Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 1

The hotfix changes are good. I like all of them but…

  1. it is not normal that physical retaliation builds do SR 110+ while lightning reta struggle at 70-75? I understand the nerfs to Thorn pants and all that but they bring collateral damage to lightning retaliation builds. Please, consider buffing lightning retaliation in some way.

  2. Poison/ acid melee builds need a bit more CC resistances (slow, stun) somewhere (gear, constellations… ).

^also this ! Agree absolutely

First of, great changes, i now really want to try out a storm totem build again.

One kind request:
I feel like the skill proc ring of everlasting flame/ ring of flame is becoming more and more useless on higher level characters due to the always small radius of effect even on higher item levels. I would love to use these more actively in bigger fights with an increased radius.

Could we get a variant with bigger radius? Or can we get specific legendaries which grant aura skills with specific playstyles like a mighty ring of flames (DoT) / an slowing icy swirl (CC) / self damaging poison aura (hard to maintain) / a lightning ring surrounding the player (damage only on colliding the ring).

I would love to see some more of these skills in the game.

Damnit guys, I just got my lightning vindicator caster switched over to ranged primal strike… Suppose I gotta switch back now to try it out. Thanks for the big hotfix :grin:

Cool patch, but the totem fix is a must and preferably released ASAP.

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Although this hasn’t been mentioned specifically for this hotfix, i figure it’s as good a time as any to bring it up:

I’d like to see less +X% OA on pet-based gear, and more DA. The summoner herself does not need OA at all, only DA which is desperately low as it is. The pets themselves are fine but getting one-hit because agro failed for half a second (or because boss dude is just too smort) is rather limiting. Consider replacing all OA with DA on pet summoner gear?

Ahaha… ha… ha… ha. Missed at least one rather conspicuous build because listed BiS was a double rare green amulet. Maybe should have paid more attention to the all-caps text.

In all seriousness, though, I really like the changes.

I am not sure I like tuning patch notes thread into the request fest… Z, please NERF something!! (Pets? Phys retal?) Anything? :wink: LOL

I agree. He’s acting really soft right now. Everyone is pretty much happy with this patch? I call BS. Kill something already Zantai. You know you wanna.

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Fine, to please you two, I am proposing that Z kill Pierce Pet builds.


I don’t even know if that’s a thing because I don’t pay any attention at all to build talk and I don’t play pet builds enough. It sounds suspiciously like you are offering up an already non-existent thing for sacrifice. Because of that I propose that Zantai kill a birb to teach you a lesson!

you could nerf gladiator 150-170 and ultimate SR 60-76 loot as it would hit every build the same way


+1 to this!

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NERF fun matters!


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Dear Sir,

There has been some unique mods to Morgoneth set removed (one of the rarest to get in the game) and while i agree its justified to tone its dmg - the set and builds with it are extremely squishy.

With its dmg potential being reduced it makes it even more prone to quick death as it cannot kill fast enough.

The set lacks hugely in the defence department and it could use some buffs in terms of +Phy resistance or +armor and/or +HP flat to its pieces.
Soulrend could use some love as well - perhaps a nice little modifier to its proc like +armor or +phy res for few sec?

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Morg set is no slouch in the defensive department and lines up with masteries that have fine defensive options. If you expect to continue shoving everything into damage to kill stuff before it kills you then by all means try it, just understand that typical legendary sets are not tuned to let this happen in most cases without a decent helping of MIs. One of the hardest things for cold SS pre morg set was getting +skills to the line. Overburdened with targeted +skills morg set makes a fine offensive baseline that also comes with some generous defensive measures.

What content are you struggling in, SR (two strikes against as this setting does no favors for melee or glass builds), crucible, roguelikes?

And if Zantai needs something to nerf, nerf the Ulo buff in crucible so people actually have to build resistances.


Prove it!


Tried deathguard reaper. Full green has a huge struggle and depends on mutators and perfect piloting to get a clean 5.30 while dervish gets under 5 with a budget setup (no greens)… Once again the extra poison and cdr from PotT and especially the RR from guardians made their point… Z please…

This change is not included in the set description ingame.
The flat aether damage to seal is listed, the conversion not.