[] Plasmo's & spanks' Spite PB Blademaster: Mortred the Phantom Assassin (3:55 buffed/beacon clear; 5:43 naked clear)

The most broken build I have ever played!

PB build always a monster to see.
Have you tried this as a witch Hunter, spanks?

BTW, softcap that fighting spirit. It essentially is the same as deadly aims.

As I said before - PB is a different damage type. You can only compare one PB build to another PB build.

Call me a dum dum, but how is fighting spirit like deadly aim? The uptime on FS is literally half that of DA

The cooldown is kinda different than deadly aims IIRC. It starts right after the skill is activated.

It doesn’t. I’m pretty certain about this

Correct. Fighting Spirit and Deadly Aim both begin their cooldowns when the buff ends. This gives FS a 33% uptime and DA a 50% uptime (at best).

@thejabrixone: I can get on board with moving the excess points from anatomy to FS, but casting speed is too valuable imo.

Damn. Just realized.
Anyway, I definitely feels the improvement of softcapping FS in most of my soldier build. So might as well try if you interested.

Wilco. you, Lee, and x1 are all suggesting this same change based on empirical knowledge. I ain’t dum dum enough to not try it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just saw this. What is tremor, and can’t FW be used with a shield?

It’s the name of FW transmuter.

It can, but not spamable

Damn. :confused:

Thanks for that clarification.

All of these conversions and modifiers are interacting in ways I have never thought and… I’m gonna need to read this again tomorrow to even have a chance of understanding fully. I always assumed (wrongly) that cooldown mods came after stuff like frenetic throw. My brain is melting. I probably got confused between mods and conversions order of operations.

This is some next-level building. Wonderful work.

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@jawa - a summary of the mechanics behind the build


do you think stack flat dmg worthy?
because i see we only have 45% weapon dmg, right?

Frenetic throw is basically nullifying the added CD and also total damage modifier compensates for damage penalty by PB transmuter. So you have PB spamming with no downsides. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ofc other than your base pierce damage being converted to vitality but that’s water off ducks’ back.

A wonderfully creative PB build. I love it.:wink:

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Absolutely beautiful build here @sir_spanksalot - masterful use of the conversions and skill mechanics.


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There’s also the loss of 55% weapon damage because of the transmuter. Still, creative use of PB.