[] Markovian Family (Battlemage, Commando, Death Knight, Tactician, Witchblade) (c+) (sr+) (g3)

Hi guys!

Last week i did some Mage builds. Now tanky ones. I am fan of markovian so i made a few. This is not a comprehansion, since all of the chars can do 75 with easy and shields after nerf still OP IMO. :smiley:

The RR ones
Death Knigth

:muscle:Death Knigth is a more tankier and u don’t have to push another button for RR. (U just stand there.)


:muscle:Witchblade is more offensive and faster, thx to the solael’s witchfire.

The others

:muscle:Tactitian is the most tankier and well build around. DMG is good, resistence good, seal give u absorvation and elemental dmg, that u convert further physical dmg.


:muscle:Commando is offensive and huge flat dmg. Sometimes i felt that even stronger than DK or Wb. (This is an update of this build.)


:muscle:Battlemage is the most offensive. + U have nullfication. (This is an update of this build.)

Lvling: Internal Trauma. (This is best, cause the physic devotion.)

Gear: Ensure you get % Physique crafts on items.

Gameplay: U cast your buffs/debuffs (seal if u using tactitian) and smash everything with candance.

  • Why not Blademaster?
    Blademaster has more options to build around and that’s why has a separate thread, u can find on my profil.

  • Warder?
    I did a warder, that has same setup, but to be honest i didn’t liked it and overall was the worst of stats. it was tanky, but dmg wasn’t good enough.

  • Warlord?
    Veretragna did one and it is good, so u can use his build, it is not different only the medal.

  • What about Menhir’s Bulwark?
    U can spare point to max out easily (22), but to be honest a good offensive can be defensive. Also my first atempt to 75 was with it.

SR: Some of the builds have only 10 Aether rr +. So if u facing Alexander, Anasteria, Lucius be careful. Still u don’t really have any problem with any mobs. Even if i get nullfficated some arcane ones i could rebuffing myself without any problem.

The only thing to avoid to get the physical resistance mutators in it. Withit still easy, but annoying.

Chuba: He is not a threat, but very annoying to kill. If he counter u first still doable, but u need space to do it.

Slathsarr Aethergaze: I forgot this bitch. (Melee, reset chance.)


Why are there so few Battlemage builds? With Menhir’s Bulwark and Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, you’re already running a pretty high damage absorbtion./

Battlemage is one of the weakest classes. No RR (OFF not working on bosses), no synergy.

I see 4 builds (wich doesn’t contains any green):

  1. Mine.

  2. Spellcourge build from Superfluff.

  3. Krieg set with mindwrap is doable.

  4. Veretragna made his “mage” (Using greens).

So it is possible to do, but doesn’t have to much set support.

Because they suck unfortunately. They have no damage and you get more tankiness out of killing foes faster - something that Warlords/Death Knights/Witchblades are more proficient at.


Good job, man! One small suggestion, I think you have to take Gladiator’s Distinction belt on Death Knight and Witchblade, especially after Chains of Oleron nerf. And it’s more crucial for Death Knight since you are converting Vitality damage from WPS too (and Soul Harvest gives you a MONSTER flat damage boost).

I would also recommend taking second seal of might on Death Knight - more damage (flat + more aether converted) can somewhat cover for 5% ADCTH and you also have life stealing WPS so you can afford it.

I just wanna ask, wouldn’t 3 Osyr’s Temper jewelry augments be better? Damage about the same (or more?), since it gets converted, and higher OA and DA. And do we really need the 3% DA from the weapon augments as well? We have a bunch of other options here, mostly if we wanna have more damages of course. :slight_smile: (for example Malmouth’s Redemption gives us armor, flat damage, and much needed aether resist)

And btw I really like mad_lee’s suggestions.

https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84279 That’s my try at BM,but is weak class,on paper looks good,but no -RR on either class is bump.

PS Nice carrot collection,Nandi looks delicious:p

That is some hard work you put there. 'Grats.

I haven’t noticed that Nandi doesn’t use 3x Osyr’s temper on his Markovians, you are right. I think with Beronath’s Sword Soldier pretty much MUST use 3x Osyr’s Temper on jewellery and 2x Bysmiel’s Shroud augments on weapons/shields with 2x Seal of Might. This kind of setup is so far ahead of every other augment/component combinations there is really no second option there.

Ohh, I didn’t realise i haven’t used them… :rolleyes: It was too much variation and i forgot. Fixed.

Consider my previous suggestions as well :slight_smile:

Thx, tried on DK. Worked. Changed.

On witchbalde i lose to much skills, that i can’t get back and i don’t have any flat vita just % compared to DK wich has the Soul harvest.

2x might of seal would be great, but my pc old, so i am try to play as defensive as i can and my reflxes due to this not that good. Sure 2 might of seal good too.

Bysmiel’s Shroud? It gives only aether dmg wich only good for The DK.

Anyway same as above, defensive is for me.

Following your build, and mad_lee’s advices, I did this DK setup, main difference is, I choose different armor augments, this way we have overall more resist overcaps, especially for aether, which we needed the most. But we need to side with Death Vigil’s for these augments instead of Kymon’s. I am still missing the blazing charge, which will add some damage I assume, and I need to level the devotions, because I respecced this setup from a Krieg DK. But anyways, I like it so far, I will probably play it in SR and Crucible for a while.


Yeah, but i had to choose either my lightning will be not overcapped very well or my aether. Even with The order one is little the overcapping.

Funny thing is, actually these 2 resistances need the most overcap probably. :slight_smile: My augment setup has 15% more lightning and 17% more aether overcap, than yours, and 5% less poison overcap, I think it is a fair tradeoff. The hybrid resist augments simply give more resists, so I would recommend using them if possible.

This great, but i did not say, u can not do it. I just say if u count all the 3 same time, it will be hard.

U can kite alex and lucius meteors. In 1v1 combat still easy just kite a bit and kill alex crytals.

Flat vitality on Witchblade comes from Second Right.

Point is that with two Seals of Might and two Bysmiel’s Shrouds you are converting half of flat aether into physical, so you get 6 flat physical from each Bysmiel’s Shroud augment.

He said he prefers more defense.

According to GT with permanent buffs enabled, at least on the Commando, double Bysmiel’s Shroud and Seal of Might results in:

-156 DA
-807 health
-5% ADctH

I’m assuming he feels like the damage boost isn’t worth the loss of these defensive stats.

I understand, the point is to build around two seal of mights/two bysmiel shrouds and 3 Osyr’s tempers. ADTCH loss is negligible on Death Knight and can be worked around on Witchblade and Warlord. DA loss is big (Ravager’s Eye offers massive amount of DA), but if you look at his grimtools, he has huge investments in Cunning. And my point is that 2x seal of mights + 2x Bysmiel Shrouds give you much more Physical Damage then those Cunning investments. So you can take some points from Cunning and invest in Physique.

That’s just my experience, I have tested multiple DK, WB and WL specs and created a pretty decent DK/WL dual wield build. But everyone is free to play as they like :slight_smile:

Still i lost too much skill point.

I am not afraid to lose these, but ACdtH.

Dreeg’s Terror Dmg flat, % pirece resist.

Malmouth’s Redemption Dmg, armor, aether resist. Probably i will try this.

Malmouth’s Heart

Malmouth’s Soul

So dig deep into the augments i found better options for the augment and u don’t need to give up the seal of blades. All of this will be converted to physical thx to the beronath. (100% not just 50%.)

You do your thing, Nandi :slight_smile:

But just in case, Bysmiel’s Shroud has %phys/it and OA as well as flat.