[] A Shockingly Versatile Build - Conjuring a Sequel, 6:30m Crucible 150-170 3 buffs/1 banner

Foreword (pretend like you’ve read it but really just scroll down for the actual build)

I am probably one of the fewer builders who has least amount of fun while playing Grim Dawn. Why? Well, because I just have to play my own build in one way of another. I can’t level a character, put on all the gear pieces/skills/devotions recommended by one of the better builds from this forum and be content with it. I just have to bash my head against the monitor, trying to invent a wheel. This, coupled with my less than mediocre piloting skills in Crucible, lack of time, min-maxing OCD, refusal to use GDstash for testing, make me spend few weeks on one build.

This conjurer lived through 4 different build iterations. Each time when new patch or expansion made previous build less than optimal, I changed setups completely. This last one is the one I am trully happy with. Inspired by all time jajaja’s classics, I made something that works really well.

Build Concept

Grandfather of all Hybrids

This is a Conjurer that does not use Possession (so no damage absorption) nor is a summoner. Class combo that is very fragile as a melee build and fragile as a kiter too: no CC-resists from skills except Slow, no dodge/evade/seal, no circuit breaker, no movement speed buffs, mediocre OA/DA buffs from masteries. What we do have though is a huge damage synergy because of double RR, huge crit damage and decent OA. But how do we apply all that damage and stay alive at the same time? Well we combine melee playstyle with kiting caster playstyle while applying huge dots of Electrocute damage and annihilate everything.

Monstrous AOE and decent single target damage

This build deletes screens of monsters in Crucible and does it fast. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to chop down every boss/nemesis till his last hp, you just have to apply enough DoT/RR and you can move on to the next target.

Running away does not mean you are not doing damage

Big problem of melee builds as opposed to casters in Crucible is neccessity to stand still to do damage. With this build you get to have all the fun and thrill of swinging Big Bad Two-handed Axe while escaping tight spots without losing huge chunk of your dps. You are never forced to take the fights that are unfavourable for you.

The Build Update

I have reworked this build a bit so it can still consistently farm Crucible. Had to add revenant instead of Dying God. Now this build is completely green free.

craft everything for stun resistance


The core of the build is Light’s Guardian set and Mythical Stormreaver axe coupled with Conduit of Wild Whispers that gives bonus to Storm Totem. Those are the key items. Judicator’s Seals are there for attack speed and OA/DA buff that works so well in Crucible. You can use Mythical Mark of Divinity for safer playstyle, although build is pretty safe to play as it is. Bis boots would be Thunderstruck Stoneplate Greaves of Featherstep (from Stoneplate Greaves recepie)coupled with adequately rolled pair of Kuba pants or a usual pair of Mythical Chausses of Barbaros. But you can make it work with Stormtitans too.
Craft everything at Angrim. This build can stack a very nice amount of armor.
Use offensive weapon augment if you are a good pilot and a cowboy like Superfluff.

Skills and Devotions:

When making a build I have one rule regarding devotion map: if build does not have cooldown reduction, I don’t take stuff with with long cooldowns (like Harp or Dying God or Charriot), I try to choose constellations that work here and now devotions procs with very low cooldowns. In this case it’s all pretty obvious, resist reduction, damage, Ghoul, OA/DA/resists. Skill point distribution is kind of obvious as well: we are stacking damage.

Leveling and Attribute points:

Level as a Shaman using Devouring Swarm first 20-25 levels, than switch to transmuted Primal Strike. That, coupled with RR from CoF will take you as far as you need to go till you can equip all the gear from the build.

The Showdown

How to Play

In Main Campaign it easy peasy, everything melts in seconds. Remember that you don’t have to facetank all the way when fighting Grava: drop totems, Wind Devils, CoF, engage, work up some dot, as soon as he starts his nullification animation, move out, dropping totems all around him, he should already have huge dot on him. Mad Queen is not facetankable unless you use Mark of Divnity or Aether Cluster, but she dies very fast with just few circles around the big pillar to her right.

In Crucible it is where it gets interesting, as the build was designed for it. This builds farms coins on waves 100-150 pretty safely without buffs or banners. Just remember to move around and play smart. In 150-170 with 4 buffs it’s where it gets interesting. With 25k hp and 12/12 Wendigo Totem and huge ADTCH that we have both from gear and from Feral Hunger we can take a lot of heat. However, some waves are dangerous for us. Try not to engage dangerous Nemesis combos at the same time: like Reaper + Ben’Jahr for example. Always move to the next spot when you feel you are about to take too much damage/debuffs, drop totems/wind devils, take a stand, when you see other nemesis caught up - time to change your position. Your dots and Storm Totems will do a lot of work for you. Storm Shard from Light Defender set can block paths for mobs, use it to your advantage! Remember, you are not fully melee build, don’t get too cocky. Spots where you get swarmed by tonns of heroes and get debuffed a lot are especially dangerous as we are susceptible to mass debuffs and can die if we get hit by massive RR/DA shred stack + skill distruption and/or get trapped.
Take stands when Ghoul is up, but not in the puddles of debuffs and stuff! As long as you don’t play reckless you are safe.


with Savagery charges and rings proc (100% uptime in battle unless you are in a long fight with single target)

Videos (more to be added soon)

6:50 spec run

6:08 record run by user John Smith

7:40 1.0.7 test run w/Mark of Divinity NEW!

7 minute Crucible Gladiator 150-170 run 3 blessings/1 banner NEW!

8:40 run with 4 blessings no banner NEW!

3x runs with 4 blessings no banner, by Mercy Maker (safe setup, no green items used)
Three 7 minutes runs with 3 blessings/1 banner (by user MercyMaker) NEW!

Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4 buffs/no banners run (note that my devotions are only half-leveled as I show at the end of the video, fully leveled and with optimal gear I reckon this build can do Crucible under 11 minutes pretty safely) OLD

Ever annoying Grava’Thul

In Conclusion

Obviously thanks to the old time classics created by jajaja that created the concept this build relies on, if you haven’t seen it, check it out here.


This is never used!

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You finally did it you glorious, russian bastard.


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Great, well thought out build here. I sometimes find myself disagreeing with your build choices (and I know you also have some on mine) but this one is pretty much how I would build this too.

I think I should mention Sanctified Bone on chest. Should be a fine tradeoff for OA. Ptiro would probably even suggest a second one on head.

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Damn you’ve beaten me to it :frowning:

My elementalist variant

Storm Totem conduit would be BiS ofc but I don’t have the recipe yet.

Lol for some reason I was sure that mad_lee is chinese :rolleyes:

Use offensive weapon augment if you are a good pilot and a cowboy like Superfluff.

Lol :smiley:

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Conjurer power:D Nice job.

If I may intrude. The only changeI would make .

Still tanky due to more HP and a few more skills to throw around. Better FH and Savagery so more electrical DoT. OR just put a couple of coven chaos res if you don’t like skull inchest

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Well, your latest (PB) build is bit more insane I should say, but thanks!

Thanks, I will comment on Sanctified Bone bit lower!

Well, I like the Sanctified Bone very much, problem is that I actually taken Oleron’s Chains for trap resist. This build needs to move a lot and lack of CC-resists is its main weakness. With green boots of featherstep I might swap out for Sanctified Bone, for now I’ve found Trap resist kinda crucial.

Avenger’s Girdle is a solid choice and I have considered it as well. Here is the difference between Avenger + Bone versus my initial build. Comes down to bit more electrocute/hp/lightning/racial damage/da versus ~130 more OA/trap resist. Honestly not sure what setup wins, gotta test Bone + Avenger one to find out.

Sorry, Stupid Dragon, I am sure Elementalist is as powerful and fun to play! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah Bone was for EZ chaos rest too. But Avenger is both tanky and gives you more skills to play around with. Could be worth for FH maxing

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Clone of known for years jajaja’s and Fluff’s Conjurer :rolleyes:

You wanted to say this?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for posting the build.

Are you able to comment on the differences between this conjurer and jajaja warder? In terms of dps, defenses etc? Thanks!

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Why not both devotions?:stuck_out_tongue:

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As I said, I will test it. FH is more of a support damage on this build since our weapon damage is not that great compared to Ultos build.

Yep, credited jajaja couple of times in my guide. But totally different story from Superfluff’s Thunderous Strike build. I mentioned why I didn’t take stuff like Dying God - build got 0 cdr, so Dying God would be up only 66,6% of the time. I prefer Hand of Ultos for more RR and immediate damage support.

This build surpasses jajaja’s warder in terms of offense by a mile, simply because it’s a Conjurer. In terms of defense, it’s hard to say, jajaja’s build is bit outdated, but on paper Warder should be sturdier, because of more hp and cc-res. Thing is, this Conjurer is already pretty tanky for current Crucible, if you play it smart you will never die with it.

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My mind wasn’t on ultos but on jaja’s savagery + ZT advertising. ZT is stronger ofc but, you work with what you got, you have vulnerability so that makes everything easier dmg wise

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First of all - no, it’s not a clone of jajaja’s Conjurer. Jajaja’s Conjurer was an Ultos build while this one is a hybrid that uses whole different set of items. Closest one is jajaja’s electrocute warder, and lee made it no secret that it’s a reviewed version of jajaja’s build. A tribute, if you will.

Second, It’s not like jajaja’s build was posted yesterday - it’s been out of focus long enough and was in dire need of a review. If we don’t post such reviews weird ideas begin to float up like the recent “infernal knight is weak”, simply because noone bothered to update the deadbeat bwc sorc.

And last but not least it’s quite sad that when a renowned player like fluff posts his avenger warder and PS conjurer everyone flock to it, even though say avenger was posted by AdamNavel before which I used as a referrence during 1.0.6 testing. And PS druid was posted by Bichachos not so long ago - anyone mentioned yet that fluff’s conjurer is a clone of bichachos build?..
But if a less known player posts his version it’s suddenly deserves to be called a clone of other people’s build. Like, “just another clone of an old build made by a more renowned player, nothing to see here”, right?

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hmmm, i have a similar char with this setting since :smiley:
The build is amazing :slight_smile: i like it.


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Added a new video: fight with Grava.

Pretty dangerous boss for this build despite all our resists/hp/armor.

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i am a beginner and i start witht this build ,is it mistake ?

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Not a mistake at all! - I’ve run mine up to level 92, all self-found. It’s a sturdy build, very flexible. Go for it!

ETA: Nevermind, wrong thread (mad_lee tricked me with his clever word probe in the title! gaaaaah! you fiend ;P)

It looks like it would be easy enough to play through at least Elite with self-found though.


It’s relatively easy to gear when it’s not your first char, pants slot is flexible in terms of affixes. However, you would need a lot of top tier legendaries, and without trading it wouldn’t be easy to farm them on your own (I would say nearly impossible to farm all that on your own unless you are playing a lot).


When crafting from Angrim I’m guessing by your comment that you want the %armor crafting bonus?

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