[] Tanky Lightning FS DW melee Elementalist, Gladiator viable

  • Harnessing the storms, this time as dual wield build!


Recently am on ‘‘Light’’ theme in Grim Dawn, so let’s continue this trend with another build. Elementalist DW build with dual auto attacks and nice bit of tankiness. So is this concept new? I kinda thought so, but opening internet made me realize it isn’t. Credit for similar concept to @Jason_Huang , @valinov for DW melee Elementalist and @mad_lee for the first DW lightning build with Shattered realm set.



  • Perma buffs only, DPS is for Fire Strike

GRIM TOOLS - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvL9lmN


  • SR set is nice start, also dual Stormhearts. These weapons convert the fire and chaos damage from FS line to lightning. Also are paired nicely with Seal of Void components.

  • Rings, Belt and Relic are the classic items for lightning Shaman build. They convert the Spear of the Heaven damage and also have other benefits.

  • Pants are Arcane harmony, I need the extra DA. Also spirit boost and you can never throw away with ease disruption protection.

  • Boots are also providing DA and physical resistance.

  • Medal is Korvaak’s brand, which allows dual wielding. I choose Chaos Strike rune for instant damage reduction. Super useful against heavy hitting single targets.


Charge Savagery for stats and hit’em with Fire Strike. Auto attack with decent speed, OA and crit+procs makes for decent build.


All tricks from the book are used, SR set, Ghoul, Bat, damage reduction, BwC for physical damage debuff, life steal, OK armor and physical resistance, just sturdy melee.


I made it to be able to clear Gladiator reliable 3x runs. Haven’t tried it in SR but should do easy 65/66 and sometimes 75 or over. In Crucible build have nice clear rate, in my tries 8 out of 9. Average time is around 7:30. Haven’t got perfect conditions for speed run. My best time is 7:05. So here’s video from it :arrow_right:


Nice to finally see someone else use this one aswell :slight_smile:
Great build!

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I kinda saw this trick from Mad Lee. So you used it as well? Nice to add damage reduction to class combos that lacks it. And I am tired from constantly using Displacement anyway.

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I use chaos strike on many builds where it fits (no other source of damage reduction) ever since FG came out, yea.

Mostly I use it on Oathkeepers as I can use chaos strike to engage and Vire’s Might to disengage.