[][Piercing Caster] 2H spaming PB (crucible less 6 minutes)


Crucible 5,39 (record)
Crucible ~6 minutes
SR 65-66
SR 65-66 (1 rip)
Old version

Hi guys. I reading thread and thinking about spam PB builds. It turned out well.


Stats in game



SR 65-66


The character is not bad in the crucible, but is not suitable for high shards.

Thanks to Russian discord community :wink:

Thanks to mad_lee

That’s a cool and creative build. Pretty strong from the looks of it too. I would however change Conduit’s mod to extra Blade Spirit to increase Azraaka’s procs. Other than that, great job.

6m Rancor

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Piercing spam PB? Whattt?
Very² interesting. Shame that I can’t see the devo yet.
Congrats for the build! Glad that the redesign rancor yield couples of interesting PB build.

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6 minutes is crazy time.And surprised to see Blademaster and not Infiltrator.

Infiltrator gives a shitton of pierce but it willbe converted to vit with the transmuter. It makes the class less atttactive with only RR as the significant contribution, imo.

@Firozo. You’re a madman. I should try this on a dervish. Been wanting to do pierce dervish since long ago. Damn i can’t wait to go back home next week.

Make it as witch hunter. Occultist has tons of flat chaos and vitality.

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Conduit only for energy pool and resist

I’m not like Inquisitor)

Yeah you’re right. And with phys res it won’t be too squishy. Also 50% acid to pierce on belt.

Build updating :slight_smile:

Why this Belt? Crafting Bonus?

For conversion 3 nod PB