[] Targo Warlord - Blade Arc Spam & Judgement for days

Judgement + Blind Fury is for me by far the most fun part on this set. Aside from the great reach and decent dots in huge AoE, Heart of Wrath will actually proc Blind fury as long as it is active. And due to the low CD of the modded main skill, it’s on all the time.*

As for Blade Arc. I have tried the Clean sweep version with deadly momentum and got around 670K dots vs dummy and over 1 million in Crucible. It also has like 3.8 CD only with Scourge shiled or Octavius. Sounds great right? It is however unreliable in practice, you will gate same killing times or worse with poor lifesteal sustain. So BA spam took the cake in the end for me. But feel free to try for yourself. You just need to move skills around.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QfqspiOSbQ&feature=youtu.be* 6:58 I’m pretty sure this build can do 6:30 consistently with some tweaks but this will be it for the moment as I have no time for that. Maybe later, a Diamond on the helm etc, stuff like that :slightly_smiling_face:*

GT build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy6RAmN Devotions are pretty much anything you can take with Internal trauma while keeping Ghoul and Hawk. There are a few minor tweaks that could could possible get you a steady 6:30 in crucible but I don’t have thime to test it for now.

Stats with buffs up. Boots are Tempest of Arcane Winds but they don’t have to be. It just has some comfortable stats that I like for this build. You can use most purples you like really

Shields can be:

  • Grey Knight ( bit more armor, phys res, nice bubble proc, 0.5 sec faster judgement than 12%CDR)
  • Octavius (Great all rounder for resists, dmg, 12% CDR, +skills but less tanky - also what I use in the video
  • Spellscourge ( bit more armor, 12% CD, conversion can open up some nice meme setups)
  • Untouchable (for the DA aficionados and very good all round stats including 8% CDR. This one is probably a winner for pushing SR)

Amarasta version needs some buffs imo but that can be fun as well, I like the potential.

Enjoy judging others


Thanks for sharing the build Fluff, looks poweful and fun BA build (always disliked the skill so far but probably now its time to try it again) - great work as always.

But the builds looks OP and would probably wait until for the nerfs to settle in then decide…

yup, another OP build teased by a praetorian :slight_smile: when we mortals have made the build, its nerf time again!

I thought praetors should not put the builds in the first day.
it’s not very nice of them.


Congrats,the build looks sick!

I wanna try it with full Spellscourge set,to see how it performs.

That was a one-time agreement on FG release.

Time to make it a permanent rule.


To what end?

A fellow Blade Arc spammer. Great IT ticks on that one. Would love to see gt.

To give people some time to figure things out for themselves, we haven’t had days or weeks to try things out.


You can already stash the new sets… soo…

This. People can just GDstash the sets and have a build up in less of a day. Not to mention the sets are completely obvious, like Targo Warlord. The builds make themselves.

And people can just not check the threads with the new sets if they don’t want to be spoiled.

I get the point.But Superfluff has not posted build recently and that’s the reception?

As whole Praetorians rarely post builds,so let’s not make it a problem.

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I must have missed the sign that says YOU MUST CLICK THIS TO CONTINUE.

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1h blade arc spam is real? Holy shit I wouldn’t have tried this set in this way cause 1h arc spam always sucked. Nice

@everyone else bitter cause a praet posted a day 1 build: come on guys this build was so fucking obvious as long as you’re willing to do blade arc spam. Anyone with GDstash could’ve made this (cause they won’t farm) and there would be no complaints

I kind of agree with X1X2. I wouldn’t mind if Praetorians posted non-trivial hard to figure builds on day 1 too. Their builds used to set the meta back in the days. Almost no really great builds from them (I don’t count Sigatrev tho) in the last few months. They either don’t share or just don’t care to post stuff anymore (or Valinov is caught up in real life).

i agree that praetors and we have GDStash
preators have 2 weeks to test this sets
and whey have work GrimTools

…we have wait for gt

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Grimtools link for this build is available?
Or tell please which skills are used and their level.

Community every singe patch: “Wtf with this crap, how did it went live, the fuck praetorians had been doing, are they even playing the game, why don’t they post their builds?”

Praetorian: posts a build



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I don’t quite see what is very OP about it. It’s good but not OP. If anything the set would be a bit more tanky. Warborn has better sustain for example.

As for me posting it now. Idk. Waited quite a bit when FG launched. Do you feel like I’ve stolen opportunity from someone? There are plenty other builds that can be made with this set