[] Marksman's Folly - 6:30m Crucible Gladiator 2H-ranged autoattacking no greens Deceiver [g3][c+][sr]

You’ve been caught in a lie,
You can’t deny it!

Unknown Poet, circa 2008


This was born as a grimtools draft for a friend, Seemann, who at that time had about 20 or so fully decked out characters already and about 2150 hours in Grim Dawn. I really wanted to level my new Trickster with him (we have a history of leveling characters together). So I had to come up with a build that he has not seen before, something gimmicky yet effective. Once he leveled it it turned out be pretty decent, so I asked him for a save folder for this character so I could share the build with forums.

Build Concept

Minimum Effort/Skill/Focus Requiered Ranged Autoattacker

Purifiers are known to be the best ranged autoattacking characters. But when you are playing ranged Purifier gameplay is not as smooth as one would expect from an autoattacking character. Reason is Thermite Mines - most clunky and probably the worst resist reduction skill in all of Grim Dawn. Vindicators are a bit more streamlined, but Wind Devils are a bit incosistent when it comes to resist reduction.
This build however combines two of the best resist reduction skills and is as smooth as they get: playing it is extremely easy.

Maximum Destruction

While some still live in the past, prefering super tanky DA stacking builds, build meta has shifted towards balanced offensive builds that clear all content in record times. And arms race is pushing builders to come up with stronger and more min-maxed builds. This build rivals top ranged auto-attackers such as Spanksalot’s Dagallon Purifier or Ptirodaktill’s Luminari Purifier in Crucible clear times and in some aspects surpasses them. Builds strength is stacking a massive amount of three damage types with huge instant Resist Reduction.

Tanky Cannon

Despite not having 3700 DA or as some say “Double Hit points”, this build facetanks most Nemeses combinations in Crucible Gladiator 150-170. It’s extremely resilient and close to unkillable as long as you keep pressing that mouse one while standing in a seal. Update

Remade this build for Forgotten Gods. No greens required. X1X2’s similiar Tactician inspired me to use full Runibinder after a lot of failed testing attempts with Bonemonger’s Fury set.

The Build

*craft everything for Stun resistance. For Campaign you can put two points from Jackal into Empty Throne for more Stun res.


Core of the build is Runebinder Spellthrower. A weapon that offers a disgustintly strong auto-attacking skill Runic Bolts. We are looking for a weapon maximum amount of flat elemental damage, cdr and %elemental. All jewellery pieces offer us a massive amount of flat damage as well as very decent stats. Chausses of Barbaros were chosen for their huge OA and a proc that greatly boosts build’s offense.

Skills and Devotions

Skill distribution is obvious, we are softcapping all relevant skills, while overcapping the most important ones. Rune of Hagarrad line is a 3 point investment (+1 point in Artifact Handling) that offers us a nice cc-spell plus very decent DA shred.
Devotion route is simple yet effective. I chose to go Dying God because of unusual for an auto-attacker amount of CDR that build is packing (up to 19%), thanks to that we have Hungering Void up 99% of the time. Ultos gives us great stats, flat lightning damage and a very strong proc. Ghoul is a circuit breaker that makes immortal for its duration.

Leveling and Attribute points distribution

You can level as an Occultist maxing out DEE line or you can level as an Inquisitor with Word of Pain, rushing to Aura of Censure and later combining it with Curse of Frailty elemental RR.
At level 50 equip dual Deviltongues, at level 55 use Beronath’s shard and inquisiotor’s WPS.

Put enough points in Cunning in order to equip our weapon and enough into spirit so you can equip chest. Notice, that chest offers %spirit, so you can put in less points into Spirit than chest requires, equip any item that gives +spirit and then equip chest and take off that temporary +spirit item.

The Showdown

Probably the simplest tutorial ever. You drop Inquisitor’s Seal, cast Curse of Frailty, you shoot Runic Bolts untill whatever is in front of you dies. Use Rune of Hagarrad versus big hero packs or fat bosses for DA shred/Crowd Control.
In Crucible, use this comprehensive guide. There are certain waves where we got to meet certain Nemeses at the gates and kill them before everyone else gangs up on you. Your playstyle is generally pretty aggressive. Beware of skill disruption (especially one that Grava casts). Always stay inside of an Inquisitor’s Seal. I recommend using Aetherward Oil on Wave 169 and positioning near Anasteria’s Spawn (bottom right corner) and killing her first, then killing Shaper of Flesh + two fatsos, leaving Krieg for last, and slowly starting to position yourself towards bottom left corner for wave 170.


All permanent buffs active (plus WoR and BoD)

Magical - with Runic Bolts charges (100% uptime in battle) and inside of Inquisitor’s Seal

Build’s Pros and Cons


  • Massive damage that no monster can fully counter because it combines 3 damage types
  • -109% Elemental Resist Reduction combined with 25% Elemental Resist Reduction from Hand of Ultos proc. -69% Elemental RR is applied instantly (thru CoF and Aura of Censure)
  • 76% WPS chance
  • Almost hard capped Inquisitor Seal making you almost invincible
  • Around 30% Physical Resist + decent CC resists + two big healing spells


  • Low hp pool
  • Not reasonably powerful

Videos 7 minute Crucible 150-170 run

This soundtrack is required(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsFSUCKolzg)to be played in another tab while watching the runs without sound

Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4buffs/no banners 9 minute run (accidentally turned off sound in recording software for that one)

9 seconds Mad Queen kill

Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4buffs/no banners 9:43 minute run (literally the third time I’ve played this character in Crucible)
A quick Ancient Grove run (8 minutes)

In Conclusion

I would like to thank Seemann for choosing to play a build I theorycrafted and providing me with save file once build was leveled. I also would like to thank Valinov for pointing out that Mythical Spellgaze is actually a much better helmet option than Ravager’s Dreadgaze.


A round of imaginary Q&A

  • But mad_lee, did you consider other gear options like full/partial Runebinder set or partial Luminari Regalia set?

  • Yes, I did, but I believe those items offer the perfect balance of offense and defense. Only item that is not bis here is shoulders.

  • What about that 9,4k life and low DA, that looks glassy!

  • Watch the videos and see how build facetanks everything in 150-170. 21/12 Seal + resists + ADTCH + Ghoul + Prismatic Diamond proc make the build almost invulnerable

I’m curious why you didn’t go for full runebinder for the RR. It should also be around the same flat dmg as spellgaze + essence + fabius, maybe even more. Downside is you lose +1 occultist and atk speed but I think it’s worth it based on my own experiences with the deceiver.

Would also recommend Really Great Pants. OA loss should be bearable, imo since you have lots of DA shred from Rune + Vulnerability, and you don’t lose that much OA because of the cunning bonus. I’m just not comfortable with chars below 10k hp :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one here!

Runebinder set is leaving me with gaping resist holes and with less hp and with less attack speed. It would require double rare MI pants to cover resists/hp, meaning we would lose Barbaros pants.

Really Great Pants are just ok. I think, Barbaros pants are essential for most autoattackers: OA boost is just huge, plus proc alone adds a considerable amount of DPS (plus some armor).

If you are not comfortable with chars below 9k hp, it means you haven’t watched the Crucible video :p. It mows Crucible Gladiator 150-170 down almost without any kiting, with just a little bit of positioning skill you are never in any danger.

It plays like a tank, not like a glass cannon. Don’t be deceived by its sheet stats.

Pretty sure I did full runebinder without crazy double rare pants, though I had something like stonehide something of irrelevant suffix, and seal of blades on weapon. You do lose barbaros though, and you just said you like that pants :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll probably dig up the grimtools for that one when I get home.

I do know this build is tanky af. I played a variant of this (full set) a lot before I respecced my deceiver into a rune buid I posted. I just don’t like seeing 4-digit health pools. If it reaches 10,001 it’ll probably cure my discomfort :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, this is the second build I’ll suggest this: please use seekers. It’s cool :slight_smile:

I would love to use Seekers if you suggest devotion route to them that is better than the one I used.

It’s probably not objectively better cause you lose dying god (ultos isn’t that big of a loss), but I made up for it by having a lot of racial damage through bones and revenant so I don’t really miss dying god here.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62awpAxZ (Tactician but my deceiver is basically that with different pants/medal. Just don’t have the deceiver GT here with me)

That’s a decent devotion route, you could even grab Ulzuin’s Torch instead of Revenant. But with 19% CDR Dying God is just so so good, it’s 10% attack speed boost and 40% weapon damage is hard to beat.

Also, comparing your setup and mine I see another reason why I shouldn’t take Runebinder set - lack of flat damage. Just compare my numbers and your numbers.

No, look at the full runebinder sample you had in a previous comment, it reached 21k weapon damage compared to 19k on your current setup. Mine has lower weapon damage because weapon component choice, medal choice and no prismatic diamond. I’ve tried spellgaze on mine since I saw Fluff’s elemental forcewave setup but wasn’t satisfied.

You are right. Except look at the resists/hp/attack speed of a full Runebinder setup in that link - it’s not going to work.

So as I said, gear choices are not random, they are there to balance offense and defense.

All about that barbaros, man :D. Just realized proc is really good. Full proc weapon damage for full runebinder (no barbaros) and spellgaze setup (with barbaros) are about equal.

You can fix resists/hp with reaper’s pants (the one with pierce res) with bleeding res affix (bonus if you roll ones with more relevant stats i.e Bloodletter, but stanching without a suffix is already okay) then change bloodscent powders/arcane spark to ones with aether resist until you cap. You end up with around the same HP as the spellgaze setup. Atk speed will be at around 190% average with full procs on compared to max on spellgaze setup, imo it’s not much AS difference when it comes to the initial nemesis kill (i.e. the first reaper), but you gain the RR. I do understand that the spellgaze setup is more convenient to gear and reaper pants isn’t exactly easy to find if you don’t crucible cause we need to be barrowholm honored for the augments. And barbaros proc is sick (dunno why i underestimated it till now)

Edit: I forgot mythical legplates of valor. Does the job better than non-crazy reaper pants

Did you think about hardcapping Storm Spread and Chilling Rounds?
Their flat damage bonuses scale so good with hardcapping. I estimated its impact on my pierce Valdun shooter and hardcapped Storm Spread did like 300-400 flat damage more (not certain about the amount of damage, but I remember that it’s significant).

What makes them especially sick is that procs boosts all type of damages simultaneously. And besides three main damages (elemental) this Deceiver got quite a bit of Chaos, and little bit of pierce/physical/acid/vitality. Ofcourse, Elemental is the most important one, but all those small flats add up. In general, this char benefits more from %elemental or %to all damage then any other char.

I don’t have points to hard cap them, I do have points (for the price of DA from Word of Renewal to soft cap them). I don’t think soft capping them will make that much of a differnce.

EDIT: I kinda love how you guys keep making suggestions ignoring the fact that build did Crucible 150-170 mod in full facetank mod in under 9 minutes. It must mean that build was at least somewhat thought out and all stuff that is there is there for a reason :slight_smile:

I wasn’t even surprised with the build’s feats :stuck_out_tongue: already had experience with it so I knew what to expect. I was surprised with the lack of full set, and we already discussed that earlier.

Anyway, to follow up on what veretragna said, you could use a Vindicator’s [insert medal here] of anything with +2 to storm spread to have enough +points to get storm spread to 16/10. The flat dmg loss is offset by the fact that your storm spreads deal 330% WD instead of 264%. Can’t really compare both cause I haven’t tried luminari medal myself, though crafted green medal is really goo based on my experience. Might be worth looking into.

“Never perfect. Perfection goal that changes. Never stops moving. Can chase, cannot catch.”

Yes, getting storm spread to 15/10 was always my wet dream, my first aom char was savagery Elgoloth vindicator after all. But I never had points for that. Here it’s doable if you craft Ignaffar’s Combustion with +1 to Storm Spread and move some points around. I don’t have such Combustion unfortunately.

Also, I had a similiar experience with my Belgothian Infiltrator where I tested 8/8 Execution versus 14/8 Execution. Turns out, impact of one WPS is highly overrated, I think it should be last source of boosting damage, after capping all source of flat damage, resist reduction, main skill weapon damage, attack speed, etc.

Yes, I can always improve it with the couple of yellow stalwart of readiness rings!

I tried doing this with a warlock --> I failed.

Nice build man. Glad to see runebinder’s crossbow getting some well-deserved attention.

P.S. I know you like 10/10 CoF, but try this - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqvRr9N

I think the AoE isn’t needed for trash. 4/10 should be more than convenient enough IMO.

You should, cos then your build will become reasonably powerful! :wink:

I doubt you’ll reach enough DA with just the rings. We should change the medal too! Build is so glassy, imo.

Imagine the damage loss :eek: