[] Beginner's pierce PB Spite Blademaster 65SR, crucible viable


Hello, today I’m going to show my first “beginners” or “budget” build. This is pierce blademaster, which uses factional item Spite to convert and remove CD for PB skill.
Why Spite BM? IMO main goal of budget build - interesting quick enjoyable 65-66SR farm. Several patches ago Spite BM showed amazing damage and I hope it wasn’t nerfed to the ground.
Why not farm main campaign? Because budget build doesn’t mean “5min to create”. It needs factional reputation, blueprints, craft resources (80+ ugdenblooms) and target farm of 2 items, so after the build is completed you deserve some quick farm.




Helm - Fettan mask. Main helm for budget builds. Could be found near Maw of Enaht.
Rings - Malmouth blade seal Factional buy.
Chest - Elite Bysmiel Nightshroud Chestguard Factional buy.
Gloves - Elite Rhowari handguards Factional buy.
Boots - Elite rhowari foodpads Factional buy.
Medal - Solael Mark of Slaughter Factional buy.

Weapon - Spite Factional craft.
Amulet - Nightstalker Pendant Factional craft.

Pants - Solael-sect Legguards Target farm.
Shoulders - Chosen epaulets Target farm. Alternatives - Murderer’s epaulets , Moosilauke’s Pauldrones and Kra’vall Shoulderguards. These items have PB points, so feel free to use them, if got some with good affixes.

Relic - Nemesis


How this char looks like without any affixes. OA and DA are already good, we just have 5 affixes to fill Acid and Pierce resistances. And in this situation this build is very flexible. If you got extra resistances in affixes - use DA armor auguments and extra cunning dump for damage. A lot of DA? Also cunning dump.

Devotions path

remove green
assasin’s blade
harvestman’s scythe
blades of nadaan
solemn watcher
scales of ulcama
remove scarab
unknown soldier


Main skill is Phantasmal blades with particularry converted Blade spirits. They are a bit stupid sometimes, so use Pet to attack button. Maximal damage we make in melee zone, but try to run and hit from distance in dangerous situations. And don’t forget to use Barrier for save, spirits+azraka do some damage at this time.

Also build have OA and DA reductions.
Nemesis Pet attack - 150 DA reduction.
Azrakaa devo - 140 OA reduction + 130 OA reduction from veil of shadows.

In the build I used all skillpoints, remove several ones from field command until get all quest points.


IMO - I reached my goal to create 65SR farmer with high damage and dynamic gameplay.
I clear 65-66 in 10-12 mins usually without haste, this is very good result for beginner’s build. Sometimes it’s possible to die while playing too offensively, but even with deathes timings are acceptable.
There is my 9 min 65-66SR run.

Crucible I don’t reccomend for farming even for endgame builds because of too hurting death penalty, but for this build it’s possible if you want a challenge and know crucible patterns. You need 4 buffs and 2-3 lvl1 storm beacons.
There is my 6.43 run, this is my the only attempt

Possible, but not 100% ez. Requires good Diamond proc, barrier, hp pots timings. Or use some pharma and run a bit.

My legit character evolution

This is not part of the guide, just sharing my achievements.

How my char looks like now:

Shoulders were dropped in MC, pants in SR.

Callagadra's helm farming

On Elite difficulty of course (helm is the same as on Ultimate). I crafted Rancor, it has similar pierce options, just PB with CD and x5 dmg compared to Spite. Was one-shotted by sands during 1st try, and became more attentive, so 14 min of running and we have a helm!


Ravager's helm farming

Very easy, used Spite, and 4 min of lazy kiting:


Lokarr's set farming

Thx RNG, 13 runs to get boots



Crucible timings were improved, now it is 5.45, but still not so good, because I Don’t have Korvoran armor.



This is a great stepping stone build for beginners who want to comfortably farm gear for their endgame builds and not play boring Dark Ones or Krieg Death Knights at the same time. Blademaster is always exciting to play and this one seems to be no exception. Players who are just starting should be delighted that they have this build as an option. Great job.


Good budget setup, I’ll put a link under my video!

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very cheap/easy gear to find and strong build.

Nice beginner build. Thanks!

Any recommendations for endgame spite builds? Or Item upgrades I have to look out for

Thank you!
I haven’t worked on endgame build yet, can only advise Spanks and Plasmo build
Would try some intermediate and endgame builds later.

Really nice build! Spite being faction bought weapon, can carry very cheap configuration.

I did this as challenge and not serious guide:

Of course it’s possible to replace every item with interesting greens, but if it’s possible I’d like to use factional gear.

How do you spend skill points as you level?

For levelling I recommend this Stupid dragon’s guide. Respec when you have core items.

Added a part with my character evolution and Celestials’ stuff farming!

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Well… I don’t see much need in following stupid dragon’s guide to endgame if you want to spec into
phantasmal blades right from the get go. You can follow the guide for the skill points till you hit act 2 and get a spectral crossbow (helps with the constellations picking)

  1. Follow OP plan for the constellations
  2. Respec out of ROS from stupid dragon’s build
  3. Invest in pb skill tree line and mastery bar till you get blade spirits
  4. Keep abb at 6 and LA at 12 for AA during PB cool down

This is a very ,very good beginner / budget build. Would put it alongside Vitality Ritualist , Vitality Conjurer and Maya’s Pet Conjurer build.

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Is this build still viable in 2022 as a beginner build? I am starting the game new!