTOOL >>>>>

With toggles (no Deadly Aim)

  • A few seconds of Proc/Aura Fiesta
  • Master of Flesh (Facetank)
  • Lokarr (40 sec., Facetank)
Details on the build


I realised that the colors of my Auradin weren’t right. Too much Red. Blue is better :rolleyes: I couldn’t find any Yellow though.

This is a gimmick build with almost all Lightning bolt / Chain lightning procs. Electrical Fireworks, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Good enough for all campaign content (Q: Can you facetank Lokarr ? A: Yes!).
Not SR 60+ viable though.


LMB - Righteous Fervor (Reckless Tempest)
RMB - Vire’s Might/Charge
K1 - Storm Box (Ultos)
K2 - Word of Renewal
K3 - Ascension
K4 - Inquisitor Seal
K5 - Word of Pain (Arcane Bomb)
Note: Guardian of Empyrion (Elemental Storm)

Storm Box of Elgoloth and Word of Pain everything to death. If some enemies are still standing, RF their face. Stormtitan’s Charge into the next pack and repeat.


Lightning damage > Lightning procs. A lot of them.
Some aether to lightning conversion for arcane bomb.


The obvious RR constellations for lightning builds and Reckless Tempest.


Lokarr, Master of Flesh, Mad Queen.


I don’t play Crucible. I tried 65th shard and the build isn’t solid enough.

This is a greenless and really solid build, fun and visually pleasant to play. I hope you’ll like it!

Sparkling! I love it!

Did you think about sacred plating in shoulders for more Aether res?

If you ditch scholars light and grab entire lotus, you can get last node in tempest and you do not need Eel for blue affinity that way

I must have rolled high aether res on the gloves because IG, I have more than 80% aether res.

Yup procadin,not bugadin.What’s the next combo with OK you’re willing to try,SB looks good,not sure about Dervish procer.

You can probably do something interesting with vindictive flame. I always thought it could be more than just a speed boost.

I have this Magma Orb Paladin theorycrafted in store, that I have to try. But Magma orb is kinda weird, a bit like RoK, it pops under the enemy and then separate into several projectiles. On not-moving single target, it feels useless.

I still have to find a good vitality Oppressor or maybe a vitality/fire mix with either Oppressor or Defiler (that’s a challenge).

I felt there’s unexplored potential in Decree of Malmouth. For example Opressor with vitality SoH or meteor shower,combined with Blizzard.You theorycrafted so many peculiar builds,so you have handful of opportunities.I am thinking about testing out one of them,cold s&b EoR Dervish.

hey man. your build looks very fun! I am kinda newbie. can you please help and give me some tips how to level this one? Skills and devotions if possible. Much thanks!

For leveling, take your pick. Inquisitor with WoP + Storm Box or RoH is good. Oathkeeper with Aegis + Vire’s Might also. I leveled it full Oathkeeper as it was the new shiny toy :slight_smile:
For general leveling tips, you can follow this wonderful guide from sir spanksalot:

A copy-pasta from another lightning build of mine:

First rule of devotion: always get a damaging constellation first (Bat, Flame Torrent, Falcon) and then begin your path. You can always ditch the constellation later.
Second rule: resistance reduction effects are top priority.
Third rule: you don’t talk about … sorry, old reflex

Devotion order:
Hawk > Quill > Rhowan > Viper > Widow. Then make your way to Ultos: Scholar/Jackal/Eel => Ultos. And then Ghoul (to start leveling it) and finish the path as you want.

I can’t wait to try the new FX on this :slight_smile:
I’ll make a video with the art changes soon®.

Interesting build. But sadly this will be better as vindicator. Combined with dread mask of gurgoth for more RR to stormbox and new aether > lightning belt.

You may also need to compare it to light’s defender storm box.

I see that oathkeeper is not giving you much benefit for your lightning focus build. It also doesn’t have a good ability for continuous proccing aside from stormbox. Vindicator has grasping vines for that.

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  • : as said in the “concept” section, this is a gimmick build with lightning procs.
    Is it optimised? No.
    Is it well thought to be the best combination of items and masteries ? No.

This is just a gimmick/joke build that achieves nothing special but being strong enough to do all campaign content and facetank Lokarr with electrical fireworks everywhere. Nothing more. Fun > efficiency.