[] Avator of Wind 7:27. cruci 150 - 170 (Archon) (c+) (sr+) (g3) (vid)

Hi guys!

Joining to every party. YaY. :smiley: (FG, WD, EoR/Spin to win.)

I managed to do my archon build based on… I know u can guess.

I am bad pilot with casters but i like the shaman. So here it is. Enjoy.


Lvling: Here u can lvl whatever u like. (EoR, GoE, PS, ST, WD, DW.)

Gear: If u are lucky with the spirit on items. U Don’t have to put on spirit.

Crucible: 7:27

As mad_lee mentioned Grava and reaper is ur worst enemy. I maneged to kill 2 reaper, but second time i died. (Need further piloting practice.)

Sometimes better to RUN then SPIN away. i don’t know why, but sometimes stun or whatever blue, yellow, green, purple effect stop the spining and in that case if u are in danger or whatever just run back a bit and never forget u can still can cast if u don’t want to spin.

Further EoR works perfectly with ADCTH.


Mad queen + Grava: Ur worst enemy. In this case u just spin, and if they cast u can cast WD and ST. Don’t try to tank them.

Kisen: U can tank if u can bring him out of his towers.

Piloting: Need to practice how to use. U have to press 5 6 button continuously. If u use ascension u can get like 3500 3700 OA in cruci.

mad_lee passed his vindicator before i can add my archon, still i have had to do further testing that he did.

Big big thx too mad_lee to made his recent vindicator build. :wink:

Video thx to Spanks.

You need skill disruption resistance too and in your GT i see you have 0%, it’s why sometime EoR stop:D

Thx, now i know, even without it the build is strong. :slight_smile:

I would recommend all your builds to attach SR 76 screenshots instead of SR 75. …:slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t really care SR. It is just test for me that’s all. If u can do Sr 75 u can do SR 76 not that big deal. Still crubile better to farm lot.