[] The Pink Bomb - 6:15m Crucible Gladiator, SR 75-76, no greens Vitality caster Defiler [vid][sr+][c+]

*my buildmaking cap


Heard @sir_spanksalot was talking shit about how my builds are not creative enough and decided to make a Defiler that utilizes Vitality Grenado and farms endgame content consistently. After hours and hours of min-maxing I found out that concept was done 6 months ago by @afanasenkov26. Oh, well, I guess I will be hearing more shit from Spanky.

The Build Update

Build got buffed across the board which is awesome. Plus with some gear changes it’s now faster than before despite Crucible’s beacons nerfs and it is also much tankier.

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

**Craft for %physique, Freeze resist and Stun resist.

Bombardment (“grenadment”?) with Vital Questions.

Those rings? And not a single RR ring on a Vitality Defiler?
All has been tested, my dudes, those are bis
Is Vitality Grenado really doing anything here? Wouldn’t Bone Harvest be better?
Tested that too, Grenado is the best support damage skill for this build, while all the heavy lifting is done by RE and BWC
Why not take that skill or cap this skill?
Simply not enough skill points for everything we want
Have you tried spam BWC
Yes, and it’s less damage and impossible to sustain even with 150 energy regen and 19% cast cost reduction


Core of the build is Blightlord Set. We are converting all Fire damage with the chest piece, ring and off-hand. Look for maximum conversion on those items and maximum CDR on the off-hand. Medal is the core item as well. If you didn’t find Morgoneth ring yet, use any Vitality ring as a placeholder.

Build is tight on skill points, so had to make some sacrifices. Devotion map is tight as well, but in a good way.


Build facetanks almost everything, however, versus dangerous Nemeses combinations it’s better to move around. Moving around Kuba makes him die faster (because we can avoid his damage debuffing healing pools).

For leveling check guides on this forum. This is an endgame build and it works as advertised once you replicate everything from grimtools link above at level 100.



Grenado and BWC damage with Hungering Void up (95% of the time)


Videos Crucible Gladiator 6:02 run Crucible Gladiator 6:13 run

Shards 75-76 11:37 run

Faster Crucible 150-170 6:17 run (good mutators)

Slower Crucible 150-170 6:47 run (bad mutators)

Shards 74-75, ~14 minutes, few deaths

In Conclusion

Thanks to @sir_spanksalot for making me do this creative build that turned out to be a remake of a build that was done 6 months ago. Damn you, Spanky! But hey, at least we have an endgame build that uses Vitality Grenado now.


Yeah vitality Grenadier is creative build, congrats on the result!

Your character is zipping around like chacha, I mean cha cha :smile:

“For leveling guide check the forum” nope mate, no leveling guides for Defiler.


Nice original build!

It seems very much like a RE + vit BwC build with Grenado as a prop that somehow happened to be there because the fire to vit off-hand also gives some mods to it. Anyways, great results for a defiler with not so much rr.

Compendium’s got higher standards now. C+ is for sub 6 builds :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, Grenado is second fiddle here. But without it or with Bone Harvest results are worse, so it’s doing its part.

Gotta delete the thread then, it’s not worthy!

Or just give it John Smith or Plasmo

Or just don’t care. Cr+ tag is intended to distinguish best performing builds. If it comes to the point when only cr+ builds are worth posting I will have to raise the bar again. Or just remove crucible tags from compendium, whatever.

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I took the liberty and made a few changes to your build
Higher DA OA, 100% absorbed AR, more even res., especially stun.res …
also readjusted some skill-points to where I see as more fit since the whole bonus is leaning toward Vit. and Decay.

However taking out the bat brings some uncertainty to the new setup.

It’s a fragile one either way LOL

Stares in leveling guide for Pet Necro :skull:

Pets? :grin:

Didn’t considered that. And also Demo don’t have pet support.

Solo Necro Pet build guide :sunglasses:
You don’t need a second class :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, BWC and Flashbang line can provide -OA/DA, RR & Fumble/Imp-Aim, all of which helps the necro pets. You also have Flame Touched + Temper for extra OA/DA and Flat Dmg which pets love. Blast Shield & Vindictive flame can be useful for the player.

I already have a Pet Defiler based on Diviner’s Reap Spirits (Aether pets :smirk:) and Ghol could be made to work too.

Pet Defilers are definitely viable even though picking a second pet class would do better.

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You do have higher OA but my effective OA wasn’t that much lower considering that I had Flashbang. Removing Bat and Ghoul is a big nono here, it what sustains this build.

Also, you simply can’t remove points from Ravenous Earth - it’s the main damage dealer here. And Bone Harvest does not work well on this build, I have tested it. Update

Build got buffed across the board which is awesome. Plus with some gear changes it’s now faster than before despite Crucible’s beacons nerfs and it is also much tankier.

Hi, I was wondering if a build was viable using Gargabol corruption.

Hi, Blightlord’s dagger completes Blightlord set and full set bonus is huge to ignore. If you have other items from the set you can transmute duplicates into a Dagger. With a pistol it’s gonna be much much weaker build.

Hi mad. Oh no, I mean, I was wondering not for this build but in general for build making, since it is best on a Defiler or maybe Shieldbreaker if you can get that much Vitality RR.

In general it can be used on a ranged Fire Strike Defiler which is a somewhat decent build. For casters it loses to daggers/scepters, but if you have nothing else then why not.

Still alive and kicking in 1172. Hopefully 1180 will bring some balance thus improving defiler a bit. Overall although slow, its safe and fun! Good job for the build.

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Did anyone here have the Mythical Darkflame Chestguard drop in game or did they have to GD Stash it?

I have almost 1200 hours played and this item has never dropped for me. Always wondered if it’s a bug or just bad luck.