[] [HC] Eye of Doom Bolt, chaos spin2win Sentinel (sr65+, cr170, Mog, Rava, vids)

Welcome to one of my oldest FG builds of my HC collection, which got better and better with pretty much every patch and now has finally a place among the actual good builds (at least imo). The core of this build is the Mythical Wrath of Tenebris and it is absolutely mandatory. However once you find it, you can enjoy this beast of a build!

^ingame stats of version 2 ( with all permant buffs up, without any temporary buffs

^ingame stats of version 2 ( with dying god and ascension up, highest crit 564k (prolly DB)


Version 1: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g9mnEZ https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPq64PN

Version 2: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR1bm0V


YT playlist

Highlight video from patch

vs dummy ~25s

Build Update video from patch

vs dummy ~19s

first tries vs:

Shattered Realm

Gladiator Crucible of the Dead 4 runs, 6min 42 sec average on patch


  • start out with Raven/Bloody Pox like this
  • early on pick movement speed devotions (jackal 2nd node, sailor’s guide 3rd node, eel) then aim for fire/chaos devotions
  • transition into fire Vire’s Might like this since you wanna level your fire/chaos devotions and fire and chaos has decent overlap in devotions. So this should be the faster way to level your char’s lvl alongside the devotion lvl in the long run.

Devotions & Gear

Some quick words about devotions:
I personally really like Hourglass for Ascension, Blood of Dreeg and Dying God, but if you prefer a setup with Abomination instead feel free to try that out.

About shoulders:
Obviously you don’t have to have exactly my affixes, but the base alone is already really good with the +3 EoR imo. Alternative could be Rah’Zin shoulders especially when you use more pieces of the set. Stoneplate greaves are still very good boots if you get good affixes, but there are lots of legendary alternatives now.

Feedback & Final Words

Build is pretty good as it is imo. The other conduit mod for full conversion to EoR aswell as Rah’Zin versions of this build are very good aswell afaik, but I haven’t tested them myself. Also I believe that for tougher enemies the RR on the conduit will be more important as you have like 90% fire->chaos conversion via belt/ring anyway.


Awesome, as usual :smiley:

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Nice! Thanks for everything Protoss. I’m going to try it for sure.

I did not quite capture the difference between v1 and v2. I see that v2 might be a little bit easier to play, but in terms of def. and off., how do they compare?

Small buff to the build in 1.1.9 with more %WD to Doom Bolt, build is still pretty much the same as in Very solid farmer for both main campain dungeons, Crucible 170 Gladiator and SR 65-66 on HC.

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What about the Fire Blightlord Oppressor and the Rancor Trickster, are you gonna give us an update as well?




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This build shreds everything, it’s not even challenging anymore. Did some testing tonight, slept through all Port Valbury including the final trio boss.

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almost any build can do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if I’m late to the party but this was my first serious build and I always had difficulties on that section :sweat_smile:

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Must use mythical Darkblaze and Mythical Exterminator (WP swap), playing with energy regen vs physical. Far squishier but I must do this.

This is probably the best EoR/yugol build on the forum great job man! On the topic of swapping hourglass, what do you think of this devotions? Also made some changes to aug/components to match overcap res. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAXPb12

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I swapped helm, relic, and triple rare shoulders from Crucible. And added weapon swap because. Roland thing.

Boots are cheated, I figured 1000 crafts was enough


All credit to RektbyProtoss.

PS, Sarassa kills everything, caveat grava thul on 75-76

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Looks good, too. Definitely the more aggressive devotions. You might wanna try to include ghoul vs harder content, but for easy farming no ghoul should be fine.