[] Wildblood Ritualist

Here is my first posted build. So I describe also some progress to final build.

Update for and GT builds - changed medal and amulet:

I started with lazy build so I don´t have to push many skills:

It was good in champain but slow in cruicible and I also died sometimes because I was lazy to move :slight_smile:

So I tried to find out how to improve stats then I found out Valinov´s conjurer build. Guess what: I forgot on Savagery because my previous plan was only casting and not hitting on melee :slight_smile: I also discovered Cronley rings and there was two usalble pieces in GDStash transfer from farming reputation on many chars. Result was damage/OA/DA improvment and no deaths. Cruicible was done in 8 minutes:


Last change was testing also Valinov´s devotion route and adding movement rune (which I used rarely). I was suprised that missing stun res wasn´t problem. OK, frozen nemesis was annoying so I use Hoarfrost nexttime. Cruicible was done in 7 minutes:


I play mainly main champain so I think that someone with better piloting skills can achieve better times. SR/Cruicible isn´t my cap of tee after too many hours in rifts in D3. I stand most of time in the middle of Cruicible of Dead :slight_smile: All runs were with buffs and banners.


Congrats on your first post! May I ask why no wps’s though

Even one point in brute force, feral hunger, necrotic edge, and reaping strike should be good here.

You should also most certainly hardcap soul harvest, and possibly even get some points into ravenous earth’s decay for damage reduction.

Last but not least - overcap your aether res more!!!

Savagery is only used as filler and for OA/DA buff so I dont know if wasting points in WPS help damage output.

Most of damage comes from Grasping wines with totems and don´t want to play on piano with more skills so no.

Aether res - I didn´t find any way how to overcap it. There is also problem with ele/poison res but buffs in Cruicible solve it.

If savagery is jsut a filler, you shouldn’t invest so many points into it.

Soul harvest is too good to pass up, and ravenous earth will increase your damage tremendously.

But I can understand not wanting to play the piano - just know that the build will be suboptimal

I put in Savagery rest of spare points. Modrogen´s pact is useless in this build and modifications aren´t good beyond 10 points. I can put probably 10 points to mastery line for base stats.

I have Soulharvest on two chars (one vitality and one aether) so I want some different playstyle. Ravenous Earth is point consuming and I´d like to keep current damage skills maxed. I will use it maybe on diffrent char as “primary” skill in future.

I have still nightmares from skill rotation in WoW as ele shaman during new raids progress when you used damage skills and right totems/potions/buffs in right situation and some cleansing on raid members etc. and be on right spot in right time. ARPG is relax for me after work.

Anyone who likes this build can adjust it by his/her taste.

Hey man - you do you.

Play the game however you want.

But if builds get posted, they are gonna get critique. And no one here is trying to insult you, or put you down.

It’s just suggestions on how to make the build better. But if that detracts from how you want to play the game, just ignore me.

No problem for me. I just explain you why it is fitting to my playstyle for build.

Your suggestions will be probably appreciated by someone who want to try this build at maximum capacity :wink:

congrats for your first build