[] [Caster] Vitality Oppressor (sr/sr+) - feat. fake pets

[] Vitality Oppressor - featuring Fake Pets


GRIMTOOL LINK - Click me !!

Details on the build

This is a more serious attempt on my gimmick / meme build with 19 Pets (scaling with player bonuses).


  • Blood Knight Set
  • Pets scaling with Player
  • An original Devotion Path
  • Vitality Damage
  • A fat Bone Harvest
  • Very Solid Caster with high health sustain


Your main damaging abilities are Bone Harvest and the Pets (Guardian of Empyrion and the Pets from the BloodKnight Set). SS and RE do little damage but offer nice utility and sustain. And Ascension + Mark of Torment is very useful defensive-wise.


The thing that makes this build flavourful and original is the Devotion path, be prepared and wait for it :

I didn’t take Undying God in a Vitality Build !! Yes, I’m completely crazy.

Why did I do such a stupid choice ? The answer is simple: I went for all the so-called bad procs from underused devotions. It was more a “let’s see what happens” choice at first and after playtesting it, it felt really good and safe. All the procs do vitality damage and have health sustain.


I farmed SR 65 with this build while watching Netflix. SR 75 boss phases are much more difficult and prone to RNG, as certains boss combinations are impossible.
So, the build is easy SR-65; and SR-75 at your own risk, if you feel lucky.

Proof of SR 65/75


KuppaCabana + Kra’vall


This is, as usual, a greenless and very solid build. I hope you’ll like it !

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Fake pets,real build!

I wonder how :bird: Master will react :smile:

Not getting Dying God after the buff to vitality damage side is awkward,but you’re builds are always strange in the good use of the word.Congrats man,I appreciate your creative builds!

Thanks @Nery

This is why GD is so deep. You can always try some unbeaten paths and succeed.
Btw, most of the Vitality procs also had a buff recently, that’s why I decided to try that path.

Stupid praets posting day 2 builds and updated grimtools isn’t even released yet.

Oh Belzzz isn’t a praetorian :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one! Also, I just noticed you play sr now. I always thought your builds were good but found it a waste you didn’t like cruci. But now it’s really put to use with realms :slight_smile: [insert anti elitist joke/comment here]

@x1x1x1x2 Thanks :slight_smile:
I had this one ready for a few weeks but struggled to find the right pants/boots/medal combination and also the time to write a guide. I decided to wait till the new patch would come and the possible nerfs/buffs.

I have a love/hate relationship regarding SR. I really love the content on the first phases (the new ones in are quite good btw) but I hate the boss phase a lot, as it is more prone to RNG sometimes (bad pull, bad boss combo, bad transmuters + the exact boss …) and feels that this phase does depend more on RNG than my piloting skills.

I am so confused by this build! :smiley: but in a good way!

Hi there.
I got very interested with the Blood Knight set, and thinking to go with Necro+Oathkeeper instead of Necro+Occultist or Necro+Shaman.
Any chance someone has come up with alternative versions of the Devotion Tree for this build?
I’d love to try and incorporate the Revenant pets in here, since they’ve now got RR, or is that still a bad idea overall?
And if yes (bad idea to go with revenant), are there just any other alternate ways to go with devotions that would make the build better, or tankier, or both?
I just have no idea how to shuffle or re-shuffle devotion setups from whatever someone’s come up with.

When I wasn’t tagged and hence missed this for like 8 days… :sob:

But no matter, Real Pets have had their Revenge! Twice!!

Evil laugh echoes across the Aviary

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Suggestion: Eldritch Pact is inasane on vit builds. https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8222

nice build!
Q: wouldnt it be better to bind twin fangs on Ravenous earth to cast the more often?

Yes, I love the relic and the proc usually. I needed Sereneity for the resistance caps and because it is another good defensive proc.

My binding is for the lazy. Besides, I tend to miss some Bone Harvest sometimes and I consider RR being better than the proc. You’re right, binding it to RE would be more consistent.