[] Plasmo's & spanks' Spite PB Blademaster: Mortred the Phantom Assassin (3:55 buffed/beacon clear; 5:43 naked clear)




Shoutout to:

Be quick or be dead - An explanation on how to pilot this spec in 5 words:

GT (naked; Budget set-up): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN47jpxZ <— ~90% clear consistency; items crafted for armor bonus
YT (naked; budget set-up): https://youtu.be/jSI1_tHSkT0 <-- averages ~6:30 clear

GT (naked; BiS’d): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JpW5aZ <-- ~70% clear consistency; items crafted for armor bonus
YT (naked; BiS’d): https://youtu.be/nZcGps9EeB8 <-- 5:43 clear

GT (4 + 3): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWzm3J2
YT (4 + 3): https://youtu.be/lNj8Z12j8TI <— Piloted by Plasmodermic; 3:55 clear


This is actually a build concept I’ve been sitting on for about 3, 4 months now. Never really got round to testing it because @firozo beat me to the punch.

However, when I decided to check out Firozo’s GT about a week ago, I was disappointed to see his use of the SR set.

Don’t get me wrong, SR set is a beautiful defensive option, but it just struck me as an unnecessary crutch.

In my biased opinion, PB builds are meant to be sheer DPS leech tanks. You survive by putting out so much damage that you can almost instantly recover from any near-fatal blow, an impossible goal to attain with the SR set.

Opting for SR set also forces the build into:

  • pack of treacherous mean for elemental conversion. in other words, you lose out on a massive +3 to nether edge.
  • It also prevents the use of the NB conduit with +35 chaos damage to PB
  • Last, and certainly not least, it prevents you from using my favorite chest piece: Korvoran’s Jacket. This hidden gem is truly underappreciated, and underused. Not only is the proc on it absolutely monstrous, the jacket also let’s you hardcap heartseeker without using m. mark of consumption.
How much DPS does this spec actually have?

Well…it boasts an “I-shit-you-not” sheet 1 DPS value of 420k before all procs.

It also stacks an incredible amount of racial damage:

  1. 47% damage to humans
  2. 24% undead
  3. 24% cthonic

The biggest drawback here is the lack of racial bonus to eldritch, making Kaisan a huge pain to take down.

How glassy is this glass cannon?

Not very, surprisingly. It’s very stable.

However, one-shots can be a real threat so that means you need to constantly outmanoeuvre enemies. Of note are:

  • Father kymon
  • Mad Queen
  • Double reapers

That being said, with enough experience, all of them can be outplayed consistently as demonstrated in my naked clear.

Why not use an infiltrator?

Heck no. The loss of armor absorption, CC res, armor, OA/DA, and physique brought by the soldier mastery is the only reason why I’m able to pull off a 106 cunning dump.


  • %bonus pierce damage offered by the soldier class is greater than that of the infil
  • UNTESTED ASSUMPTION: Constant spamming of death sentence would slow down the build
  • You are too damn mobile to make use of inqui seal.

Don’t let PB fool you. Yes it’s a ranged attack, but this build plays like a melee one.

Getting up close and personal is how you maximize night’s chill + Shotgun effect of PB.

Alternative itemization

If you are unable to get slow res on your craftable items, legwraps of the tranquil mind is a top notch alternative <— Creds to @ya1

Though some may disagree mad “L2P” lee, I’d like to think that my itemization is optimal, and not very intuitive.

The most straightforward itemization here would be the one used by Firozo (GT link in “preface”) - i.e. shattered realm + barbaros + pack of treacherous means.

The next most straightforward build would be to use 3 piece harra for relevant + skills, and amazing stats like massive energy regen, and casting speed - both of which are lacking in this build. (If I’m being honest, this was the build I first tested all those months ago.

Both these setups have their respective set of pros and cons, and both are extremely viable/competitive.

However, if you want raw DPS - use the set up above.

Why does the buffed/beaconed set-up use azraaka and conduit instead of nemesis/kaisan eye?

Given the insanely high damage output, the additional aoe offered by player scaling pets is very significant as it goes a long way in clearing out stragglers.

The time saved from not needing to hunt them down far outweighed the loss of single target DPS.

Energy managment Has 0 energy problems.

This problem was solved in 3 ways:

  1. Scales of Ulcama + Scythe + harp
  2. Conduit
  3. Spirt

A word on point 3: While I invested in 0 spirit, I opted for items which provides large amounts of spirit:

  1. Arcane harmony
  2. M. mark of dark dreams

The aforementioned syngerize very nicely with vulture’s 5% spirit gain resulting in a blademaster with ~4.7k energy pool.

Alternative skill point allocation

Obviously the one depicted in the GT above portrays my preferred use of skill points.

@Mad_lee, @thejabrixone, @x1x1x1x2 have all suggested reallocating points from PB, and anatomy of murder to 12/12 fighting spirit.

Both @ya1 and I disagree with this.

I’ve done the math and while the overall net gain of damage and OA gained from 12/12 fighting spirit is marginally greater, I personally don’t like the inconsistency.

Worth noting that the only reason why FS loses out here is because of the massive cunning dump which is more greatly amplified by anatomy of murder. In most cases, 12/12 FS would be better.

Casting speed is also your biggest means of sustain as you want to be lifestealing as frequently as you can.

_Immaterial Girl (2).zip (3.1 MB) <-- BiS naked

_Immaterial Girl.zip (1.3 MB) <-- BiS 4 + 3


Can’t cleave teams of people 0/10.

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I can 3 shot annie though. Does that count?

An ingame pic of the weapon damage breakdown would help me understand the damage. The transmuter has pierce to vit, the amulet has pierce to chaos, then the sword has vit and chaos to pierce.

Hey, that was quick!

Impressive times and super offensive oriented build. How you pilot this things?

Easy way to think about it - ignore base damage on first node of PB, imagine damage on heartseeker and nether edge is 100% pierce damage.

+35 Chaos damage on conduit = +35 pierce damage to PB

So damage doesn’t matter on the base skill, only the amount of blades it gives. Then most of the damage comes Nether Edge and Heart Seeker. Got it.

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It’s immaterial.

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Also, stacking flat pierce damage is worthless on this build because it’ll get converted to vit. Stacking elemental, vitality, physical, or chaos damage on the other hand will become pierce.

Thanks for the clarification, i was having trouble understanding all those conversions.

So it becomes a spam PB (i assume the 100% CDR on the transmuter will remove added CD from mods) with the total damage modifier from Rancor nullifying the total damage penalty from the Frenetic Throw. Interesting.

Yes. Another concept I might want to try is grey knight’s shield with spam FW.

Tremor requires a two handed weapon to work unfortunately.

What I do is play naked crucible with a super glassy build and die constantly with it.

I then beef it up, and it becomes much easier to pilot. :stuck_out_tongue:

@mad_lee, @nery:

What I do is create character, die on 154 wave. So next please :stuck_out_tongue:

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Told him that. Still pursued the mortred name


Wait, do -50% and 50% modifiers actually negate each other despite one of them is on transmuter so supposedly is calculated first? Or is it a net 75% of the initial as a reasult.

That Nether Edge flat is ridiculous even reduced by 25%. Can you somehow cap it?

Any skill modifier on an item modifies said skill at the same level as a transmutor.

So yes, they cancel each other out.

@banana_peel: It is possible to cap it with faction chest armor from ugdenbog. But the loss korvoran jacket means you need to get mark of consumption to hardcap heartseeker.

Overall loss of ~180% pierce damage and korvoran proc isn’t worth it.

So many critics :man_facepalming:

Tough to think of creative name. So is good. My chars names suck more :smile:

My Cold Blademaster is named Ethreain, so I can’t really criticize too harshly.

My cold BM is called Cold Lol the nerftaking Blademaster, you see. My next char have to be called Ramses, the master of pyramids.