[] Vanquisher Fire Sentinel, semi-beginner friendly and practically farmable

Thanks, just finished updating the OP.

Sure if you could send me the save file when you finished it then I can try to pilot it, though I haven’t ever played a demo and probably can’t play it with full potential.

and you probably have 10 times more experience in skating in SR than me so I guess you’ll still have the edge :wink:

Udars will be appointed as Skater specialist and have to repair or drive peoples skateboards.

Btw,info I tried that and in new forum you can attach your build under posts or private messages in ZIP format.Site supports 4mb files and one file folder is around 1mb.

Yay, just made a submission to the compendium.

Thanks, but I guess I still have to learn how to properly use Thermite Mine first :rofl:
I think I read it somewhere that it is not easy to use for a mobile build.

I hope someday I can become the Deputy Minister of Skating. Minister will be x1x1x1x2.

So that means we can send save files via PM, that’s quite handy, thanks.

Thermite mines sucks on mobile builds,yes.Usually best usage of them is to lay them and go back and forth in same area.In SR boss rooms they should not give you problems,though.

That sounds quite exactly the same as what I have been doing in a boss fight :thinking:
So that means maybe Thermite Mines are easier to use in a skater build, which is a great news.

Yeah I just place the mines here and there and hope for the best basically on the shieldbreaker lol

So I finally decided to give Gladiator 150-170 a try, with my Build 2. I wasn’t sure how people choose buff/banner, most seemed to be 4 buffs or 3 buffs + 1 banner, but my map wasn’t crucible of the dead and I don’t know where to put banner in this map, so I chose 4 buffs.


I didn’t use a timer, but the fourth buff (the red icon one) was added just before starting 150, so I think that can indicate the time. Since buffs seem to last 25 min, and the icon went about 3/8, that’s approximately 9min 22s. I think it’s not too bad as my first ever Gladiator 150-170 run :laughing:

The 150-170 run wasn’t as unenjoyable as I had thought – I tried 100-150 several weeks ago and it more or less lacked of excitement, but 150-170 is actually fine. I guess I’m just too used to SR where doing stupid things = instant death, so a game mode that doesn’t allow death (both in game rules and in difficulty) feels like having too less feedback from it. Also some waves just lag like hell.

That being said, it’s good to know this build does not really struggle in crucible, I actually was worried about DPS before doing the run, but it seems okay. I’m quite sure crucible experts can do far better than this with it (I just kited too much).

Edit: wait, so this means my build is already c+?? Isn’t it too easy??

Good news! I am done with updating and transforming my old Acid aegis sentinel guide!
Acid Aegis Perdition Sentinel - budget build (malawiglenn)

if you wanted to include it in your first post.

Now I am gonna work with the skater shieldbreaker guide. I did notice that the Vire Transmuter actually works for 2H melee weapons! it is for shields and 2H melee that one get full phys to fire conversion :slight_smile:

Great, I’ll include it, thanks!

Ah, that’s true, how could I miss that :rofl: I thought it only works for shields. So this means using 2H like Blazerush and Infernal Brimstone can still have 100% physical -> fire VM then, that will be quite interesting.

BTW I tried a Pierce skater/ranged hybrid Dervish last weekend:
It just didn’t work, I tried SR 65 and it took me ~6mins to just clear a Mrs Gazerman level lol
Idk why I even decided to give it a try, pierce don’t have DoT so the DPS of VM is just miserable. It’s really a stupid idea :sweat:

HI Udars! A question, if I may.
What’s the synergy between the masteries for this build?
I mean, you went with fire, and took -ele res from the occultist, and it’s healing capabilities - and that’s it. Am I missing something? or these abilities are very unique to the occultist?

Since OP isn’t active, will take the responsibility to explain. Occultist is usually “glue” mastery, have primarily support functions. Since Oathkeeper lacks healing spell, that’s nice. But aspect of guardian gives also much needed physical resistance. Also free acid resistance. And Occultist skill-Curse of frailty have elemental (including fire) resistance reduction. So you have some perks. I personally will choose for this build Demolitionist as support class though.

Thanks for the reply friend.
A. aspect of the guardian’s physical resistance is only 12%. I’ve learned in this game that everything has a point. So… is this a flat 12% reduction in damage? doesn’t seem to worth it. Is it incrimental (additive? multiplicative?) with the 70% basic physical reduction? In a way that it now gets to 82%? So instead of 30%, you only get 18% damage? if so, it’s 12\30~=30% reduction in potential physical damage. Is this the case? If so - amazing. If not - why it’s worth it?
B. RR - understood, just read an article about not neglecting those.
C. Why would you choose demolitionist? for the added fire (literaly) power? 'cus that’s what I was thinking.


@Amit_Miller I would choose Demo, because it’s literally the fire class in the game. It have RR, fire damage from flamed touched and also don’t have exclusive skill, so that leaves you to take Divine Mandate.

As for physical resistance, it’s complicated since there’s also the matter of armor. But 12% physical resistance is definitely extra incentive for selecting Occultist.

you can also use a few occultist skills converted to fire, such as doombolt and sigil of consumption.

That’s great advice, thanks!

Not that great since it relies on at least double-magic greens, but great for some themed fun.

Say guys, are there items that are ‘predefined’ (epic and beyond) that give skills to vanilla and non-vanilla masteries alike? That offer or “hint” hybrid builds for, lets say - grim quest and grim dawn?
'Cus I’ve seen items from titan quest (nice touch on those stats TBW!) that give skill points to 2 masteries of grim quest. But none that give 1 to it, and 1 to, lets say - soldier.

So… do these exist?

Oh it’s item-relient? thought there are transmuters built-in.
I don’t remember all the masteries’ skills yet ^^

To be precise, Bloodsworn Sigil (dropped from Thalonis) converts vitality to fire on doom bolt. Global chaos conversion to fire is available (on greens)

Onto legendaries:

Okaloth’s Visage helmet (MI) converts Sigil of Consumption’s chaos to fire (also has 30% global chaos to fire), while mythical grim fate converts Sigil of Consumption’s vitality to fire.

Blazeheart (easy to get) is 45-45 chaos and vitality to fire (±20%)
Mythical Tome of Atonement converts DEE’s vitality to fire, and has 45% global acid to fire

Occu Conduit mod has 100% chaos to fire on doombolt.