[] Cyclomentalist (Crucible Max)

3:56(3:52 + 4 don’t recorded starting seconds)


P.S. Still think, that lightning damage should be reduced a bit(probably cyclone’s mines too)

Get rid of those Ravager Eyes and go for the kill. Can’t have some Spite nonsense one-season anomaly stealing thunder from the true king of thunder :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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it’s New World Record
Super Puper :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Plasmo on Spite did 3:55. But it’s a matter of luck and total glassification. Get that da down to 2.2k like it should be and voila. And who cares about pierce and bleed res? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What Spite? :roll_eyes:

[] Plasmo's & spanks' Spite PB Blademaster: Mortred the Phantom Assassin (3:55 buffed/beacon clear; 5:43 naked clear).

Don’t know about that
Nice :kissing_closed_eyes:

imo, the ridiculous thing about spite is it’s consistency

Yeah, you got soldier defense stats, all res lux and life leech like vitality casters. This is shaky af.

However, Spite is mostly just Spite. It can get knocked out by one swing of nerfhammer. And Cyclone is a combo of all the best from lightning and fire. It’s like a Master of Thousand Styles. Like a hydra - nerf one head and another will grow in its place. Unkillable. Cyclone is forever. :nerd_face:


Nipping at my heels. Maybe I’ll have to go sub 3:50 to be safe

New record breaker — 3:50

Challenge continues :laughing:(still want round 2 with Spite)

@Plasmodermic Yes(Almost always don’t count this period of time)

Ohhh shiiit. I didn’t think this day would come so soon. I guess that’s my next few days accounted for then

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Wait, how is it 3:50? Are you cutting out the time walking to lokarr?

Well, it’s 3:54:50 by my count :wink: Not to impose different standards but if I were to vote I’d vote for not discounting Lokarr time (element of skill, too, to end 160 close to Lokarr) and not using craftable pharma.

But second round’s mutators weren’t all that super, and double Moose at 170 is always a bummer.

@Shoot2033 I noticed you didn’t have your 3rd Totem on a lot, and sometime the 5th Devil either.

Great job Shoot! Astounding run! I wont dare compete with that under no circumstances :rofl: . That AoE outplays every other build.

A friend and I are going to do a HC level/campaign/SR run. I’m going to run an elementalist and try this so I’ll test out some new ideas for a weapon. If you’ve got ideas, let me know and I’ll share whatever I come up with.

Spark of Ultos is BiS now on 95% lightning casters.

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Yup was eyeing that one.

Also going to test out Mythical Rune of Elgoloth and replace Canister with Mortar. We’ll see, should be fun to test.

i’ve already tried the elgoloth and mortar instead. And to get 3 traps, need to sacrifice at least an amulet and relic for the demo skills bonus, and even the build have a lot more defensive layers, losing 30% fire converted to lightning hurt DPS quite a lot. build seems fun, but i dont think its power close to before the Trozan scepter got changed.
Here is my build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2d03L52

Cyclone with Mortars don’t work. Set blocks off-hand and medal. Try LD set.