[]Valguur's Wildblood Conjurer - Grasping Vine/DoT caster~6:30min 170 clear/SR+++/very safe

Here is a caster that can leech/heal through just about anything. Main thing to worry about is casting grasping vines on cooldown since the effect stacks. Bloody pox with wendigo bound, devouring swarm to revenant, and maxed grasping vines bound with ratosh will provide tons of healing. Savagery is used to stack the buff when you aren’t kiting. Wendigo totem is used for even more heal and to supplement our bleeding/vit decay damage. Huge amounts of slow/trap means even bosses can be effected by it, which makes kiting a breeze.

Now that the amulet isnt a conduit gearing is a bit less troublesome… thunder struck cronleys signet is BiS for 2nd ring, with some form of Defensive ability on the suffix. Mythical Deathlord’s Band is the best filler until you can get a good signet. Tbh the lack of stun resist wont stop you from clearing, it just feels safer in SR.

You want agrim armor crafting bonus on your helm and amulet. (or stun res if you really would like it) Relic is now swapped to solael’s decimation for more oa.

The Build
New update: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BYRMBN
updated build includes higher armor, higher phys resist, better speed, better damage, a better devotion path now that we dont need manitcore, more oa, more crit damage, fumble and health degen from the medal. Solid increases in overall performance. Ive cleared to 87 with an older version before I crashed… so I imagine this one could do so as well with better results

New vines FX + bloodspouts are great :D:D

Version in the new crucible video: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2Mnrl0V (removed storm totem)

The build is very consistent even with zero stun resist. I’ve yet to die in crucible with it. I’ve taken down just about every boss combo including double reaper without any problems.

Boss stages at 4:04, 8:40, 15:19. second boss stage you can see probably the biggest threat to the build in sr… Mad Queen. Grasping vines stacks make her retal aura go absolutely insane.

Crucible original setup-
7:37 minus like 10 seconds where i alt tab to skip an ad on my music lol… then more can be subtracted with a better comp probably.
Crucible original +manicore setup
170 = double reaper, maiden, fabius.

Original build : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy4l5kV
Updated with manticore : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwv8ObV features even more kill speed, slightly less safe… but its pretty close. Worth the trade imo if you arent playing HC

Thanks to Mercymaker for the following (old build with manticore)


Nice build add to my thread. :wink:

Are you sure you’re not breaking an nda by posting a screenshot that looks like a forgotten gods area? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the character select screen which has been shown multiple times to my knowledge. :eek::eek:


so you really went all out on Grasping Vines and it (kinda) worked. Good job! Maybe just don’t go greedy with %vitality damage and OA and get Stormtitans. Some stun res is nice to have. Or get boots with slow resist and DA and use augments with vita damage and stun res.

I mean I feel like it more than kinda works. Im pretty sure you would have to try to die with the build. Also vines really makes crucible lag for me, so I imagine a better pc would clear at least 20-30seconds faster.

also the boots in my current set up, besides providing large oa + vit damage, also give +2 swarm. Which is a 2% rr for both of my main damage types, as well as 20vit/18bleed per second to swarm. They also has a nice little proc. Most of the damage and healing happens even if your character is stunned so it really doesnt make much of a difference.

Well, just making sure, I have been under a nda which forbid things like this.

Cool build though.

Well, I think most value from those boots you get in form of OA/%Vitality damage and slow res, everything else on them is kind of irrelevant.

By “kinda” I meant relative clear times. But if it consistently does sub 8 minutes you can squeeze 3 runs with 3 blessings/1 banner that means not “kinda”, but really works :slight_smile:

So, because I am annoying and such, I will ask, why not take Solael’s relic for more OA and slightly inferior proc and most importantly, why no Manticore?

And really curious to see the video and how you are utilizing Wendigo Totem. I tried to use it on my vitality caster Ritualist but gave up because it was too clunky and didn’t fit well kiting playstyle. Wouldn’t Sigil of Consumption instead of Blood Pact be better?

TBH you dont really need to kite all that much when you run with wendigo over manticore. The healing really is crazy. I tried doing some runs with manticore. While the damage is a better, you have to play a little more intelligently. Wendigo healing lets you be very careless.

Grasping vines snapshots your current stats when cast. IE, each cast will maintain the flat weapon damage bonus, bonus damage %, and bonus duration if you move outside of the totem effect, so it actaully is a fairly large boost to its dps since it last 6 seconds in this build.

Video is uploading. 170 is reaper, fabius, iron maiden and kuba. I face tank them for a bit and kill with minimal kiting. 7:37 minus like 10 seconds where i alt tab to skip an ad on my music lol… then more can be subtracted with a better comp probably.

I made a slightly different devotion setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWJ6dJ2

  • stag
  • jackal
  • lion
  • wretch
  • crane

This lets you get the third bottom node of obelisk for that delicious armor.

Damn, that smells like a top-tier build, lol.

Just realized you can also change wendigo for revenant, the skeletons will deal pretty good damage and they’re also pretty good blockers. Not sure if worth it, the lifesteal from wendigo is rather good.

Manticore I imo set in stone in such setups. Every 1% rr is very often equal to 1% total dmg.

I can’t shuffle it myself cause I’m on mobile so sorry to waste your time asking: wouldn’t investment in defensive devos have similar returns if you just took that tower and didn’t try to push for Menhir?

Anyways nice job. GV used to be said to be unviable as main. Btw how much of it is the totems?

Try fixing your sub-resistances (Basilliks Bite), my PB deals peerless dmg output too but when they start to chain stun/petrify/freeze you, thats a moment of heartstopping.:rolleyes:. Even she has better resistance than yours. Alek has a 10% chance to crit me at 2k8 DA, and when I out of guard for a second her meteor one shots me with 18k hit. Somehow with new crucible I feel not so many can be a good hardy farmer.:confused:

Manticore is easy. Take the crossroad point, drop wendigo, and 5 points manticore. Although the damage is better, you must play more carefully… And getting some form of stun resist is needed.
The main reason i went for obelisk over tower was the extra armor. I just preferred this route. Although it is very close.
Actually compared it; 23 oa / 67 da / a tiny bit of health regen going with tower + 1st node in hour glass VS 100 weapon damage / 530 hp / 147 armor with lion / obelisk setup.

Yeah being disabled while on a pb build often can mean death because your sustain/healing is tied to being able to cast. My build on the other hand has tons of healing even if I am stunned for multiple seconds and don’t get to act.

It is for sure :rolleyes: (First run is me just acclimating to the build)

6:08 run:

Nice build Valinov, seriously, didn’t expect a grasping vines build to perform that good. Also very safe because of it’s crazy sustain. You could probably replace one of the runebound topaz with a frozen heart if you want some additional freeze res and Living armor on helm with leathery hide if you want some extra stun res. Build works fine as is in crucible though :slight_smile:


Thanks for testing, and confirming my suspicion that performance could be much better. I normally just run hoarfrost potions for freeze resist.

I’ll add your video to the OP once I’m at home later.

Hello Valinov. Just wanted to say i’m really happy to see Grasping Vines finally being used as more than just a tool to proc Devotions :smiley:
That being said, would including Manticore cripple the build too much? From what i see, it would be possible to also keep Wendigo, but at the cost of Stag and especially Bat and the 2 points in Obelisk… It could work with getting Rat and Hound, but i guess flat poison and some % armor is too much of a trade-off in comparison to losing Bat and points in Obelisk. Or would the sustain from Wendigo together with the RR from Manticore be worth it?
Hope this doesn’t seem like a dumb question, i still don’t have a “grasp” on some of the more intricate aspects of the mechanics :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how much the loss of bat would effect the build. You definitely need the DA bonus from tower or obelisk whichever route you go. I came up with this instead https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26v8L82 … dropped obelisk, bat, jackal, stag, and panther in exchange for tower, rat, viper, and manticore.

I definitely will test it to see how much the loss of bat is felt. With manticore, wendigo would leech for even more so… it might be worth it.