[] Elektra: <7m Crucible tanky no greens DW melee Lightning Trickster [g3][c+][sr][vid]

*Elektra surrounded by GREAT STARTER BUILDS

**Picture by Greg Horn, do checkout his art


Lightning Trickster is a build archetype that is old as the game itself. It was always a fun build, usually assembled with two Crystallum swords. But it was never a build fit for endgame content since it was never supported by gear and Nightblade mastery didn’t provide any synergy for Lightning damage. My goal was to try and create a Lightning Trickster that’s not just fun but also a real powerhouse (pun intended) spec capable of consistently farming all endgame content.

The Build



I am expecting few questions about why this item and not that, so I will explain some gear choices right away. Shattered Guardian set is what makes otherwise squishy class combination a real tank. Unfortunately, Trickster lacks quite a bit of important for a melee character stats, SG set seems to cover it. Dual Mythical Empyrion’s Mercy is the bis setup, no other sword/scepter combination provides that much flat damage. Unfortunately, just one aura works at a time. Rings provide unparalleled flat damage, crafting bonus and a bonus to our exclusive skill. Stormtitans health bonus scales beautifully on this build, and its proc damage reduction is actually pretty handy.

Now, why didn’t I cap Savagery at 24 points with Direwolf Crest + Crimson Claws combination? I have tested it, and damage output is similiar, single target is a bit better, but aoe drops a bit. But, with Direwolf Crest + Crimson Claws our DA drops and with it build’s consistency. Plus Korvaak’s medal adds bonus to Storm Touched which also scales beautifully on this build.

Skills and Devotions

Devotion map is a standard one for a Lightning build. I have tried setup with Eye of the Guardian (because we convert acid damage with our weapons), but damage output is identical, but lack of additional 3% ADCTH and 2% DA from Quill makes build very inconsistent. I found out (through testing) that Storm Touched scales much better than soft-capped Nightblade’s WPS.


I recommend looking for leveling guides on this forum written by Sir Spanksalot, Stupid Dragon, Maya, Malawiglenn or Nery. They can be found here.


Build almost cannot die in Crucible. Only real threat is wave 169 with both Korvaak and Anasteria or Korvaak on wave 170 coupled with Grava’Thul. By “threat” I mean you can die against them if you mess up really badly. Usually it’s facetanking from start to finish. Try and proc set’s proc when fightning big Nemesis by not healing with Pneumatic Burst. Build’s huge health pool allows it.

For Shattered realm I recommend sticking to Shards 65-66 farming. Build will be more consistent there. SR 75-76 is possible, but a lot would depend on boss arena draw and you should expect to die there quite often.


With Lethal Assault and Savagery charges up

Magical with ring procs



26 seconds Lokarr kill (yawn inducing facetank)


9,5 seconds Mad Queen kill (9-10 seconds average kill timer)


7:10 Crucible Gladiator run (should be ~30 seconds faster on a good pc)


Shard 76 run (lucky boss draw, would still recommend sticking to SR 65-66 or Crucible)


In Conclusion

Shoutout to all the real and creative builders who make original builds, you know who you are people. True builds will always shine.


<reserved just in case>

That’s a good build. I like this. GJ! =)

Really nice build!
Shattered realm set,but with monster amount of flat lightning and lightning modifier :rolleyes:

Do my eyes deceive me? 92 armor absorption on a M_L build? :wink:

Nice build, gj M_L!

Nice on mad_lee… it’s shockingly effective! :smiley:

I love the inventiveness and creativity for an underused class. +1 <3

2 questions:

  1. Why these gloves ? Cindertouch has fire to lightning conversion for the Empyrion auras and a nice proc ?
  2. Did you play Marvel Heroes Online (A-RPG) ?

Thanks, everybody!

Was a tough sacrifice to make, my OCD is still tingling. But it makes this build safer against Grava’Thul, against everyone else this loss of armor is negligible.

hi, Belzzzz, thanks!

  1. Cindertouch don’t have attack speed and this build lacks attack speed quite a bit. And those blue gloves patch our DA (plus little elemental awakening bonus)

  2. I never played any online rpgs, except D2 and D3. Always prefered single-player.

Lol. Interesting Madlee. Love it.
Back in AoM, I tried a lightning trickster with 2x ultos staff. Horrible and so many problem need to be solved.

I applaud you on your catch on empyrion staff, I always forget that nightblade also has flat acid that can be converted. XD

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Shattered Guardian again? This is getting old :mad:

High armor with 100% absorb is nice but I think armor is a little overrated. It’s completely useless against non-physical after all.

8% hole in your armor shouldn’t hurt on a build with such high health and dmg to guarantee sustain. It won’t get you one-shot. And usual things that overwhelm you with 92% will also overwhelm you with 100% armor absorption.

Resistances are more important imo if forced to choose between the two.

Omg,I haven’t thought the damage of a lighting Trickster could reach 30k.
Incredible build,but nice work:rolleyes:.

Thanks, Jabrixone! If only it got converted into pure Lightning, sigh.


Killing you for my guides is getting old. Added it to op.

Nice build, how do you afford the electricity bill? :rolleyes:

The shattered realm helm skin looks different than mine, why do you think that is? :eek:

Because I get to wear true crown of the Shattered Realm kingdom and you don’t?

jk, no idea :smiley:

ok I will report this as bug and threaten crate to uninstall game :rolleyes:

Did you tried 2 xchillheart https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/13744 version ? To convert most of your lightning damage to cold,lightning cold devotion -

Atm i’m playing this because i only have 1 empyrion mercy and it’s not bad at all:)


No, I haven’t tried 2x Chillheart, it wouldn’t make any sense, because it be a totally different build with different devotions and items and skill distribution. If you want a Cold Trickster, there is Korba set and Deathmarked set. I wanted a Lightning one.

I use same item in build except the weapon for chillheart glove for iceskorn talon and some devotion tweak , taking the raging tempest for more lightning proc + flat lightning damage ( converted to cold) and it work good work enought for now ^^

Yep i understand you made this build for a underused build but as i said idon’t have the empyrion x2 yet so i needed to find another way to play it :stuck_out_tongue:
Ifind the sword cool .

grimm tool https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkKjPDN

I can play SR 65 66 consistent and also i can play 75 76 , ididn’t tried highter .