[] Green build DW cold Infiltrator Gladiator in ~ 6 minutes


Welcome to the green build DW season.I am fan of Chillstrifes weapon,so I want to show another class with it.

My main idea is to try new devotion map with Yugol,Ultos and Amatok procs,also to try different medal, +3 to Night’s chill,flat damage and attack speed.Also to try racial damage heavy build.


*Permanent buffs only

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gGEjB2

Note,green items have “unrealistic” affixes.

I don’t want to use Deathmarked pieces on purpose,so choose SS shoulders,Frostdread chest for crazy flat cold,Ravager helmet with AdctH bonus.Kuba legs to cap LA.Mageslayer is selected over Night’s embrace for easy RR.


  • stackable resistances

40 % Night’s chill
32 % Censure
20 % form Chillstrifes
8 % amulet
10 % Helmet skill
23% form Rumor

non stackable

25 flat from Revenant

20% Ultos


Crucible time vary a lot from 6 to 6.40,so it’s hard for me to do 4 runs in same buff duration

Video from Crucible :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wyXaFNzilQ

SR,actually try 3 times SR 75 and to my surprise finish two of them.Only died against Kuba and Grava combo.Ofc use consumables to hide my low health and aether cluster.Cluster+Ghoul combo is enough to clear few Nemesis.

Playing with tanks in SR mostly,but this one clears whole 75 wave in way less than 3 minutes :angry:

VIdeo from 75 :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLPfuNEERe8


If you want green freak Trickster provides more damage and is faster and funnier.Only Infiltrator pros are the automatic reduction from Censure and WoR line,but my vote is Trickster.


Tested version with ideas by @ya1 and @mad_lee ,thanks guys for the feedback! I tried with double Runecaster, managed to do some good runs. Dual Frostborn is very consistent. Build is really squishy, though. I know, it’s Infiltrator and is criminal to say it :smile: ,but Deathmarked is a lot better defensively.

GT :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0B7zJN

YouTube :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN0JMv6DvaA&feature=youtu.be


Hey, Nery,

I think you are undermining Infiltrator a bit using those devotions and that medal. First of all, Undying Oath is just a must on a cold melee Nightblade. No way around it. Hardcapping Night’s Chill or not. Second of all, Infiltrator doesn’t benefit as much from all the flat stacking, so devotion wise I would go for good old-fashioned Ultos + full Amatok + DG + Revenant combo. Also, just remove Inquisitor Seal, you are losing time with casting it and gaining whole lotta nothing from it at 3/12-3/12.

I am betting 1 million iron bits that with my suggestion you can cut at least 30 seconds from your completion time :).

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Inquisitor Seal is mostly for Kuba and MQ,probably can remove it.

My main idea was to try new stuff on the expense of good old Infiltrator :smile: Maybe it’s not bad idea to undermine it and save it from further nerfs.Or they should not allow me to write builds in late evenings,Idk.

Please,feel free to correct GT with your proposed changes!


But I am not sure about affixes on daggers, it’s outght to be tested. Piano build, but doable.

That’s a new setup for non N&O builds :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I invent it on my Trickster.It’s never been used on builds by Mad Lee or John Smith :smile:

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I mean it only exists because of the recent RR on revenant. Before, it was only usable by n&o and was actually used by john on his n&o infiltrator

Yes,Revenant proc isn’t as good as storm,but is worth sacrificing some RR to get a lot more goodies.For auto attackers I use it not just on cold or vitality,but also lightning and maybe even fire.It really opens new possibilities.And stats of this devotion are excellent.

One run I bothered to time with https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28j4GGZ was 5:27 with healer spawn on 163. Piloting/gear/better mutator luck could put this who knows how much further. Good arcane winds boots have utterly eluded me so I’m stuck taking 3pts hourglass at the cost of other variants. I get 95%+ completion rate taking OA/DA buff in place of the res buff for 3buff + banner.

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That’s pretty dope,I should test Mad Lee version or yours.Do you think Korvaak is worth over Ultos+Amatok ?

I’m honeslty not sure on korvaak for a best in slot approach. Back when there were more important healer spawns the petrify was a noteworthy safety measure as they’d spend a decent bit of time not acting, often missing a heal. As it currently stands the petrify remains nice for disabling most trash. The OA gains of korvaak are considerable but I’d have to look more in depth at their true value in boosting crit reliability and the ± of petrify. If I didn’t need the points in hourglass they’d surely be finding their way into other useful spots and that could mean drastic reshaping of the devotion tree.

I’ve been meaning to test if there’s any noticeable difference in performance between 78 and 68 slowres, probably will pad in another ugdenbog leather.

And one thing off the top of my head with respect to kuba and other enemies. Some debuffs are tied to dots, maybe the dot duration reduction on hourglass is benefiting the build by shaving off time spent dealing reduced damage?

I am pretty sure Ulots + DG + Amatok is stronger then Korvaak. I have tested a lot of devotion maps on Deathmarked Infiltrator, that one proved to be the best one. Although I did not test Korvaak because how far away it is from all the relevant stuff. But still, I don’t think it’s worth it.

I agree with Mad_Lee. Yugol is nice but not worth 14 devotion points. If you don’t take the leftmost node of Yugol, the two rightmost nodes of Amatok actually have more %cold (and 150%frostburn on top). Adcth from Revenant and Ghoul is more than enough if your dmg is good. iMO oa and crit from DG is what makes cold aa top-tier.

I tested Chilstrifes on infiltrator a lot after Zantai took away my N&O. Crucible-wise two Runecaster’s always win. Because of 163 and 169.

runecaster is +% aetherial while the dread trio of 163 are aetherial corruption :sob:

Aetherward oil for the win!

I have new build to test.Damn my old laptop will be put to fury mode!

:grin: filthy chugger detected, blocked and reported

Now I’m tempted to see how much of a difference one or two consumables on the hotbar makes… ignoring the obvious aether crutcher.

Right. Bummer. Always thought it did.

Anyways not going for Yugol and going for DG gives you 3 free devotions points, and with Chillstrifes being daggers you can make a sexy maneuver like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD6RPQ2

The problem is the amount of keys needed to be pushed.You already are in weak position using Seal or RoS,but also 2 RR skills,charging ABB and movement skills.I hope you don’t use scripts :smiley:

PS,Please don’t ban me for using oil :grin:

@ya1 That’s nice idea.Or how good will be Scorpion proc on WPS?

No idea, never tried it on cold. Always take it on acid, though, as 150 da shred on a 5-for-5 T1 devotion is a no-brainer.

Also, I never bound it to wps. On Venomblade dervish it’s best on ABB because cooldowns are identical. But on AQC or WD (against 3 enemies or more) it should be almost guaranteed proc. But binding WPS to procs that you need right away when engaging an enemy is tricky.

Anyway, you’re missing one point. You’d have to give up on Ultos proc (which might not necessarily be a bad idea now with the nerf - with Viper everyone you touch gets 20%reduced anyway).

IMO this setup with Lantern might be optimal. Lantern gives you everything you a little bit of everything: 40oa, 5% crit, 5% attack speed, 50%dmg.

I was thinking Scorpion proc vs Lantern,but your setup looks optimal.I will test it with double Runecaster+double Bone.I can’t manage to do optimal times,but they will show at least the tendencies.