[] Long live the Night King - Army of the Dead

It’s Sunday night and we’re all waiting for it. So I decided to make a guide in honor of my beloved King, who died last week. Again.

This isn’t a guide and the build won’t be in the GDC but it’s a fun gimmick / meme concept and wanted to share it with you.


Damage: Vitality/Bleeding

Gimmick: Pets scaling with Player bonuses. A lot of them. Like, really a lot.

First, I had to try a very uncommon devotion path to get Revenant Skeletons and Shadows from Unknown Soldier.
And then, Blood Knight Set obviously, Oathkeeper mastery for 2 Guardians of Empyrion. I could have taken Deathstalker relic but the build craves skill points.

Pet count = 19
Revenant = 6
Shadows = 3
Oathkeeper = 2
Shoulders = 1
Amulet = 4
Gloves = 3 (those are « real » pets)

Results: good enough for Master of Flesh and Korvaak. Valdarran and KupaCabana went down easily. But Lokarr was a nightmare.


Wildblood Set + Deathstalker, more Bleeding oriented.
Way more damage output than Blood Knight. And tentacles. A lot of them.

VIDEO: Korvaak Run with Oppressor.


Cool,cool in your experience which one is better this or Trickster with Heart of the mountain,Nemesis etc?

I’ve tried the Cold Trickster with Yeti like a long time ago and wasn’t good at building at the time. I’m still not regarding pet builds. That’s why this is a fake pet build :stuck_out_tongue:

Fake pets are the real pets!Hope Maya doesn’t read that:eek:

This should work:

Hey, I tried this concept too! But CDR+vit centric bone harvest.


Your vit/bleed idea might be a better way to go about this honestly, though.

(Also, unoptimized gt because i was planning for the 1.1.2 changes, it had manticore before so poison res isn’t capped)

And the Archon version is pure bleeding. Frankly, I made the devotion path first, which was my first idea and looked at the damage the Pets (Revenant and Shadows) did, then vitality/bleeding + Blood Knight was an obvious choice. I can’t take Rattosh this way unfortunately.

Going pure Vitality without the Shadows would be indeed the rational way to build it in a “normal” way. Revenant Skeletons have RR now and that means acid spray can be skipped, although RR applied via Pets can be tricky sometimes.


worked for 2 months … :duck::duck::duck:

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