[] Marksman's Folly - 6:30m Crucible Gladiator 2H-ranged autoattacking no greens Deceiver [g3][c+][sr]

Imagine the double hitpoints tho

Damn, I try so hard to make Runic Bolts Mage Hunter works. Looks like the problem is RR.

Congrats for the build man!

No! This build needs to stay on current rings, otherwise its immense power will break the balance of the forces in Universe and potentially lead to its thermal death. I don’t want that to happen until FG is released :rolleyes:

Yes, I was thinking about building around Runic Bolts long ago, Mage Hunter might seem like an obvious choice at first, but after some thinking I came to the conclusion that Deceiver should be the answer. Attack speed, huge OA + OA debuff, instant resist reduction and tonns of in-build resists helped making this build happen. And build kinda surpassed my expectations, it puts a lot of ranged purifiers to shame :slight_smile:

Shattered realms might revive DA meta Zhuguus might have his last laugh after all.

Will we even be able to use blessings in realms? Cause that’s like where most of the damage of DA builds come from. And realms will have a timers so while DA builds will surely be able to get far, it’ll be very slow and will miss timer a lot of times. Early frontrunners imo should be naturally tanky chars who who don’t sacrifice damage for DA. Binders, non DA Forcewave, Vit builds if they get the RR buff you proposed once (or maybe just the Weyu Ritualist with 200 RR).

No blessings or banners afaik.
On higher shards with nemeses we won’t have even Ulo, so overcapping resistances to +40 will be absolute mandatory to survive. And green items surely will take their place again, because it’s impossible to achieve +40% overcap without stonehide/thunderstruck pants/slippers.

Also stun res. We won’t see top-tier builds running around with 30% stun res again. Or maybe this will finally set crucible builds and realm builds apart. You’ll have to specialize for one or the other.

Yep, the pure damage way of building remains to Crucible

Then there’s cdr binder who just won’t care cause it can be immortal while still dishing out rune levels of damage.

I wonder what changes Arcanist will get with FG

I’m sure binder will be nerfed either in upcoming patch or in FG

And another video that demonstrates build’s single target dps:
9 seconds Mad Queen kill

hi mad lee. how is the resistance for this build? i find it is not easy to cap bleeding, aether, poison?

That’s the main disadvantage of playing deceiver, you need to have the right greens to cap resists. Tho poison should be easily capped because of aspect of the guardian. I suggest farming Guardian of Solael for the pants which provides Aether and Bleed res before affixes (and nice lifesteal too).

As x1x2 said, poison is capped because of Aspect of the Guardian. Bleeding/Aether/Pierce should be capped thru gear. You can use green shoulders/boots/pats to cover your needs. It’s not cheap but it’s flexible.

ok so i can cap the rest but piercing stay at 57% and bleeding at 38%. so i will add 1 more ugdenbog leather for bleeding %. i replace the chauseusse of barbaros for green for better resis. kra’vall shoulders pad and stoneplate boots for resis. i only have 6890 hp. it is so low. i am working toward two runetopaz for two rings. with low hp it is kind of scary.

Unfortunately build is very gear dependant. You have to juggle resists/hp/stats on green items a lot to achieve good balance. By the way, I would recommend using Haunted Steel in weapon for 100% consistency in Crucible once you finish gearing up.

why did u choose to use empowered essence of beronath amulet over runebinder gem that goes with the set?

for attack speed, flat damage and massive +1 to all skills. If you want to go Runebinder might as well take the whole set.

Updated this for Forgotten Gods. Added new (green free) spec to the op. Added a video of a Crucible run with the new spec.

0% stun res before crafting honuses. Oww Angrm is sad :frowning: man don’t be afraid to go green, it’s just one pair of boots, the haters will understand :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see an update! And it’s full runebinder now too! You probably expected this question from me: how about going full lightning?