[] [HC] Spite Blademaster - 2h pierce Phantasmal Blades (sr65+, cr170, Mog, L, vids)

^ingame stats with all permant buffs up, without any temporary buffs; DPS shown is Phantasmal Blades; remember that DPS shown is for ONE blade and you throw six of them; highest crit 300k (probably from Ring of Steel or Blitz), Average PB crits are like 40-50k.

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXL4xPN
my setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlbDbXN

other versions:


YT playlist

Highlight video from patch

Build Update video from patch

first tries vs:

Gladiator Crucible of the Dead 4 runs, 7min 25 sec average:

Remember this is HC, I suck at Crucible and I didn’t get GG mutators on those four runs.


Devotions & Gear
Some quick words about devotions:
My setup is very defensive atm. Feel free to use Ulzaad & Toad instead of Throne & Spider or try to fit in Assassin. Points in Targo can also be taken out.
About shoulders:
Obviously my affixes are not GG at all, so feel free to use whatever suits your build or use what spanks/plasmo use in their setup.

Feedback & Final Words

Build is not as strong as it used to be on (when it was honestly too OP). It got the obvious nerfhammer in patch 1.1.6 and was kinda meh for quite some time. However the 1.1.8 changes to Nightblade and Soldier have made this build a bit better again both defensively and offensively. On 1.1.9 the build is pretty much unchanged.

Have fun slicing your enemies into little pieces! Any kind of feedback is apprechiated and check out my other builds in my HC build collection! :smile:

Special Thanks
To @sir_spanksalot for a very inspiring conversation about this build back in patch


can it kill rektbyprotoss?

why would you do such a thing :scream:

edit: ofc it can


that is my new standard for build measure


I wonder how Menhir’s Bulwark would fare on a version that has enough OA.

I mean you also lose like 300% pierce damage. I think Menhir’s Bulwark is really good with 2handers that are not physical/pierce.

But with the right setup, it could maybe potentially also work here.

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True, the weapon specifically supports Oleron’s.

Nice build!

PB is fun skill and this build looks tanky and suitable for HC. Also I agree Oleron is the way to go, just you have to sacrifice too much to get Menhir, I even skip it on S&B non-retal builds.

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Added 1.1.9 SR 65-66 run, no changes to the build.