[ -] AARMAGEDDON: Spellbinder

In a way, yes. To max energy sustain, you gotta get hit to proc the Spear (for energy steal), proc Arcane Will and utilize energy absorb from spells.

But this is true for almost everything in this game. You gotta actively take part in combat to make use of it. If you’re looking for a build that can indefinitely shoot AAR in space and sustain energy just by passive energy regen… I never tried such experiments but, if it’s even possible, you’d have to massacre your build to achieve those levels of energy regen.

it just seems backwards for me to engage in melee combat with decently ranged character

Spear procs on hit not necessarily on melee hit. So everything procs it: projectiles, dmg auras, AoE pools, etc. Same thing with Spectral Wrath - primary major source of binders’ resistance reduction. In GD you can’t avoid getting hit at all. And you don’t really wanna.

This is not a kiting build. You got 3 seconds of absolute immortality (Mirror) and then you got 5 seconds of tankiness (MoT). You should be able to eliminate major threats during that time and either tank till you can use Mirror again or kite.

Ranged playstyle from many RPG where you shoot things until they close and then you disengage, take an advantageous position and shoot again - this doesn’t exist in GD. Ranged in GD is melee + being able to hit things from the distance when it’s better to do so. With this build it’s not better to do so because Agrivix relic proc and Spectral Wrath work in close range. Unless it’s trash it’s usually better to shoot AAR from close distance.

So i run into a problem with skill disruption mobs in crucible. Something like Grava and a specific hero that i dont know about that spawn skill disruption pools made me unable to do anything until dying, couldn’t get a single skill off and thus can’t leech. Any tips for that?

Edit: I never had same problem with EOR builds because i can move while dps so i can avoid those pools much easier than being stuck in a place like AAR, abit unfortunate really.

Yeah, this is a problem. An imperfection of this build. You either gotta watch out for that or put on those disrupt res pants. Imo it’s not worth dropping Wraithborne. Codex of Lies is an option but between the two I’d rather get the pants. Codex ruins the build. It’s better to go with full Clairvoyant if Fleshwarped Tome isn’t available.

It’s the ghost crabs in 152 and sometimes in one of the later waves. Just have Mirror and Devastation ready. Even if they disrupt you Devastation and procs should clean them up. As for Grava, 8 times out of 10 he comes out of bottom-left so you gotta be there and kill him fast. In SR it doesn’t really matter because you can’t be near anyone unless Mirrored or MoTed anyway.

I saw this build 30 minutes after I sold my Cleric’s stoneplate greaves of Kings to the vendor, absentmindedly thinking it was useless… because I was too picky. I cried so hard :frowning:

I love this build. Excellent! Spent a few million respeccing one of my binders and I am very impressed.


Second best would be Magestorm/Renegade/Stonehide of Kings. Or just Krieg’s boots. It’s pierce res that’s missing and the above boots give the best “extras.” You can also experiment and see if you can get that pierce res elsewhere. I couldn’t.

This build still good after the recent update? Seems to not be really affected?

it’s still nothing short of a monster!

Build is still ok. However, it did lose A LOT of dmg. Other options including full Clairvoyant+Pulsing Shard (with max oa+crit dmg in mind) as well as Magelord rings on this one are more worth exploring now.

The only thing, Forgefire jewelry augment for some reason lost energy regen (must have been a very important corporate decision at the upper echelons of Crate Ltd. :upside_down_face:) so there is no reason to use it over Irrah Soulfire now. Might have to be more aware of the energy bar and save pots for when there is no energy absorb from spells available.

it seems full clainvoyant is alot safer now that you actually have fumble on your beam. I tried it on lokarr and never see my hp halves.

Correct. And RE is costly and using it slows you down a lot but it’s much safer than relying on Dawnshard Pauldrons proc for dmg redux.

What, what? Fumble on the beam? Either Z is too busy with the town builder to think things through or they hired someone new. This is ridiculously op. It doesn’t matter if it’s 15% chance or 40% chance. With that number of hits per second it’s guaranteed fumble on everyone.

12% fumble. Is not like you gonna clear shard 80+ like cough infiltrator builds but it does help tremendously for survivbility.

Yeah, correction… I had a wrong understanding of the mechanics of fumble. I thought that it gave 50% to miss with 12% chance to apply. It’s 12% chance to miss.

Added an updated setup to op. Also dropped my saves in op for anyone who would like to take it for a spin. But build is basically dead. You can go ahead and go for full Clairvoyant and Pulsing Shard as Papa Z intended as this one has no real advantage in dmg anymore but is way squisher.

All your builds get killed man, perhaps time to do something else than playing and writing guides for the newest bad-boy in each patch? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dead as in this concept isn’t worth pursuing anymore. The Z-INTENDED vision for AAR in full Clairvoyant is overall better.

But seriously IMO it is in a way dead. If I can’t kick ass with my squishy as hell binder in under 6 minutes and have to watch how Mirror and then MoT slowly passes by as Reaper/Alex is still alive and kicking… then why bother? It’s not really dead but it’s dead in my eyes if you know what I mean.

yeah but we do have some kind of responsibility towards the community and lurkers to explain what we mean

You’re right. I don’t want to misinform anyone. AAR is still very playable and fun but this particular setup with Anasteria helmet and Fleshwarped Tome - the way I made it for max dmg and just enough survivability to offer good consistency once you learn to pilot it - is no longer ahead of the cookie cutter Clairvoyaint. It lost quite a bit of dmg and at the same time quite a bit of survivability.

IMO, very undeservedly.

What was the changes to the fleshwarped tome and Outcasts secret that nerfed this build? The damage on the skill proc of the helmet and the lightning conversion? What was the lightning conversion before it being brought down to 30 percent?