[] S&B Auradin (SR-75+)

[] S&B Auradin (SR75)


Purifier was my first character in AoM and I have a particular love for this class and its firework potential. I made a successful Auramancer Purifier and decided to transpose it to Paladin. And the results are beyond my expectations as you can see in the video below.

This build is the combination of auras and procs :
1- The combo Armor of Ignaffar Chest + Tainted Ruby Amulet + this new FG weapon.
2- A powered-up Aura of Censure with the Gaze of Empyrion Helm and the new FG medal
3- Two Fire Auras (Seal of Blades) thanks to the 100% pierce to fire conversion on the new FG rings.

Grimtool links

Video compilation build

<<<<<< #1 GRIMTOOL >>>>>

SR PASS 75 Video build (better)

<<<<<< #2 GRIMTOOL >>>>>

With toggles (no Deadly Aim)

  • A few seconds of Proc/Aura Fiesta
  • Master of Flesh (Facetank)
  • Gargabol (Facetank)
  • Mad Queen (Facetank)
  • Lokarr (50 sec., Facetank)


Details on the build


LMB - Righteous Fervor
RMB - Vire’s Might
K1 - Displacement
K2 - Word of Renewal
K3 - Ascension
K4 - Inquisitor Seal
K5 - Word of Pain (Eldritch Fire)
K6 - Horn of Gandarr

Note: Guardian of Empyrion (Elemental Storm)

Very easy gameplay. All trash mobs die without doing anything but standing close to them.
Apply Eldritch Fire with WoP, rush with Vire’s Might and watch everything die. Horn of Gandarr, Inquisitor Seal, Word of Renewal and Ascension are both great for offence and defence purposes.
Kiting method: WoP and running trying to stay in range for Auras and Procs to hit.


Helm/Amulet => better Aura of Censure
Belt/Rings => better Whirling Blades + Procs
Weapon => +1 Aura
Amulet => +1 Aura
Chest Armor => +1 Aura
Pants => Chance when hit
Boots => Chance when hit + damage reduction
Shield => Chance on Block
Gloves => Chance on Attack


The obvious RR constellations for fire builds (Solael’s Witchblade and Rhowan’s Crown). Good defensive proc (Ghoul) and some health regeneration.


Damage absorption Inquisitor Seal, Resilience and Prismatic Diamond.
Damage reduction Aura of Censure, Stormtitan Boots and Horn of Gandarr.
And of course, in both cases, the very useful Presence of Virtue/Ascension buffs.


Your damage is mainly passive, a bit like a fake Retaliation build. Nonetheless, Ascension helps a lot and kill times are very good for a defensive build, as seen in the video.


Full face-tank kills (for the moment): Lokarr, Master of Flesh, Mad Queen, Gargabol (and other Rogue-like Dungeon bosses), Kupacabana, Fabius, Valdaran.


The Devotion path I chose is quite defensive. Going for Meteor Shower, Flame Torrent and/or Hand of Ultos could be an interesting option.


It requires some kiting depending on the boss combinations but SR 75 is doable. The build can tank or at least manage every boss 1 on 1. The only one you should fear is Grava’Thul, it’s literally your Nemesis. Dispell / Nullification is also a death sentence in SR. Be careful with those Demon Wings in the Shattered Realms.

This is a greenless and really solid build, fun and visually pleasant to play. I hope you’ll like it !


/reserved because why not.

Nice to see build from you,Belzzzz!Before FG you had impressive collection of proc based builds and now you add Paladin,which is cool class.Nice helm,one of my favorites.

I will play this build on next new year’s eve for sure! serious fireworks!

This is clearly the most efficient version. The combination of Inquisitor and OathKeepers’ passives is very strong.
My heart is divided, I both love the Dawnshard Set and Stonefather Set for the illusions :slight_smile:

Don’t you have a National Holiday before this ? :smiley:

I sure do but I will celebrate that by playing a Blue & Yellow item build :rolleyes: Swedish flag colors LOL

Nice build! What about Malakor and this MI? https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12713

Ha-ha,or you could play cold/lightning :zap: TSS build.Luckily my nation’s flag contains red,so fire show all the way:p.

Malakor: I have it in the Purifier version. I decided not to take it because

  1. +1 Aura is more adequate for the goal of the build.
  2. +1 Aura also means even more chances to proc’.

Shield: That’s of course a great alternative but

  1. I try not to do builds with double rares or MI.
  2. +1 all skills Inqui, %physical resistance, good %elemental damage, almost %40 elem resistance, some %CDR, some DA and a nice proc’. That’s a really good shield for this build.

I really like the creativity of this build belzzzz. Out of curiosity, what’s holding this back from 75?

Saying, ‘it’s not a warlord,’ doesn’t count as an amswer :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: just read you didn’t want to try for 75. I’m curious to see how it’ll run if you do.

I still think 2x reign of ice and fire ring is better in here. Converting all pierce from SoB to fire should still be inferior to reign of ice&fire’s proc and sustain.

GJ though, build looks fun… :wink:

It was painful enough to get the recipe for the stone. I don’t enjoy that mode particularly, each phase ends so abruptly and quickly. I also find the difficulty gap between the normal phases and the boss phase a bit too high. There are some really good design ideas though: the Big Aetherial Sentinel, the lava floor, the totems/shards, random Nemesis spawns … but after 15 minutes of play, I just want to do something else.

Note: I thought I was forced to complete SR from 65th to 75th. Can I go directly to the 75th without doing 65-74, if I didn’t do them previously ?

I think so too, that new 8% adcth on the rings is really huge. You made me realise I can still keep 75% pierce to fire conversion with changing the gloves. I’ll have to test 1x reign/1x oath and 2x reigns to see the difference.

You can do them in 5 shard chunks. So if you hit 70, you can start from 70. The last checkpoint is curently at 75.

Great job with the Auradin Belzzzz!

This build looks really cool. Since you proc stuff super fast and conver pierce to fire do you think azrakaa`s relic would be viable?

That’s interesting but +%damage, +1 Inqui skill and some %RR is hard to beat.

So I forced myself to do the 65 to 70 trip. I actually tried the new set-up with 2x reign rings and Ignaffar gloves. You lose around 200 OA but gain great sustain. I would keep the oath rings + wyrm gloves set-up for everything but Crucible/SR I think.

/Rant ON

As felt before that, the gap between normal and boss phases is way too high to my taste. I’m on cruise mod and can easily take down all Nemesis I encounter, not fearing having other mobs around. But when in boss phase, if I don’t pull correctly (i.e. boss 1 by 1), I don’t know if it’s only this build, some combinations are almost impossible to beat, especially when you can’t aggro them 1 by 1. I had a Sentinel fight I just couldn’t approach him without losing 80% of my health in 2 seconds and couldn’t kite him because I was losing agro if I went to far. Rush in, Burst, Rush out, wait for 20 seconds for cooldowns to come back, repeat. That’s not very interesting to play like this.

My 70 final fight was Reaper + Okaloth and impossible to pull properly: as soon as you entered the room they were attacking you. I died there. A lot. And then it was KupaCabana + Mad Queen. It took me about 10 tries to pull Kupa alone. Those were 99% of my about 15 deaths on my 65-70 trip.

The dispell mechanic (Demons, Grava, certain Casters) is unbearable, especially in this build. Re-casting auras is a pain in — : changing bar, casting the right ones (because if you cast an aura that wasn’t dispelled, you cancel it …), can’t do anything while doing this, and some auras have a longer global CD than other (Possession, Presence of Virtue …) and then change your bar back. While, of course, not dying.
That was my only death in the normal phase, due to a dispell. If at least there was a macro “cast all your auras/toggles”.

/Rant OFF.

Bosses are mean. Dispell is bad. I want my mommy!
This build is 70 viable if you can pilot it better than I do.

yeah. Boss chunks are a gamble and a half.

What I do is move my cursor to the bottom of the screen during the loading phase, and immediately move back the moment the arena appears.

I then mouse over the skull icons to see which nems are around. I’ll try to flank from the side to aggro fast ones first before immediately blinking back (because if you aggro something like zantarin, it really doesn’t matter. He’s not going to get to you in time.)

From then on, I hug the back wall as much as I can, blinking only from left to right.

I’ll only ever blink forward if I get surrounded.

I hate that strip your buffs in the crowd.Btw tried to apply them with aether cluster on,but even with that and ascension Grava can cut it in a second:cry:.These pseudo pets even with command function are just machines for agro the bosses.

That’s why I won’t play SR. It feels like only super defensive Warlords can beat it without dancing and having to fear bad pulls.

pets aggro bosses and they stay on them 1 second. They follow you stupidly when you go back even with spamming the pet attack button.

Another little thing that bothers me: Inquisitor Seal. There’s a script that put it automatically under/at the center of the enemy. Sometimes, on very big and hard hitting bosses, if you stand to close to the enemy, it is cast out of your reach and you lost precious time and damage absorption.

Updated post Roll back.