[] The Curse of Hunger - Blightlord+Valguur, Vitality Caster Cabalist

Update 1: Thanks to x1x2 for the suggestion, replace relic with eldritch pact for fucking crazy cruci performance!

The Build
with all permanent buff + Blood of Dreeg, Soul Harvest, and Hungering Void.
DPS shown is not important.

Build Feature

  • Crazy lifesteal, super safe
  • Insane Cruci clear speed
  • Super AoE
  • Not to worry for fumble or impaired aim debuff
  • Cabalist caster means energy pita. In main campaign, you want to use arcane spark component on medal.

Build Overview
Shout out to x1x1x1x2 for his vitality blightlord oppressor. Good reference for this build.

Finally make a new build for my old cabalist. At first I wanted to make a cabalist version for blightlord set. Aside from ravenous earth, I used sigil of consumption for additional damage sources and sustain. It was good, but feels like lacking something, mainly a massive leech I missed from using SoC.

adoomgod question on valguur set make me remember about the set. I have worked on this set as cabalist for couple of times in AoM. You can see in my posted builds. Then I tried to do some theorycrafting, it’s a perfect fit! Current itemization convert all chaos to vitality from devo procs and destruction. It only convert up to 60% fire to vitality through the belt though.

Additional damage sources come from item procs (minor), relic procs, and devo procs. With optimal devo assignment, all devo procs deal quite good damage, even for raise the dead and rattosh. 2 other main damaging devo like flame torrent and twin fangs are as good as ever.

On to Defense: Super leech from Sigil of consumption, flame torrent, and twin fangs are obvious. Also we have 25% phys res, good res overcap except pierce and chaos, almost capped effective DA at 3.5k, 28% reduced enemy’s damage from decay, quite massive 15k health, and Mark of Torment.

Equipment Choices
Craft equipment at Arngrim for +% armor or +% physique or kaylon for Freeze/stun res. Try to get as much fire>vit conversion as possible from Lunal’Valgoth’s girdle. Also try to get full 100% conversion from blightlord’s carver, mantle, and Valguur’s Railment.

Core Items:
The Blightlord Set
The Valguur’s Hunger Set except crown
Belt: Lunal’Valgoth’s girdle. For converting up to 60% fire>vitality. Prefix/suffix doesn’t matter. Use whatever you like.
Medal: Basilisk Crest. Flat CDR for Ravenous Earth. This is a must as blightlord set doesn’t give any flat CDR or duration to RE. Prefix/suffix doesn’t matter. Use whatever you like.

Supporting Items:

Pants: Mythical Legwraps of The Tranquil Mind. Massive plus to spirit, OA, good set of res, slow res.
Boots: Mythical Greaves of Ill Omens. Finally usable as crate has replace most of terrify effect in the game with Confuse! A good Vitality boots that give massive stun res.
Rings: Mythical Cursebearer & Mythical Signet of the Fallen. The ring slots are used for more RR.
Relic: Eldritch Pact. Occultist relic that give massive +% Vitality, good res, and massively damaging proc
Alternative Relic: Serenity. For more defensive setup. Good Aether+Chaos res. Get +%DA as completion bonus
Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use rune of displacement currently.

Vitality devo setup with Flame torrent

Flame Torrent > to Ravenous Earth
Twin Fangs > to Sigil of Consumption
Will of Rattosh > to Bloody Pox
Raise the Dead > to Bone Harvest
Hungering Void > to Curse of Frailty
Ghoulish Hunger> to Whatever permanent buff

LMB: Point to Move
RMB: Bone Harvest
Mouse scroll up: Curse of Frailty
Mouse scroll down: Bloody Pox
Middle mouse button: Mark of Torment
Keyboard 1: Ravenous Earth
Keyboard 2: Sigil of Consumption
Keyboard 3: Blood of Dreeg
Keyboard 4: Movement Rune

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Blood of Dreeg. Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal
Scroll up and down to activate CoF and Bloody Pox; triggering multiple Will of Rattosh and hungering void
Cast Bone Harvest to trigger raise the dead, summoning multiple skeletons. Always cast this to summon more skeletons.
Cast Ravenous Earth into the center of the herd to trigger multiple flame torrent
Cast Sigil of Consumption for massive leeching and continuous twin fangs.
Stack SoC on top of each other and spread RE for better single target damage.
Keep close to the enemy you want to kill fast because of flame torrent.

MoT is used for facing enraged MadQueen. Otherwise you only need it if you are cocky and facetanking multiple dangerous bosses/nemeses.

Because of the nature of our spell/procs, you want the enemies to surround you from all side and cast RE/SoC below you. Don’t do it in cruci wave 160/170 though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Build Performance
For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:

6:35 clear time. Again, I repeat, this is NO BANNER run.
I definitely feel the power of Lightning Queen from this build, with a far safer concept and sustain.

Previous more defensive setup:

7:40 Clear-times.

Shattered Realms:
I just finished climbing 76 SR with this guy.
For shattered realms, you want to use arcane spark for better energy QoL. Also, don’t spam bloody pox / CoF too much, just once to horde and done. For bosses, cast it every 4 sec.

In higher shards, You want to watch out for rashalga, facetank her when her aura is inactive, kite when its active.

In addition to zantarin shotgun and grava’s nullification, all other enemies can be facetanked one on one.

One of the most insane build I made. Enjoy… :wink:

Attachment: Blightlord Valguur.jpg
Attachment: Blightlord Valguur_R1_panecrop.jpg

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Nice use of blightlord! I’d wanna squeeze in Eldritch pact tho. Interested how this performs with banner.

Oh lol, I totally forget about eldritch pact. Will definitely test it.
On banner, I am still in training as my run with banner is always not as crazy as mercymaker, ya_, or john_smith; so I am still uploading one without banner.

Nice build,I like vitality RE!

Just few questions,is this belt better than +1 class?
Also Ravenous earth is better to proc imp than twin fang?

Thanks to x1x2 for the suggestion on relic. This build become one of the most craziest vitality build ever. I managed to do 6:35 cruci run WITHOUT BANNER.

Video is still uploading, wait for it.
Edit: Video is ready!

On Belt: Yes it’s better. We need that conversion.
On devo assignment: Flame torrent is one of our main damage sources and ravenous earth is the best proccer for it. Twin fang is comfortably assign to sigil of consumption.

Build looks like a monster! Another great one, Jabrixone.

Do start running with a banner, mate, show the true power of your builds! It’s really not that hard.

Thanks Madlee!
I really need help on banner run… :frowning:

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If you have a good pc, you don’t need any. Piloting is not that much different. Just watch few John Smith’s or Mercymaker’s videos. After 10-20 runs you will learn how to do it without big hiccups.

I would help you with a banner run, but my PC will make your build look like a minute slower than it actually is.

lookin good! i hate sigil build, but this one looks fun :slight_smile:

you tried with fissure or no? it’s a bit of an ugly setup, but you can get rev/dg/magi/rattosh/bat

edit: nvm was thinking you ahd full fire to vit for some reason xD

Damn. I think I’ll try to give up +1 oath on my blightlord and get eldritch pact too. Did many variants of that one skill-wise but I still never got anything below 6:25 bannered.

Yeah, I am still training on that. Funnily my banner run is not always faster than my non banner run.

Thanks Tomo!

The problem on oppressor version is the lack of secondary damaging spell. GoE that the set support is unfortunately deal more acid damage than vitality.

With cabalist, you got a lot of support spell and better proc machine. I have tested a lot of vitality oppressor variation and still cannot make it better than cabalist. Oppressor may potentially be better if you combine it with vitality RF.

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Yeah. Many people suggested bone harvest but it wasn’t any better than heart of wrath on my oppressor. Tried maxing both guardians and siphon and it didn’t make the cut. I’m not too positive on RF since you have to max 3 skills (RF Consecration, soul harvest) and you’re not exactly AA build.

hey there nice bld

what do you think of this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28EoBLV ??

didn’t polish or test ofc. just my hardcap OCD.

fun fact: if you give up on dependable flat rr and let foul eruption roll, you can fit in Korvaak on vitality RE devos.

another EDIT: Isn’t it better to bind Bat to RE? It should give more procs than SoC. I personally like to bind Ratosh to RE for DPS.

I heard somewhere that GoE transmuter is special that it replaces the pet with different pet altogether. One interesting thing to test if acid to vit conversion can still works to the transmuted GoE.

Blood orb of chton come to mind, but it will convert your fire damage to chaos. Hmmm, using good old dark one sounds gooodd.

Looks worse ya_. Scorchrune pants is horrible and you need every stats in tranquil minds pants.
Also, 23/16 RE is enough as it still provide the same amount of projectiles. Also again, Eldritch pact’s proc is very very damaging

On your additional comment:
On korvaak, sure, but it’s not worth it because korvaak deal pure WD and we have miniscule WD.

On binding, flame torrent bound to full blown RE with 9 projectiles deal massive damage. Bat is good for more sustain and it’s enough binding it to sigil. Rattosh bound to bloody pox make it spread like plague. Honestly, I really love my current binding scheme. I highly doubt if it can be better than this

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Sure. Just saying my opinion. Which is not based on any testing so might be wrong ofc. But look at this:

Last 3 ranks give you 48 flat to RE. It’s a just about 15-20% of your current RE dmg (including mods and conversion).

Slow res can be fixed by crafting bonus somewhat. But anyway, you don’t spam anything so slow res isn’t all that essential for DPS. I’d be more concerned by that freeze res that I removed…

Oa from Tranquil can be fixed easily elsewhere: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo4JadN. Da you don’t need so much with all the oa shred. Nor do you aspire to facetank everything everywhere on a RE cabalist. Also, personally I wouldn’t invest in Foul Eruption just for the dmg. It’s good but very situational. Only good when a nemesis is surrounded by trash. Trash dies anyway whether FE is at 4 or at 12.

And if you really want slow res this devo setup is possible https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0Waxa2

Don’t you think you are making too many sacrifices just to get 3 points on RE?

I personally think slow res is important to all build. It improves QoL by a lot. Don’t forget that moving around in arena with no slow res will decrease clear time a lot. Also it will slow down our spell casting.

On foul eruption. It’s actually help clearing trash faster. The damage is kinda nice. Also I don’t think I have any worthy skill to put into.

BTW, you should really try that fully converted Eldritch pact relic. It deals massive damage. Using impurity just to cap RE seems bleh to me. You might be better using serenity instead.

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Thank you for posting the build, looks great! :smiley:

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for my RE Cabalist, it being my first level 100 char. So I was checking the compendium for an FG version and after I came away without a result I stumbled onto your build. :slight_smile: I’ll definetly farm what I still need for this, that it’s such a monster is just icing on the cake! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if it’s worth it to target farm the belt or if I’m better off doing crucible/SR and waiting for one to drop from the chests. Lunal’Valgoths spawn point isn’t really quickly accessible so I’m leaning towards the latter. :confused:

No, except this that I overlooked:

Eldritch pact relic. It deals massive damage. Using impurity just to cap RE seems bleh to me.

So, yeah, if can’t hardcap might as well stay at 23. You’re right. Or… SERENITY!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy trudel!
I definitely got my belt from cruci. Prefix/suffix doesn’t matter though, use the one that give you the most stats and at least 50% fire>vit conversion.

You can use girdle of stolen dreams or shadowfiend cord if you still don’t have that belt.

I used serenity in my first version of the build, then x1x2 remind me that Eldritch pact exist. Tested it and it shaves 1 minute of my clear times… :wink:

I can’t see your devo because I am on Mobile, but I suspect that you omit flame torrent to have slow res node from aeon. Do test it if it can be better. Though I doubt it as it has way less procs. 6.5 minutes without banner is already pretty massive and I think it can still go faster if all the stars align.

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I was theorycrafting sth like this for fun before I saw this thread.


I’m wondering how the old concept of dw on RE works with Blightlonrd