[] Vanquisher Fire Sentinel, semi-beginner friendly and practically farmable

Sorry still didn’t have the time to update the build because I was busy theorycrafting an internal trauma Skater warlord :smiley:

Current setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25rkAPV

Gameplay is very similar, except for not being good at short/zero-distance skating.

It’s somewhat stupid to have Absolution relic for an IT warlord build, but unfortunately I can’t have 100% block recovery without this relic, even with Serrated Shell on shield (can get 99% at best, can’t figure out how to get that last 1%, and it also means I have to drop Forcewave or Judgement for shield training stuffs).

I don’t have level 100 warlord so I just GD stashed it for testing purpose (took me 30mins to figure out how to use it :eek:). Tried SR 50, found it absolutely safer than my skater sentinel, could skate in the middle of Log’s room and half-facetank all bosses. DPS is lower than sentinel, but I’d say it’s far better than dying. Mana is also somewhat problematic even with harp and mana pots but still bearable.

Will try SR 65 after I get there with my sentinel.

Edit: forgot to mention that the devotion is copied from ya_'s king octavius warlord because I completely have no idea how to make IT builds

Hi, thanks for reading. In the gear farming section I mentioned that I used an acid aegis sentinel for roguelike dungeons: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY45xlZ

IMO you don’t want to farm vanquisher set with a fire VM sentinel, due to two reasons:
(1) without vanquisher set VM damage / cooldown is not that good;
(2) Gargabol will be much more difficult due to all those fires and fissures, and also he has very high fire resist (78%).

So I personally recommend you use an acid aegis sentinel for vanquisher set farming (Gargabol only has 18% acid resist), then respec to fire vanquisher after you get the full set. I did this myself, with all self-found gears. (Warning: it’ll take a lot of iron bits for skill respeccing, if you already did much before. I used up all of my sentinel’s money for respeccing lol)

Acid aegis sentinel is pretty good even with all blue/farmable MI gears, you just need the Perdition set and some random gears that increase acid damage and/or retaliation. (I’d strongly recommend you read our math teacher malawiglenn’s beginner guide, but unfortunately he removed that post.)

@malawiglenn: do you have something like a pdf version of your aegis sentinel guide? I really miss that guide.

I don’t mean to be a pest but I’ve had this odd issue with any embedded youtube videos on this site for the past few months and it only seems to be me having this problem. They just wont render so I can’t actually watch any of these gameplay videos without links.

Do you happen to have these videos public on youtube, and if so, could I possibly get a link to it?

Unfortunately I don’t have any gameplay video because my PC is crap (I play GD with 1366x768 resolution & all video options set to low/off and still have huge FPS lost when fighting mobs in SR).

Here are some x1x1x1x2’s VM Templar videos, the general gameplay style is very similar (cast some stuffs and skate skate skate, though I think sentinel is less good at facetanking due to no mirror):

Also his 6:26 crucible video:

Thanks for the GT link! I must have skimmed over that section completely. Will level up a sentinel and see how it goes with aegis sentinel first.

Started working on a build similar to your Sentinel but a Templar instead to take full advantage of the set bonus and -fire RR from Olexra. Gets Olexra down to 4.4 sec CD meaning 100% RR uptime, ~0.7 sec Calidor’s Tempest and ~0.5 sec Vire’s Might should cycle nicely.

Your warlord doesn’t look too bad, very defensive compared to the Sentinel and Templar.

Did some minor changes to my build after looking at his. I’d like to get at least another 2 points in Volcanic Stride and drop Tectonic to 18/12 but I just can’t give up on those boots with phys res, DA and bleed res.
Not sure if I’d want the Callidor transmuter or not, would have to playtest it.

It is in the pipeline! Soon baby soon.

One can also consider a Fire sentinel, like my (also removed but its in pdf now https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t8fUaO9hGxlGEg4lbhrUtqXw5OTOjw8i ) fire paladin guide for starters. Basically like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zALllN (note, I did not change gear from the paladin - one needs aether and chaos res, and defensive ability from gear - but one can skip almost all acid resistance with Sentinel). Then change things around to acid when you have enough of the Mythical Perdition set (very common items + one can transmute set items these days).

Wow you managed to max out both Volcanic Stride and Tectonic Shift 22/12? That’s cool, I bet it’ll be pretty strong doing zero/short distance skating.

But do you really need OFF? Because IIRC OFF doesn’t work on bosses, they are basically immune to freeze and RR only applies to frozen enemies.

Also since you already have very strong VM spamming ability, going for transmuted CT should do far more damage I think.

Thanks, but I still feel that the damage of that skater warlord is waaaaay lower than my sentinel. Probably due to (1) low OA and crit; (2) Markovian’s defense. IMO (2) is acceptable because balance :rolleyes: but I should really try to solve (1).

That’s great! Many thanks to your hard work, I definitely will put the link to it in my post when you finish it. I really benefited a lot from that guide.

You can actually have 3232 OA with these random green gears?? That’s pretty crazy, I should really try to learn how to get that much OA. Thanks for this beginner build, I’ll quote this in my farming section.

Too bad olexra will not work on most stuff you really wanna kill (since those dudes have +100% freeze resists)

Yes and +200 DA shred from Judgment (though you get 3.2k OA only with ascension on…) but its basically a matter of knowing what your good sources of flat and %OA comes from that is cheap to get. If you change augments in rings/amulet to Osyr temper you get even more (but loose +60% fire damage).

This was the gear I found / crafted for my Fire Paladin - as I said, you need to change some piece/component/augment here and there to account for the free acid resistance and loss of aether & chaos. (Note, I did actually find much better gear with my paladin, but my rule of thumb is always to present “beginner builds” with kinda random items and some key-items that are faction items and farmables. Like the shield is key for the build, can be shopped from Hyram. I picked it up from Stupid Dragon whom I learned a lot from when I wanted to become more serious with GD)

Also you kinda want some more DA, at least if you are gonna farm rogue-likes with it (we also loose the free DA from Word of Renewal)

I tried to farm AG with my fire paladin, it “works” but that Garbabol dude’s resilience to fire damage is just… nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

I like your build!
Vanquisher seems versatile set,x1 posted Templar,you Sentinel,but somewhere in my list of priorities is to test Mage Hunter.

That’s actually very useful information, I’ll read his posts later, thanks.

Yeah I remember seeing people saying 2700 DA is bottom line, so went for 2800ish when farming rogue-like dungeons.

Gargabol is so resistance to fire, I think for sole rogue-like farming purpose acid is really much more efficient. Though if you level as an acid build you’ll need to gain exps for fire devotions after respeccing. I blame this for some of my SR deaths :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I’m actually thinking about an Internal Trauma Vanquisher Warlord, it’ll probably be the safest skater in this grim world :smiley: It rolls like a huge stone and crush everything along the way (slowly).

Yeah you should read his stuff, definitely lots of stuff to learn even if you are more experienced with GD now.

Yeah I can’t imagine farming Gargabol with fire builds, heck even my “decked” version of the Fire Paladin have som struggles with that dude :stuck_out_tongue:

With experience potions, you should get your new devos up to rank pretty quick though.

Wouldn’t you lack a large chunk of physical and IT damage modifiers by using the vanquisher set though?

Wait, so experience potions also work for devotion?? I wish I knew this last week! I even thought about doing bounties purely for getting those exps. Thanks for the information!

Yeah, so will only have 1900%-ish IT damage. I thought it would be okay because my skater sentinel only has 1900% burn.
Current setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25rkAPV
I think the problem is really with OA, if I can get more OA then I can drop Orelon’s Rage to get those crazy crit from Divine Mandate.

But my priority with this build is to get 100% shield recovery for 5000% safer skating experience :smiley:
I just hate dying to SR 46-59 tiny boss rooms.

Yup they work for devos too

Ditch Oleron and get Heart of Wrath to 12/12 for DA shred? (life steal in shield only affects when u hit with shield, i.e. vire only)

Barbaros pants, open hand of mercy ring - should give some more flat OA, but you will loose some tectonic shift…

Why seal of blades in shield and not in sword?

Yeah XP potions worked.My initial idea for set is to go for VM and Blitz physical,but damage is low.Paladin with fire and maybe s&b RF?But I will test burn Inferno MH:cool:

I thought ADCtH is global so I can just put it to anywhere, but from what you said it seems that I’m completely wrong. I probably get the wrong idea from seeing aegis build putting that in shield. Thanks!

Yeah but after taking some inspiration from 1x and switching medal Volcanic went down to 19/12. Could get it to 21/22, lower Tectonic to 18/12 (would only lose 0.1 second, so from 0.5 sec CD to 0.6) and still keep Callidor’s Tempest at 26/16 but that means switching out those sweet Earthshatter Threads for Primodial Rage.

Definitely considering it, need to playtest it to see how not having a filler for Vire’s Might feels.

Are you guys sure? I was told that OFF applies the debuff separately so even if they’re immune to the frozen effect they still take the -fire RR.