[] Shattered Realm set DW melee+procs Paladin.SR 75/Gladiator 170 pass


I like reading about different builds and appreciate creativity.Recently were posted excellent DW builds with SR set by thejabrixone and mad_lee,so now it’s my turn to try it.But is not fully melee power,it uses the power of offensive procs.


permanent buffs

GT link>>> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOkvMPN <<<

Core items other than set are dual Soulblades-flat fire,attack speed,AdctH and bonus to RF.Build is allowed to use dual weapons by the new FG medal,which also have nice wps skill.Relic choice is combustion for that RR proc.Legs are for slow,OA and spirit-rally nice.Boots are crafted-any Stonehide will do the trick.My OA looks weak,but is illusion-deadly aim and ascension are 50% up and also massive DA shred by Judgment

Devotions-they are interested,I went for Meteor Shower,Fissure and Seeker,Paladin have the luxury to posses enough skills to proc them


SR 75 >>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmiHozvkw_0&t=36s<<<
Mad queen,not super fast >>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAzVY8TCKsI<<<

In SR just look,which are the enemies,with seal+Ascension and life steal most of them are facetankable,excluding the usual suspects-Grava,Kaisan and Slathasar.Cruci is safe,but not very fast.Too many enemies are crazy resistant to fire and single target damage is not spectacular.

The End
This is not the best Paladin and Pala is not suited for that purpose,but the synergy for fire is there,so not a complete train-wreck.


Reserved in case

Hey, Nery,

Very tanky Paladin, good job. But I think you could improve its damage by stacking more flat fire damage. I have recently tested Fire Dervish spec and although the spec itself turned out to be subpar to my tastes, I managed to gather some ok amounts of flat damage in it. Here is gt, maybe you can take few pointers from there.

much better bound skills to devo like what
trust me
i test a lot of similar setups


I notice in GT the big difference between WD of yours and mine builds.Cinderplate belt+Combustion band and second ember are giving big flat damage.Also SR set gives +damage,but not flat,so it’s limited in that regard.

just curious would this work with any sets other than shattered realm? like could use use part virtue set, judgement set etc.? or a mix match like gaze of empytion helm etc.?

@Ymiraku I have play different Paladins and is really good class,so multiple versions can exist.

For example Justicar set,without helmet and Gaze of Empyrion is possible.But I have not done tests.SR set brings fortitude and +skills is nice bonus.

im levelling my pally atm and just thinking of what spec will be most fun. i know most ppl play it as a caster but that just doesnt thematically make sense to me. ill give your spec a go.


Playing melee is little counter intuitive,that’s why I wanted to show it works.

As Paladin one can play caster,gunner,S&B or in that case DW build.Also is possible to create fire EoR build or retaliation.