Is a lightning dual wield viable for endgame or is it still difficult to get going?

really enjoy lightning dual wield for various reasons. I like the speed dual wield gives, I like lightning and all the lore associated with it(I like to roleplay my character and out of all the Gods, Ultos and his lightning powers are my favorite), but I know there are limitations to it and it’s hard to get an endgame viable build. I last played in July and I made a topic about getting my character to level 100 in hardcore.

Here he is currently:

I last played in July and had to give up Grim Dawn when the semester started, but I have a lot more free time and want to play again. I tried making a Warlord back in July, but it really wasn’t having fun with it. I know I’m being stubborn on lightning dual wield, but to me it’s like a puzzle and trying to figure out how to make it endgame viable is fun for me.

I theory crafted a Tactictian that I think might work, but it’s very gear dependent:

Has grim dawn changed enough that I can make my Lighting DW Sabo viable or is it still going to be very hard to make him work for endgame?

There’s a duel wield primal strike with the new axe
The only problem is it requires the axe, so it’s end game only

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DW Lightning isn’t the strongest archetype but it is possible for end game but not as Saboteur for sure. Elementalist is my go to option, followed by Trickster.


I have DW trickster using savagery and Stormserpent set. It can do SR 65. But it is one of my least capable builds. It is not as strong as other archetypes. It can be done, but it will never be the best.

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Awesome thanks for the replies everyone. Would you mind showing me that Elementalist build?

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Here’s my lightning Elementalist:

For Trickster you can see this build:

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looks badass, I’ll definitely try it! What are the main advantages do you think elementalist has over Sabo? I liked the nimbleness of Sabo but yeah I have to admit it is pretty squishy

so that new axe, stormrend, is kinda like the Spellscourge set shield? In that sense that it enable skills even though requirements are not met? (Primal strike and word of arms - 2H wpn, Devastation - caster off hand)

but if stormrend enables primal strike and word of arms, why was not brute force taken in that GT?

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Yes this weapon enables opportunity to play PS without 2H. You can use it with shield, DW Stormrends, other wepon, off hand, whatever. DW PS spam is not very good build though. You lose extra radius from Ultos set.

I think for lightning melee, you can’r just beat Shaman class. It’s like trying Acid, Pierce or Cold DW melee without Nightblade. It will look good on paper but will be mediocre build in practice.

I tried it on an Elementalist. Damage is surprisingly good (except the fact Stormrend has zero AS) as PS has ~640% WD. But unfortunately, build has low phys res and some other resists so it’s poorly endgame viable.

What can be done? Moving phys res from Ultos’ Stormseeker to 3 pieces and adding 14% AS to Stormrend.