[] A Shockingly Versatile Build - Conjuring a Sequel, 6:30m Crucible 150-170 3 buffs/1 banner

Banner also provides damage. The 4th buff doesn’t provide that damage

Didn’t know that, damn

It provides a pretty significant amount of damage, usually enough to burst down most threats before they have a chance to wind up their attacks and buffs and such. There’s a reason some builds have a difference of 2-3mins with and without banner, it that’s not exclusively just due to a boost in OA

Yeah. That’s how very defensive builds who clear in 15 mins suddenly have 12 min clears with banner. Balanced to offensive builds have less of a dependence on banner because the damage boost isn’t that big compared to what defensive builds get.

Still, 1 min difference is really huge when you get below that 8 min mark. 3 runs with banner is great for farming.


With some minor changes in gear and constellation i was able to do 3 runs, no banner in a single blessing duration. I tried 5-6 times with mad_lees version but just kept dying no matter if i played aggressively or safely. I feel the minor changes made this both safer and more consistent but clear speeds are the same, even if it does look worse on paper.

Oh no, you removed dying god!! And Mark of Divinity!! It is safer that way, but bit slower. I think having green boots is kinda key here - more physical resist, pierce or vitality resist covered so you can use Ravager’s Eye. Also I felt like Dying God was scaling wonderfully on this build. But for a safer playstyle your link is better.

Key to success when playing this build in highest waves of Crucible is not to try and facetank everything and reposition and sometimes kite. It is still a Conjurer.

Thanks for the input, btw!

I find dying god overrated on non vit or chaos builds tbh. And as you can see, i really didn’t have too many problems facetanking when i couldn’t before.

Yep, I checked the video out. I think Dying God is still very good because it has the best nodes out of all constellations (bar Aeon) and proc is massive for most builds even for those that have no cdr.

I will add your version to the guide as the safer one, although I still think that this build is not about facetanking all the time since it’s a hybrid.

EDIT: I will also test Dying God and Reckless Tempest setups and compare their performance. Will post results later.

Never claimed it was, being able to facetank mean it’s more durable. More durable means it’s safer and leaves rooms for mistakes which in turn makes it more reliable is all :slight_smile: And since it can clear 3 runs without a need for banner, i’d say it’s in a pretty good place. Doing a 3 blessing run + banner would probably be best for farming though, since the banners really does make runs safer. Killing nemesis faster = safer runs.

Decided to make some changes to the build, didn’t really like how Dying God devotion was being a bit wasted on a 0% cdr build.

So that’s the new version of the build. I think it’s more reliable that way.

Recorded a video of a 3 blessings/1 vanguard banner run, pretty fast clear time. For safer runs Mark of Divnity would preferred.

I thought storm totem doesn’t proc the lifesteal from twin fangs?

It does, but since I’ve been asked this question couple of times now, I recorded a video to show it.

I can’t tell because you are gaining life from the rings too. I will look more carefully when I have more time, but for now I will have to be away from my computer for some time.

Christ, man, why don’t you just believe me? :slight_smile:

Well, I recorded another video where you can see that I don’t have both rings equipped.

Here you go.

so this is the source of the videos? :slight_smile:

I thought it was “known” that pseudo-pets heal you via twin-fangs etc

I believed you about 99% the first time, but I’ve been burned on the 1% before.

So much of this game is unclear. I was just recently leveling a character and although you could bind searing ember to blizzard, it doesn’t proc it.

You need to crit in order to proc blizzard, perhaps you do not have enough OA?

Here is video where I proc Blizzard with Searing Ember skill Fireblast

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I had plenty of OA. I had the crit numbers from searing ember coming up, and no blizzard. I switched the bind to chilled steel and blizzard was coming up frequently. Who knows what was going on then? Maybe some glitch specific to my setup?

how long ago was this?