[] Sir Dredeon, Bloody Oppressor - Melee DW/Player scaling pets Blood Knight Vitality Oppressor (no greens, Gladiator, SR 75)

I wanted to create a build with features as follows:

  1. Vitality damage;
  2. as many Player scaling pets as possible while staying efficient;
  3. Melee Dual Wielding;
  4. 2 Hauned Seel components.
    After a lot of experiments, here is what I came to.

[DW Melee, Player scaling pets [] (g3) (cr+) (sr+) Sir Dredeon, Bloody Oppressor - Melee DW/Player scaling pets Blood Knight Vitality Oppressor; greenless; Crucible - 4 blessings 10 min (Sotnik)
Damage: Vitality.
Active Skills: Righteous Fervor (not transmuted), Bone Harvest, Judgment, Soul of Nazaran, Summon Guardian of Empyrion (transmuted), Ravenous Earth, Vire’s Might, Dark Desires, Mark of Torment, Ascension, Bloodthirster*2.
Passive Skills: Harbinger of Souls, Spectral Binding, Presence of Virtue, Eldritch Ruminations.
WPS Skills: Reaping Strike, Necrotic Edge, Smite, Korvaak’s Brand.
Devotion procs: Raise the Dead, Will of Rattosh, Ghoulish Hunger, Fetid Pool.
Other procs: Resilience, Call Upon the Bloodbathed, Mark of the Fallen, Curse of Crushed Resolve, Shattering Force, Time Warp.
Core Gear: The Blood Knight set, Mythical Korvaak’s Brand, Meditation, Decree of Malmouth. The rest is up to your tastes; alternative options for weapons: Crimson Spike, Mythical Ravager’s Bite, Mythical Damnation, Mythical Spiritcrusher.

Grim Tools:
The build is focused on Righteous Fervor autoattacks with 90% WPS (50% - multiple targets). Damage is amplified with high OA and Crit damage and 100% elemental-to-vitality conversion from 2 Decrees of Malmouth; DA is low and compensated with high damage-to-health conversion (36% without buffs). Physical resistance is 30% which is not bad too.
Significant damage is also dealt by 13 player scaling pets: 1 Soul of Nazaran, 2 Guardians of Empyrion, 4 Bloodbathed and 6 Skeletons. 3 pet types grant resistance reduction, therefore “pet attack” button on the panel is quite useful.
In difficult situations defensive abilities are activated: 2 Bloodthirsters and Mark of Torment. Ascension is enabled whenever possible for better DPS.

Shattered realm 75 is completed.
Crucible 151-170 is completed within 10 minutes with 4 blessings and 0 banners which allows repetitiveness.

Your wise advices are welcome as usual :slight_smile:


Can you paste screenshots of your talents and devotions, please? Grim Tools is down :frowning:


This is an offline version for grimtools. Copy the grimtools link from this thread and you can insert it into the offline version. There are several links on the grimtools forum page, too.

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Was worth a try, but that thing freezes trying to load this build. Probably because it’s really old :frowning:

Hi! You can see everything about the build at the start of the video.

Can you tell me if this is still viable in 1.1.4.x?

The details are a bit different, but here’s a very similar build in that does well as I understand. So yes, this should still work alright.

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Hi! I have not tested since latest patches, but as far as I see, the build was buffed - in particular, Harbinger of Souls gives flat Vitality damage now.

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And another buff to Harbinger of Souls :). Also Ill Omen might be useful now.

i love this build and i think its better than the deathknight version. only thing im not keen on is the DA and stun resist. the army of skeletons is pretty awesome.

I even came up with an apostate version lol

I realize this is old but I’m trying to build this character and i don’t understand some of the choices here. I have 2 decree of malmouth and also 2 mythical damnation. my DPS with Damnation is about 110k and with malmouth is 79K. Why is the elemental to vitality conversion so important? Also I have several other leg armor that give higher DPS. Why are the tranquil legwraps used here? Also, there seem to be better rings than Cursebearer, why is that used? I guess I don’t really understand what’s happening behind the scenes or something, can anyone explain this to me better?

The conversion is important for soul harvest. It converts the flat cold damage.
Leggs are used maybe for resistances.
Cursbearer gives resistance reduction for vit damage.

Your confusion is valid.

Since Blood Knight set provides the conversion to SH, I think the main idea of the weapons is +1 skills (in addition to the appropriate damage type). Thus the weapon conversions are not necessary, especially since the devotion path doesn’t take advantage of any of the weapon conversion - which is a shame. They do convert a very small amount to RF and a few very small amounts to other Oath skills, though.

Iceman85 explained rings and note that %RR is quite important to damage end-game.

You might search the build databases (build section) for a similar updated build for ideas. Or just build the way you think and ask for suggestions.

I forgot about the blood knight conversion.
The problem is the build is very old and u cant really explain why items have been used cause they’ve been changed over the years.