[] Korvaak Master 8:08. cruci 150 – 170 (Blademaster) (c+) (sr+) (g3) (vid)

Hi guys!

As u see there are 3 chars that can use 3 mobility skill. Warlord made by veretragna (before roll back.). Now Blademaster and dervish. The first 2 works.

Why dervish is not working? Cause u don’t need to use 3 mobilty skills, x1x1x1x2 made his Templer with vanquisher set wich has huge CDR on Vire’s might. Same on Dervish, u can reduce the CD of vire’s migth to 1 or 1,5 sec.

:muscle:Grimmtools (Offensive)
:muscle:Old (3x Blitz)


  1. Internal Trauma. (This is better, cause the physic devotion.)
  2. Phantasmal Blades.

Gear: Ensure you get % Physique crafts on items.

Crucible: 8:08


Kisen: Ur worst enemy. U need to space to run out of his totems, then u can kill it. If he is the first to counter with korvak, then reset.

Alexander: Kite the meteors, kill the crystals and u are good.

Sometimes u have to kite.

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why no lethal assault? Will add a bunch of dmg plus some much-needed OA.

edit: oh nvm, you didn’t use your build for the video, you used oleron’s rage.

First Markovian reduce the DA (248) wich is huge. Second this is a candance build. So ur OA will be good. “Markovian is like giving 248 OA.” Blindside do the same, but i think DA reduction not stack.

But you also add a ton of damage. So you get OA + dmg.

If u want use it, but the dmg is good and wasting 12 or more points to get some OA and pressing 1 more buttton is a wasting. Still better to use anatomy of murder wich is passive and gives u cunning, wich is OA and Physical dmg + racial bonus.