[] Dunefiend Sentinel (crucible 7 min)

(all active buffs save Ascension; with Ascension oa is 3378, and DPS is 406k; there is also passive Inspiration buff with a nice core stat boost some of the time - not on the screenshot)

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G7GGn2 (crafted with two stun res and one slow res; recommend 3 stun res)

Slightly tweaked with adnice from mad_lee: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXWz98Z

Alternative setup with Aeon: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NK7eEEN

YT: https://youtu.be/4NNrNZplvhM (3 blessings and Vanguard Banner in 7:02)


There have been some Dunefiend theorycrafts specifically by hammyhamster1. I also visited a private theorycrafting thread with some of the top builders where different opinions were exchanged. These opinions all converged at a similar conclusion: set leaves much to be desired and discourages making effort to fully test and polish a post-worthy build.

WHY? (feedback)

I’m posting this more as a way of feedback. I’m hoping this set will be reworked and that this would maybe suggest the right direction. Ofc this is all only my opinion and it’s all open to discussion. Let’s start for the most important ones:

  • Set is EXTREMELY lackluster defensively with no cc res being the biggest thing. As opposed to the archon (whose pets carry sustain procs) and the warlord (who has cc res in the mastery’s passives and, well, is a warlord) this here sentinel will die every time he’s stunned or frozen. They are spin-to-win. This is spin-or-die. What’s more, due to very ungenerous core stats and res, set gives a very little freedom to gear-up to fix some of that cc res.

I suggest a variety of cc res bonuses similar to - but maybe not as generous as - Shattered Realm set.
I would also propose another, maybe a bit radical solution: mods for more or less permanent Ascension. It would still not be op. Top EoR builds got much better dmg and never ever die even without Ascension. Furthermore, with crit dmg so low the high oa from Celestial Presence would not be powerful as it seems.

  • Set is dw and has no energy regen. Cyclone got off-hand, energy regen from gear. Warborn has Harp perfectly aligned with its devo path and 10% more wpn dmg to carry energy leech. Here, you are left with no other choice but to gimp the excellent acid devo path to get that Harp.

Solid energy regen on the set is a must. This is still not as bad as Tenebris on Rah’Zin but very close. Rah’Zin is so terrible on sentinels that it can’t even get the Harp without completely demolishing the stats.

  • Set tries to be DoT. DoT and EoR will never work. 38% wpn dmg will never be able to carry any serious ticks (100k max on the dummy on this - and most of it is procs - turn off Tainted Eruption and it becomes 50-60k). Real DoTs come from 1) stacking flat and giving it output in the form of at least one high weapon dmg skill, 2) stacking multiple sources of DoTs from many different skills and procs. Dunefiend has neither. Just the regular procs all acid builds have.

  • Set has no crit dmg. It is very low and very little freedom is offered to get more of it.

  • Many people ranted about the lightning to pierce conversion but this is not really the biggest thing. Soulfire’s dmg isn’t as crucial as the base node. What I’d like to see here is WPN DMG to use all that flat from the masteries.

  • Another, different suggestion is to maybe add some retal stats? The swords both convert 100% phys to acid which suggests one might wanna break the set for Mythical Agony. But nope. This doesn’t work. But why couldn’t it…?

  • I didn’t test the dervish but on paper it looks worse than this. Iirc thejabrixone theorycrafted a setup that maxed (or invested in) both EoR and SS. But SS is only single target. Still, Crate felt stingy and left one dmg type unconverted. If SS is to even dream of working as a viable dmg source all its dmg must be converted to one type.

BUILD (review)

Low da is somewhat offset by high oa shred. Res are also very tight. Most things are tight.

Life leech is excellent, and the new Treacherous Means belt empowers Bat beautifully. This Bat is worth binding to EoR as it shoots like a machine gun. Sadly, health and da are low so one-shots are gonna happen - especially if you forget about Bloody Pox for a while. It is also why the Radaggan shoulders instead of Dreeg shoulders - stun res is crucial as even hero mobs can kill you in SR if you stop spinning. Freeze res… won’t even mention.

Dmg is ok if you learn to align playing the occultist piano with spinning EoR. But hardly enough to guarantee survival against endgame content with such low defense.

In conclusion, build is 4th or 5th choice for EoR. Waiting for buffs!


Despite set being quite poor your spec looks solid, mate. Can’t open the video though.

This eor is good 1 minute slower then Fire and Lightning EoR Paladins that I have made recently. Archon would be in another league altogether. Not to mention all other EoRs have amazing stats and don’t ever die.

You are right, Dunefiend could use some rework.

I tried EoR with set,little differently,but end results was not very good.In my version managed to reach 350k DPS and I thought this is huge number,but actual performance was not that impressive.

I need to try cold DW Dervish again to compare them,but Acid is most definitely behind fire,lightning and physical.

Still not as bad as vitality,chaos or aether.I don’t want to speak about bleeding at all.

@mad_lee Thx and sorry about the vid, uploads from where I’m at literally take hours. It’s good now. But really, nothing to write home about. Almost died at 170.

@Nery I kinda want to say that chaos EoR is good but… I can’t. It could be good. Even great. If it wasn’t for a certain person whose name starts with the last letter of the alphabet. And his stubborn insistence to keep a certain chaos set without a certain level of energy regen.

Yes,without energy regen is hard to play EoR and Harp is not exactly in your path.

Still could be worse…Mythical Death Reach is vitality EoR only hope and is 2h weapon without attack speed.I tried it and can’t really go much over 160% and that is with almost entirely focused build around getting speed.

As Dunefiend,I wonder if it’s possible to created different build than EoR? Deathguard,probably the worst set has been changed to support Shadow strike and at same time another SS set appears.Yet I haven’t seen recently pure SS build and can’t see how it will match auto attackers.

An entire set for EoR is behind both fire and pierce that don’t have dedicated sets, smh.

Have you tried divine mandate? Maxed slow res and 20% more crit is attractive. all phys is converted to EoR anyway.

No, I was afraid Zantai would nerf it if he saw it’s being used not as INTENDED… :rofl:

It’s star pact all over again !

I legit think 1 sword (depending if you go dervish or sentinel) + agony + sr set is better.

Going SR will grant CC,but will lose RR.Actually amulet slot has other strong options,too.

As Agony,if you break the set maybe,but Idk if it’s worth it.

Question is how much Energy regen you need? I don’t use Harp,but conduit and medal for flat regen,also 3x augments and Lotus.It was comfortable and you don’t lose acid procs.

Honestly RR on amulet isn’t as great as it is. You interrupt spin for 10% RR, also you have CoF and pox which again interrupts spin.

What about Conduit with -15% RR on pox,if you cast it already?

I am messing around with a Shadow Strike build in GT and I have just realised something: Arcanum Dust augment in Jewellery is better than Acid augment. You lose 15% damage for whopping 10% elemental resist.

Maybe. Acid wants at least 4 devo procs (Rumor, Manticore/Revenant and 2 of guardian gaze/scorpion/bat) and for sentinel you have spin, empyrion, CoF and you need one more. Pox might have a space there even with enough DA. Still. I don’t think more stuff to cast is better. I’d even prefer dervish since BS+empyrion+RoS is already 3 proccers and it’s way better qol.

I’ve been kinda burnt out of Gd recently and I’ve been looking for something new (playing dota underlords, looking to buy total war: warhammer 2 if I get the budget before steam sale ends, pirating some super expensive games after I get more RAM, and even studying pet builds inGD cause that’s the only thing I haven’t explored yet) but with this discussion I kinda want a successful acid spinner as my final build. That or pets

I almost succeeded in my dunefiend Dervish build. I think I just need to replace guardian gaze with bat and should be all set with 7:20 cruci clear without banner. I just don’t have time testing it. Currently leveling a paladin for now. Got some new ideas to test. Lol.

I am not liking that you need to sacrifice good a acid devo for harp. May be better to use green pants with insight suffix to cover. Or invest some points in phantasmal armor for energy leech, hmmmm…

@x1x1x1x2 SR set and Agony won’t work. Just by switching to Agony on this one you lose ranks to EoR and about 40% EoR dmg on the tooltip. Agony is trash. 10% attack speed on an EoR weapon.

Pestilence is BiS, imo. Also got oa and crit dmg. For acid sentinels it’s like Eye of Beronath evolved. It’s also BiS for Venomblade Dervish. You try to throw your debuffs together. You gotta interrupt your spin anyway for CoF so Pestilence every 6s makes no difference.

@Nery Yugol’s great but I don’t think it’s worth the stats from Pestilence. Guardian’s Gaze is also good but more so for chaos with high wpn dmg, and I’d rather save EoR for proccing Bat. Anyway, I don’t think full acid devo path is possible with or without the Harp while maintaining the minimum stats. Wolverine is actually helpful here like a poorer version of the Tower.

Maybe you got sth else that I didn’t think of because I don’t think a conduit and the Forbidden medal would solve the energy problem. Maybe with Arcane Spark. But the res, and crit dmg… Everything is tight here. Very little room to maneuver. I’m not crazy about conduits here because dmg is low and skillpoints are scarce. Anyway, non-oathkeeper conduit means no hardcap to EoR. The Ascension conduit, imo, is only debatable if you take DG for perma Ascension.

@x1x1x1x2 TW: Warhammer 2, go for it. Skaven rule with the artillery.

@mad_lee Yes, you’re right as usual. Updating op setup.

@ya1 @x1x1x1x2 @thejabrixone @Nery if you have working acid Shadow Strike builds could you please post or pm me your Shadow Strike damage tooltips after Lethal Assault?

Btw just looked my build,it sucks :smile:

I have EoR at 24. 355k sheet DPS,but less DA and I used green boots to cover resistances and really low crit damage.Energy also is kinda questionable.85 regen,15% absorb and leech from spark+Revenant might not be enough.So I abandon this build.

Shadow Strike is probably my favorite skill,but I haven’t made working build around it.Probably will try with this set,to see if it works.But don’t know what skill will use as secondary damage.Probably Lethal Assault and Ring of Steal+Mobility rune or VM? Still SS is inferior to auto attack.

@ya1 it’ll be my first total war game if I go for it so I have no idea what you’re talking bout :stuck_out_tongue: also I’m not familiar with the warhammer universe. Still can’t buy it now but might be able to since payday is also the last day of steam sale.

@mad_lee i haven’t played GD after that pierce EoR so nope. Haven’t got past that initial grimtools I had for acid SS

85 regen plus Spark should be good. Energy absorb also helps a lot. Facetanking Kaisan for example gets you back to full.

Guys. Wake up. SS will never work. Look:

Bone Harvest on 2h Blood Knight deals: 410% wpn dmg and 1036 flat (times 120% total dmg)

SS on Dunefiend (even after the full conversion is fixed) will deal: 400% wpn dmg and 1080 flat

Cooldowns are similar (with only a slight advantage to SS after factoring the chance of free SS). ABB is offset by Soul Harvest. DoTs on the second node are actually stronger on BH.

Conclusion 1: BH might be stronger even if it was single target.

Conclusion 2: BH got AoE and even then can’t carry a build on its own. Therefore, SS is total crap. This SS design is imo a misunderstanding. Set refuses to give cdr, support Nightfall (the only AoE thing on SS), and give SERIOUS mods to conversions, wpn dmg and flat.

So I have tested this spec.

31% cdr, 1,6 seconds cooldown on Shadow Strike.

SS damage (with LA and Ascension):

Build fucking sucked, died like 4 or 5 times at wave 160 (even with 100% armor absorb, Skull was a last resort to kill Grava/Reaper faster). Maybe you guys have more damage on Dunefiend? Because it seems like 26/16 SS + 22/12 NJE just don’t work at all.