[] A Shockingly Versatile Build - Conjuring a Sequel, 6:30m Crucible 150-170 3 buffs/1 banner

Yes, I have close to 2900 armor on my char and with 30% physical resist with Ulo buff it makes this Conjurer somewhat sturdy. And melee Conjurer (this one is just part melee tho) needs every bit of defense it can get.

How did you fare against the Ravager in Ult?

I haven’t tried but I don’t think this build is Ravager capable. Unless you want to run around a tree for 20 minutes spamming totems and shards, hoping he doesn’t catch you with a big hit. It’s a half-melee conjurer after all.

I gave it a shot. Yeah it was no bueno.

BTW after I hit 100 and then farmed all my gear I do a thing where I use the stash tool to manually “high roll” all the gear. I can share the character if you want. It’s exactly the same as your build just really high rolled gear. Let me know if you’re curious. Should only be a marginal difference.

Thanks, but that’s a bit too far for me. I do “cheat” a little bit, as in I reroll saves untill I get stats I want on a mythical or relic (never for boots crafting though). That’s as much leeway as I can allow myself. :slight_smile:

How did you find the build, by the way? Also, best roll on pants would be Thunderstruck of Soulwarding.

Thanks for the tip on the pants I’ll try that out.

There’s a lot I really enjoyed with this build. I really liked how peaceful Gladiator felt in cruci. The only times I felt any pressure to get out of combat and let my DoTs do the work were a couple nemesis monsters. I also like how much room there is to improve piloting the class. I was severely underperforming at first because I underestimated how good the electrocute is. Once I learned to alternate between targets to let them bleed out my times went up quickly.

I died to clones of John Bourbon because I’m headstrong about facetanking and just rusty in general. Once I practiced the class I could kill the clones with 0 deaths and very little discomfort. You do have to move though.

What I really like are some little niche things about the build not everyone might consider. Occultists are sort of unpopular so it was really nice to go online and provide support with blood of dreeg + curse of frailty. People really liked having this build in their party. I found 2 other rando level 100s with complimentary classes and we had so much RR it was insane. We finished JB clones in under a minute.

I also liked how you can cast totems so fast + the crystal totem from the set and you can do some fun things with them if you’re bored or playing super careful. Like blocking doorways with them so mobs get stuck on them. Or making a line of them and kiting mobs around them. They’re better damage mitigators than people think. Including in crucible if you place them just right monsters can get stuck between them and a corner or wall. Plus there’s a funny glitch where you can place them from high up on a ledge aiming at a lower level and they get placed way far in the distance.

The end result is certainly not the fastest clearing build I’ve played but it has a unique feel and is really enjoyable. And it’s certainly fast enough. If I was feeling ballsy I would have built this in hardcore because nothing in the main campaign was a threat to me.

As for giving my save I just meant maybe out of your curiosity. I smurf(hand down from my legit collection) or farm the gear legit first and then make an alt set of items high rolled to see what it would be like at its height of power. what I’m doing is similar to what you did except I roll each item like 100-300 times.

I like to see how high rolls impact one build more than others. Usually it’s pretty marginal actually. I understand if save sharing puts you off though. I’m just at a point where I’ve spent so much time playing the game I don’t enjoy grinding for marginal improvements like I used to. I prefer just trying builds then moving on to the next one.

Some characters I play with no funny business except xp potions, but I simply don’t have time to manually get around to all the level 100 characters I want. This build was a delight to level with primal strike though. It was a very smooth experience.

Hi, thx for the build.
I just wanna ask - is there any point in main сampaign where it’s good to switch from Primal Strike to Savagery?

when you have hand of Ultos and Temper do deal with the trash monsters

Thanks a lot for that review, I am glad you have enjoyed the build. Also, getting into the build’s rhythm like you’ve mentioned it - switching targets and letting them bleed out - is indeed a key to success with this Conjurer. And yeah, Storm Shards can be used to your positional advantage.

Depends on what gear you are leveling in. I usually level in Lokarr set untill level 94, so I would use ranged Thunderous Strike till that moment, should be no problem.

Temper? There is no Demonolist in this build

The question: why with same gear I have 2552 DA instead of 2707 with no buffs? I just have no idea how this can be so big difference.

Might be your augments or attribute points distribution or even more likely your devotion setup. Send me or post here your grimtools.

just a complete beginner’s question

I would like to start with a (pet) conjurer. I’m reading guides for all the different ones. (Physical pet one seems the one somewhat “manageable” without gear so I would follow that direction for start I guess.)

Would it be better to start right with the pets or would it be better to start with DS/PS first (and use lightning-ish gear while banking anything pet-friendly for a while) and reset to pets later (around 50, 60 maybe?) ?

(I’m asking because I cannot find how pet conjurer’s first 30 levels looks like (skills/devotions/items) and this is one of very few “early levels” notes.)

Hello. Early leveling with Devouring Swarm is pretty easy, you can cruise untill your character hits level 20. After that, transmuted Primal Strike is very effective and can carry you pretty far (I would say till end-game) since you have a lot of stuff that can support it: CoF with Vulnerability, Raging Tempest, Stormcaller’s Pact, all huge skill points sinks and all are improving your damage dramatically. In Elite/Ultimate you can use it with a ranged weapon if you are leveling in full Lokkar set so you can avoid most of physical damage.
I never played pet so I can’t say if you can level with pets or not.

Updated grimtools link for this build (since is not released there is not much to do). Build is even stronger now, can manage 9 minute or less run in good hands with 4 blessings no banners.

So user Mercymaker kindly shared his Crucible runs with this build, he did with just legendary boots.

Results are pretty insane: 7 minute per run with 3 blessings and 1 banner.

EDIT: And here is my own runs with 4 buffs no banners. Just 8:40. Somehow slower then 3 buffs 1 banner.

That’s not all that strange; the energy cost and regeneration buff does almost nothing for Light’s Defender totem builds.

It also gives OA/DA! And OA scales amazingly on this build. But apparently OA from Vanguard Banner is much better.

You’ve got 3.2k OA before buffs here. That’s around the point where it stops scaling amazingly. The 4th buff isn’t so useful here. That’s just what I think tho. You could always test 3 buffs no banner to compare.

But did you see those 7 minute runs though with 3 buffs + 1 vanguard banner?