[] Blastlord? No. - Vitality Blightlord Defiler [c+] [sr]

Since I’ve seen the Blightlord set, I’ve immediately fell in love with the idea of making a Defiler build on it.
Hah, I know perfectly that Defiler is one of the weakiest classes in the game with very little synergy.
But … nothing is impossible, right?

So here’s Khamul, the Tormentor.

Gameplay: the build is much more a crowd-controlling than solo-targeting due to its abilities (Ravenous Earth, Blackwater Cocktail and Grenade). So, to make the gameplay the most effective (in cruci, for ex), we should hold our enemies together and damage them all at one time.
Obviously, the build is not a lightning-fast destroyer - it’s about 10 mins in crucible.
As for SR, the build reached 75-76 shards but it doesn’t worth the time had been spent, so it is easier and better to farm 65-66 shards.

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JaKjjN
Alternative setup https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZypOneV
Here are some pics and vids:

SR 76 (very long and very boring):

SR 65 (faster and easier):

Special thanks to Safarel personally and all Safarel Discord Community


God created the world in six days,on seventh the Satan crawl from hell and created Defilers.

Really freaky Sunday,first build from Ya and now from you.Congrats on playing with this class and posting the build!

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Hahah, thanks :wink:
Btw, we also have templars and battle mages and idk what is worse :smile:

Templars are not that bad.X1 have pretty good Vire might build with Vanquisher set.

About BM,yes this class,Defiler and Warlock are black sheep of GD class combos.I wonder if someone managed to push them under 8 minutes in Crucible?

As I remember, Krieg BM can do under 8 minutes (7:50 or 7:30), but it’s the only exception, I think.

nad as for templars, x1’s build was the only one templar I’ve seen so far )

Sorry I can’t find the Grim tools link… Am I blind or did you forget to post it?

Oh, yes, thx mentioning it. I really forgot :smiley:

Templars are lucky 1 good set was enough to carry the class, and there’s natural synergy too.

Defilers, Warlocks, Battlemages can’t even be carried by sets.

Nice thing!
Gonna try it out.
Why not Wendigo? And ulzuins chosen? and foul eruption?

This is an old build and I’m too lazy to update it. Better look for a similar build from mad_lee in Compendium.