[]Valguur's Wildblood Conjurer - Grasping Vine/DoT caster~6:30min 170 clear/SR+++/very safe

Orr anyone got screenshots 4 Gear, Skills & Devotions?

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Grim Tools is up!!

Valinov, can you update a GrimTools link with the 1.1.4 version? I read days ago you dropped Storm Totem entirely

Thanks a lot in advance

I dropped a lot of points too from storm totem and put it somewhere else. Not sure if I’ll drop it all for other skills.

Cowuple of questions:
Why dark ones gloves over valguur gloves? Wouldn’t the heal proc from the gloves and the resists from the 3 valguur 3 piece set bonus be more useful?

Also have you tried a ritualist version of this build? Wondering if it could be as strong.

Proc doesn’t give anything for the char, since most of the bonus go for sigil or siphon that the char do not use.

102 OA.
15 RR.
3% heal to totem.

IMO this are your answers.

Any changes with the new patch? While my devotions are not fully leveled up and I am missing the thunderstrruck cronley’s, I find the build more involved in terms of gameplay than [] A Shockingly Versatile Build - Conjuring a Sequel, 6:30m Crucible 150-170 3 buffs/1 banner and not sufficiently more effective in SR. I wonder what I am doing wrong.

Hello all,
How is this build’s viability holding against changes? I feal it’s still pretty solid but I’d like to ask some pros about it.

added a new video to op with build in current version…

Could you please post current grimtools?

TBH I would still use the current one for SR because there are situations where kiting is useful… The version in the crucible video only differs in that I removed storm totem, and took more points in savagery, solael, and 1 pointed upheaval and the last pox node. I’ll add it later tonight when I’m off work.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2Mnrl0V crucible video version - adding to Op as well

I’ve been lurking on these forums for a couple of years and have a few hundred hours in the game. Mostly end up getting bored at the endgame farm, then come back to the game in a month and restart another alt. Repeat.

I want to try to finally “finish” the game, in as much as that is possible. Started a new char with your build yesterday and cruised to 50 so far. Loving the sustain.

A question for you. Can your build kill all the big ones like Mogdrogen, Ravager, Crate and Calligadra? Since you can hit 80+ shattered realms I’m guessing the roguelike dungeons and various Nemesis pose little problems on ultimate?

I would imagine with appropriate tweaking/piloting the build could be turned into a super boss killer

HI, currently using this build and very happy with it(still using storm totem though). Thanks! Level 93 and farming SR 50, 51 on normal without too much of a problem. Its my first character so trying to build up a loot collection. I just got a mythical chausses of barbaros drop and wondering why you’re using it in your final build. Is it the battlecry proc? other than that the stats seem rather bland, but I’m probably missing something.
thanks again.

edit - ok, just did some research and looks like the proc is around a +10% total damage which is big. Also the +OA is good. I’ve been focusing too much on + vitality, resistances, + skills and interesting procs.
also, looks like I was lucky getting the drop so early.

Yes. The proc gives a large damage bonus, as well as total speed. They also have high armor, and give a huge amount of oa.

thanks! loving the build

before I hit play to watch the build in action, do i need to mentally prepare myself for your voodoo audio soundtrack?

JK. <3 the build

I believe you already know the answer to that question :rofl:

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Video won’t play mate

The Sr one seems to work. Strange